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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.


Descendants of Francis de Bourdon

Source Citations

4817. Charlotte Elizabeth Johns

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Charles Henry Gauss

1Missouri Marriage Records, 1805-2002. "Name: Charles Henry Gauss
Marriage Date: 1 Nov 1869
Marriage County: St Charles
Spouse Name: Miss. Charlotte Elisabeth Johns."

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31910 U.S. Census, T624_808 pg 6B, 13 Apr 1910. "Gauss, Charles H. Head MW 64 M1 39 Missouri Germany Virginia Salesman Lumber
-----, Charlotte E. Wife FW 60 M1 39 12 7 Missouri Virginia Missouri
-----, Ann V Daughter FW 33 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
-----, Virginia F Daughter FW 26 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
-----, Matthew J Son MW 23 S Texas Missouri Missouri Office Manager Shoe Factory
-----, Lois Daughter FW 21 S Texas Missouri Missouri Teacher School
-----, Minna Daughter FW 17 S Texas Missouri Missouri
Johns, Jane A Mother-in-law FW 80 Wd 11 9 Missouri Massachusetts Scotland."

7515. Blanche Lindsay Gauss

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7516. Henrietta Gauss

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7517. Eugene Gauss

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7518. Anne Durfee Gauss

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7519. Charles Frederick Gauss

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7520. Martha Gauss

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7521. Henry Gauss

1FindaGrave.com. "Henry Gauss lived only a few hours. He was originally buried in Sedalia, but his remains were moved to Oak Grove Cemetery in 1913."

7522. John Montgomery Gauss

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7523. Virginia Fawcett Gauss

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4818. George Sibley Johns

1FindaGrave.com. "George Sibley Johns was editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. The following is from an obituary. He was actively connected with the Post-Dispatch for 44 years, joining the staff in 1883, and continuing, except for a two-year interruption, to 1929. From 1898 until 1929, he was editor in charge of the editorial page. He became a national figure in journalism and had more than local note as a public speaker."

Minnehaha McDearmon

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7527. George McDearmon Johns

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4836. Charles E. Borden

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21880 U.S. Census, FHF 1254_524 pg 291A, 9 Jun 1880. "Borden, Charles E. WM 29 M Works in cotton mill Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island
------, Sarah D. WF 21 Wife M Keeping House Wisconsin England England."

31900 U.S. Census, FHL 1240_635 pg 1A, 1 Jun 1900. "Borden, Chas E. Head WM Sept 1858 41 M 21 Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island Overseer Card room (cotton)
------, Sarah D. Wife WF Jun 1859 40 M 21 3 3 Wisconsin England England
------, George G Son WM Nov 1883 16 S Massachusetts Rhode Island Wisconsin
------, Ralph J. Son WM June 1892 7 S Massachusetts Rhode Island Wisconsin
------, Raymond Son WM Dec 1894 5 S Massachusetts Rhode Island Wisconsin."

41910 U.S. Census, T624_576 pg 23B, 2 May 1910. "Borden, Charles E. Head MW 53 M1 30 Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island Overseer Cotton Mill
------, Sarah D Wife FW 51 M1 30 3 3 Wisconsin England England
------, Ralph J Son MW 17 S Massachusetts Rhode Island Wisconsin
------, Raymond B. Son MW 15 S Massachusetts Rhode Island Wisconsin."

51920 U.S. Census, T625_683 pg 8A, 7 Jan 1920. "Borden, Charles E. Head MW 63 M Rhode Island Rhode Island Rhode Island
------, Sarah D Wife FW 61 M Wisconsin England England
------, Raymond V Son MW 25 S Massachusetts Rhode Island Wisconsiin Manager Ring Traveler Co."

Sarah D. McCreery

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4837. Emma Jane Borden

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Alexander Lake

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4839. Ellen Francis Borden

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/41865448/ellen-frances-hathaway. "Daughter of JOSEPH V. and SARAH JANE GRAY BORDEN.

William Hathaway

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/18513623/william-hathaway. Image.

4840. Mary Elizabeth Borden

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/153831981/mary-l_-pratsch. "Mary L. Borden was the daughter of Rescomb E Borden and her mother's maiden name was Lizzie Waters." Image.

Charles Robert Pratsch

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/106759887/charles-robert-pratsch. "He was the son of Charles A Pratsch of Germany and Catherine Dostman Pratsch of Lancaster, PA. He had worked as a hotel keeper for 40 years. He was survived by his wife Mary and children Fred and Catherine." Image.

