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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


3686. James Mansion Borden

James M. Borden - born Apr 1852 in Alabama was living with his brother, Benjamin F. & Mollie L. Borden and listed in 1900 Walker County, Alabama Census.

According to a will found in Walker County Courthouse, a James M. Borden (D: 11 Dec. 1933) married Daisy Johnson (B: 7 Jan 1880 in Illinois D: 15 Dec. 1970) on 10 Oct. 1922 (Marriage book T, P. 71). Their children were: E. L. Borden (Okolona, MS), Thomas Borden (Tupelo, MS), Ella Busby (Lawrenceburg, TN), Rosa Borden and Ada Borden Palmer. Others listed in the will were: Dr. B. J. Borden, Cordova; and George P. Borden, Goodsprings. James married Daisy (age 40) when he was 60 years old. He was a farmer and they are listed as Baptist. This was his second marriage. They resided in Cordova, AL

Marriage Notes for James Mansion Borden and Daisy Moore

Marriage book T, P. 71

Marriage Notes for William Newton Borden and Louvina Richardson

At Phamey Richardson's house by J. E. Cox, Minister, in Walker County, AL. A note is on the bottom of the marriage license from Sara Borden, "Mr. Gamel, plese sur let William Burden hae license. Sara Borden".

3689. Dr. Benjamin Franklin Borden

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In the 1910 Federal Census a Benjamin F. Borden (48) is living with his wife Mollie (38). They had been married for 20 years and she had 7 children born and six living. Benjamin was born in Alabama and so were his parents. Mollie was born in Alabama, but her father was born in Georgia. The children listed are: Bille (d) (17), Henry W. (14), Guy (8), Willie M. (4), and Laurie (2). Also listed as living in the home is Allison H. West (36) listed as a brother-in-law. Everyone in the home of school age could read and write.

The 1920 Walker Co., AL Census lists Benjamin F. Borden (58) as living on Columbus St., Cordova. His wife, Mary L. (48); Hamby (24); Guy (18); Sullie (son) 15 [born in TX]; Louise (12) and Ida R. (9).

1930 Federal Census listed Benjamin G. (68) with wife, Mary L. (58). Mary L.'s father was born in Georgia. The children now living at home were: Louise (22) and Ruth (19).

Marriage Notes for Dr. Benjamin Franklin Borden and Mollie Lou West

They were married at the residence of J. B. Ellis at Cordova, AL by J. L. Regan, JP according to their marriage license.

5620. May Claire Borden

Lived in Mission, TX at time of father's death.

5621. Ollie Belle Bennet Borden

Lived in Victoria, TX at time of father's death.

3690. Sarah Ellen Borden

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3691. George Pilgrim Borden

George P. is listed in the 1920 Walker County Federal Census in the township of Goodsprings, Alabama. George P. (51) was a manager of a General Store working for wages. His wife, Betty May (42) was born along with her parents in Mississippi. Their children: Fred H. Borden (22), born in Mississippi and working in the weigh house of the local coal mine; Graydon (19), born in Mississippi and working as a salesman in a general store; son, Tracy (17), born in Alabama; Gladys (17), born in Alabama; Irma (15), born in Alabama; Oma (9), born in Alabama, and Melva (9), born in Alabama; Stanley (1 5/12), born in Alabama and a brother named James M. (63), widowed and born in Alabama.

George P. (62) and Bettie (53) are listed in the 1930 census with children: Fred A. (32); Tracy (29); Gladys (29); Oma (28); Melba (19); and Stanley (11). George is a farmer. Tracy works in a coal mine and Gladys is post mistress at a post office.

5630. Fred H. Borden

Never married.

5632. Tracy Borden

Never married.

5635. Oma Borden

Died of tuberculosis, and never married or had children.

5637. Stanley Borden

Died as a boy of gangrene after breaking a leg playing football.

Alice Dale Helm

In 1920 U.S. census in home of her son, Ralph.

5641. Uralda Borden

California, San Francisco Area Funeral Home Records, 1895-1985
Name: Valde Borden
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 25 Feb 1885
Birth Place: Texas
Age: 40
Death Date: 8 May 1925
Father: James H Borden
Mother: Alice D Helm
Funeral Home: Godeau Funeral Home

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3698. George Washington Borden

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The State of Alabama, Probate Court, Walker County. April 1, 1931.
In the matter of the Estate of George W. Borden, Deceased.
To the Hon. E. W. Long, Judge of Probate:
Your petitioner L. E. Borden respectfully represents that she is the widow of said George W. Borden, deceased, late of said county, who departed this life on or about the 26th day of March 1931, leaving him surviving, your petitioner, his widow, and his no minor children, under the control of petitioner in this county leaving assets in this county; that on the 1st day of April 1931, Letters of Administration granted to L. E. Borden who on the 1st day of April 1931, filed his Inventory of said estate in said Probate court; and now she as the widow aforesaid, claims for herself and said minor children as exempt from administration the following items of personal property described in said inventory and in the appraisement of the personal property of said estate, with the appraised value thereof, to-wit:
No. Items Appraised value
1 horse 30.00
2 cow and calf 30.00
3 one heifer 20.00
4 one hack 10.00
Total 90.00

Real Estate
The SE1/4 of the SE1/4 section 17, and the SE1/4 of the NE1/4 section 20 and the NE1/4 of the NE1/4 section 20, less six acres sold off the east side thereof, all in township 15 range 6 west in Walker County, on which George W. Borden resided with his family at time of death; and on which petitioner prays that same be ascertained to be all the real estate owned by deceased at time of his death and that same be set aside to her, as exempt from administration after same is appraised.
Your petitioner therefore prays that your Honor may make all necessary orders and decrees in the premises as may be necessary and proper to set apart and allot said property aforesaid to her and as exempt from administration.
Sworn to and subscribed before me, L. E. Borden
This 31 day of March 1931. her mark Petitioner

The State of Alabama. Walker County Probate Court. April 1st 1931.
In the matter of the Estate of George W. Borden, deceased.
Present, Hon. E. W. Long, Judge of Probate:
And now on this day comes L. E. Borden and presents to the court her petition in writing under oath praying that letters of Administration on the estate of George W. Borden deceased, issue to her, which petition is examined by the court and ordered to be filed and recorded; and it appearing to the court from the allegations contained in said petition, and from other good and sufficient evidence, that the said George W. Borden departed this life at Walker county on or about the 26th day of March 1931, being at the time of his death an inhabitant of said county and state; that he died leaving assets in said county and state, which assets, both real and personal, are estimated to be worth about $1000.00 dollars consisting of 120 acres land and one horse, cow and calf and leaving no will, testament or other writing relating to the disposal or distribution of his estate, and that the death of the said decedent was known more than fifteen days before this day, and it further appearing to the satisfaction of the court that L. E. Borden, the said petitioner is widow of said deceased, is over twenty one years of age, an inhabitant of this state, and a fit person under the law and in the estimation of the court to serve as administratix and no person having appeared to oppose the granting of letters of Administration to the said L. E. Borden or to show cause why the prayer of said petitioner should not be granted, it is ordered that the same be granted, provided that the said L. E. Borden first file in this court her bond in the penal sum of $1000.00 dollars conditioned and payable according to the statue in such cases made and provided with such surety or sureties as may be approved by the court. It is further ordered that the said petition be recorded.
And now again come, L. E. Borden and present to the court for approval her bond in form as by this court heretofore required with L. E. Borden, Irene Jacks, Geo. Borden, M. C. Borden, Jas M. Borden, Joseph W. Borden, J. H. Borden, W. P. Borden and Pernie Griffin as securities thereon, and the court being now sufficiently advised concerning said bond and said securities it is ordered and adjudged by the court that the said bond be taken, approved and recorded.
It is therefore ordered, adjudged and decreed by the court that Letters of Administration on the estate of said deceased be granted to the said L. E. Borden and that she be and hereby is authorized to administer said estate. It is further ordered that the said L. E. Borden proceed immediately to collect and take into her possession the goods and chattels, money, books, papers and evidences of debt of the said deceased, except the personal property specifically exempted from administration under sec 4199 code and make due return under oath to this court of a full and complete inventory thereof within two months.
It is further ordered that D. A. Gilbert, I. W. Gurganus and Joe L. Love be and they hereby are appointed appraisers of the personal property of said estate, and that a warrant of appraisement be issued to them, notifying them of their appointment, and they make due return to this court, under oath of their proceedings within two months.
E. W. Long, Judge of Probate

Probate Court of Walker County Estate of George W. Borden, Deceased.
We, the undersigned, being heirs of George W. Borden, deceased, do hereby acknowledge notice of application to have set aside to L. E. Borden, the widow of George W. Borden, deceased, the real estate belonging to said George W. Borden, at the time of his death, namely: SE ¼ of SE1/4 section 17 and SE1/4 of NE1/4 section 20 and NE1/4 of NE1/4 section 20 less six acres heretofore sold off from same along east side, and we expressly waive any further, other or legal service of notice, of said application to set aside said exemptions or hearings on same or on confirmation of report setting exemptions aside.
G. F. Borden
Irena Jacks
James M. Borden
Mc Borden
Joseph M. Borden
J. H. Borden
M. P. Borden
Pernie Griffin

3701. Nancy Comelia Borden

Nancy (52) can be found in the 1920 census in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. She is an inmate at Bryce Mental Hospital.

According to Nancy's will, dated April 22, 1929, Carter Manasco was appointed as guardian for Ray Boyd, a minor child, to protect his interests for final settlement. It is interesting that her husband, John, is not made guardian of Nancy's estate. According to court documents, Sheriff S. Lacy was in charge of the estate during the time she was in Tuscaloosa until her death. William H. Boyd is listed as being over the age of twenty-one years, residence unknown. The children are listed as the only heirs of Nancy C. Boyd, deceased. Ray Boyd is listed as living in Dora, Alabama and William H. Boyd as Grove, Arizona. John was paid money quarterly from her estate until her death.