7537. Jenny May Pratsch

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7538. Wallace Karl Pratsch

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Lela Cleman

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7540. Catherine Ann Pratsch

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Russell James Abrams

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/126023815/russell-james-abrams. "Russell is buried on his wife's grave but has no headstone." Image.

4841. Richard Henry Borden

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Edith Gertrude Nye

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4842. Rescomb Eldred Borden Jr.

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21910 U.S. Census, T624_109 pg 26B, 19 May 1910. "Eldred R Borden 42  Md 11 Missouri Connecticut - Farmer
Josie E Borden 31  Md 11 6 6 Nevada - -
Albert R Borden 10  Nevada Missouri Nevada
Rescomb E Borden 7  California Missouri Nevada
Charles L Borden 6   California Missouri Nevada
Jae K Borden 5   California Missouri Nevada
Ruth G Borden 3   California Missouri Nevada
Naomi Borden 1   California Missouri Nevada
Julius Wiuskoski 42  Germany Germany Germany 1890 P.A. English Farmer."

Margaret Josephine Brandamore

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21920 U.S. Census, T625_151 pg 16A, 7 Feb 1920. "Josie Borden 38  Wd Nevada US. U.S.
Racomb Borden 17  son California Missouri Nevada
Charles Borden 16  son California Missouri Nevada
Joseph Borden 14  son California Missouri Nevada
Ruth Borden 13  daughter California Missouri Nevada
Naomi Borden 11  daughter California Missouri Nevada
Elmer Borden 7  son California Missouri Nevada
Loretta Borden 5  daughter California Missouri Nevada." Enumberator mixed up birth places of father & mother.

31930 U.S. Census, T626 Roll 100 pg 8B, 5 Apr 1930. "Borden, Margaret J. Head FW 44 Wd 17 Nevada Missouri Missouri
------, Rescome Son MW 26 S California Missouri Nevada
------, Elmer Son MW 18 S Washington Missouri Nevada
------, Loretta Daughter FW 15 S Washington, Missouri Nevada."

7551. David Earl Borden

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4843. William Gilbert Borden

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21910 U.S. Census, T624_1653 pg 5A, 18 Apr 1910. "Borden, William G. Head Head MW 40 M1 9 Iowa Connecticut Connecticut Deck Man Lumber Mill
------, Alta Wife FW 23 M1 9 4 4 Indiana New York Ohio
------, Charlotte E Daughter FW 8 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Catherine I Daughter FW 7 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Edward E son MW 4 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Charles G. son MW 1 9/12 S Washington Iowa Indiana
McDonnough, Charles S Father-in-law MW 51 M1 23 Page Is. Scotland Scotland 1871 Na Carpenter House
----------, Charlotte F Mother-in-law FW 51 M2 22 Ohio Virginia Maryland
Caley, John E. Brother-in-law MW 30 S Ohio New York Ohio Faller Logging Camp."

31930 U.S. Census, T626_2489 pg 1B, 9 Apr 1930. "Borden, William G. Hean MW 60 M 31 Iowa Rhode Island Rhode Island Bucker Logging camp
------, Alta Wife FW 46 M 18 Indiana New York Ohio
------, Charles son MW 21 S Washington Iowa Indiana Laborer common
------, Delmer son MW 19 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Cliffton son MW 18 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, John son MW 14 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Dolly daughter FW 11 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Richard son MW 9 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Margaret daughter FW 4 6/12 S Washington Iowa Indiana
------, Eldon son MW 2 1/12 S Washington Iowa Indiana
Caley, John E. Brother-in-law MW 51 S Ohio New York Ohio Faller Lumber camp
McDonald, Charlotte Mother-in-law FW 73 Wd Ohio Virginia Pennsylvania."

41920 U.S. Census, T625_1923 pg 6B. "William G Borden Head MW 49 M Iowa Massachusetts Massachusetts Farmer
Alta Borden Wife FW 36 M Indiana New York Ohio
Katherine Borden Daughter FW 16 S Washington Iowa Indiana
Edward Borden Son MW 14 S Washington Iowa Indiana
Charles Borden Son MW 11 S Washington Iowa Indiana
Delmar Borden Son MW 9 S Washington Iowa Indiana
Clifton Borden Son MW 7 S Washington Iowa Indiana
John Borden Son MW 4 S Washington Iowa Indiana
Dolley Borden Daughter FW 1 S Washington Iowa Indiana
John Caley Brother-in-law 40 S Ohio New York Ohio
Charlotte Mc Donald Mother-in-law 62 Wd Ohio Virginia Pennsylvania."

Althea Caley McDonald

1U.S. Social Security Death Index. "Name: Alta Borden
SSN: 537-50-9259
Last Residence: 98541 Elma, Grays Harbor, Washington, United States of America
Born: 14 Aug 1883
Died: 15 Mar 1971
State (Year) SSN issued: Washington (1965)
Source Citation: Number: 537-50-9259;
Issue State: Washington;
Issue Date: 1965."

2FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/65172506/althea-caley-borden. "Block 47 Lot 3 Grave 3." Image.

7555. Charles Gilbert Borden

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/65172603/charles-gilbert-borden. "Block 47 Lot 3 Grave 4
Next to Alta Borden." Image.

4844. Harriet Leona Borden

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/138324880/harriet-leona-wyman. "wife of Frank." Image.

Frances Marion Wyman

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/138324915/frank-wyman. "Husband of Harriet." Image.

7565. Frances M Wyman

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/138324797. Image.

7566. Earl James Wyman

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4846. Charles Leonard Borden

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/67863960/charles-leonard-borden. Image.

Emelia Margaret Hedstrom

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/67863961. Image.

4849. Albert Grant Borden

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/103292084/albert-grant-borden. "He was the son of Holder Bradford Borden and Mary Brocklerhurst. Albert married Lucy Cook." Image.

21900 U.S. Census, FHL 1240680 pg 1B, 1 Jun 1900. "Borden, Albert G. Head WM Oct 1865 34 M 14 Massachusetts Rhode Island England Shoe Cutter
------, Lucy Wife WF Oct 1867 32 M 14 3 2 New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire Boarding House
Borden, Gilbert Son WM Jan 1887 12 Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire
------, Philip ? Son WM Dec 1896 3 Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire."

31910 U.S. Census, T624_575 pg 4B, 26 Apr 1910. "Borden, Albert G. Head MW 44 M 23 Massachusetts Rhode Island England Cuter Shoe Factory
------, Lucy Wife FW 42 M 23 8 6 New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire
------, Gilbert B. Son MW 22 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire Cuter Shoe Factory
------, Phillip B. Son MW 13 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire
------, Richard H. Son MW 9 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire
------, Carroll Son MW 7 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire
Borden, Eleanor S. Daughter FW 2 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire
------, Spencer H. Son MW 11/12 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire."

41920 U.S. Census, T625_690 pg 8A, 7 Jan 1920. "Borden, Albert G. Head MW 53 M Massachusetts Rhode Island England Cutter Shoe Factory
------, Lucy Wife FW 52 M New Hampshire  New Hampshire  New Hampshire
------, Philip B. Son MW 23 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire Cutter Shoe Factory
------, Richard R. Son MW 19 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire Trimming Cutter Shoe Factory
------, Carroll C. Son MW 16 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire Trimming Cutter Shoe Factory
------, Spencer A. Son MW 10 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire
------, Mary B. Mother FW 78 Wd 1842 Na 1863 England England England."

51930 U.S. Census, T626_897 pg 20B, 28 Apr 1930. "Borden, Albert Head MW 65 M 21 Massachusetts Rhode Island Engand Shoe Cutter Factory
------, Lucie Wife FW 61 M 17 New Hampshire New Hampshire New Hampshire
------, Carroll Son MW 27 M 21 Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire Fireman City Dept
------, Hazel Daughter-in-law FW 27 M 21 New Hampshire Massachusetts Massachusetts
------, Carroll N. Grand Son MW 2 4/12 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire
------, Spencer Son MW 20 S Massachusetts Massachusetts New Hampshire Mechanic Garage."

Lucy Cook

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/103292141/lucy-borden. "Her parents were Samuel Jones Cook and Rebecca Downs." Image.

7570. Gilbert Bradford Borden

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/175532591/gilbert-bradford-borden. Image.

7574. Eleanor Shorley Borden

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=60121005. Incorrectly listed as the daughter of Mary B. Brocklehurst Borden. (Albert Ward Borden Jr. missed a generation.).