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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


Lemuel Licurgus Ansley

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 20 May 2004 by Karen Ansley. "As a single man, Lemuel worked for various members of his family on their farms, and for a time in 1865, served as a guard for Camp Ford, a Confederate prison camp near Tyler. After their marriage, Lemuel and Mollie lived in Henderson County near Brownsboro through most of their married lives. We find Lemuel Ansley listed as voting place, find him on grand jury lists, and on a list of men involved in a temperance movement in the early 1900s. In 1905, he and Mollie, along with daughter Ione and husband George M. Fowler, and daughter Ina, followed James Marvin and wife Sally to Texas County, Oklahoma. Lemuel's brother James William had gone to that area and was selling real estate when he died there. James Marvin came to work for him, then filed his own claim and came back for Sally. They shipped their household goods, teams and wagons, plus lumber to build a new house (Lemuel and Molly) on the railroad, the men riding in the box car and the women and child (George and Ione's first son) on the passenger car. Lemuel and Mollie filed a claim and built a home, then later sold it and bought James M. and Sally's claim when James got a job with the railroad in the 1920s. The Oklahoma panhandle was not a place to farm without irrigation, and Lemuel and Molly had a tough time in their later life. We have the correspondence between Lemuel and authorities as he sought a Confederate pension for his service during the Civil War, which he finally obtained not long before his death. Lemuel and Molly are both buried in Elmhurst Cemetery in Guymon, Oklahoma.

William Elliott Doyle

Information from a cataloger at Clemson University Library. "I have a source in which William, writing from Teague, Texas in Oct. 7, 1930, mentions his birth at Oconee Station, South Carolina on April 16, 1846 (with his twin brother, James Hogan Doyle). In Feb. 1864 both brothers traveled to Charleston to enlist in the Seventh South Carolina Cavalry."

In 1930 U.S. census in his son-in-law, J.E. Wood's home.

4436. Oren Albertus Jackson

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 30Oct2002 by Joyce Jackson of Bedford, TX. "Additional family shown on descendancy chart."

4439. Lula Jackson

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 30Oct2002 by Joyce Jackson of Bedford, TX. "Additional family shown on descendancy chart."

Mason Bailey Stell

The 1900 U.S. Census indicates he was born in October 1845.

Virginia Mattie Ansley

RESEARCHER: Karen Ansley sent information to T.Mason on 12 May 2004.

7202. Aubrey Eugene Jackson

In 1930 U.S. Census with his parents.

4447. Conoway Scott Jr

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Frank Gibson Thibault Jr,; dated 19 Apr 1992 sent to T Mason; NOTES: Connie was very formal. Always wore coat and tie to dinner. Raised by widow and an old maid. Father died before he was born. Had a small house of east Ninth St., LR. Belonged to many clubs in LR and spent much time there as a young man. Told mom that he used to call the telephone operator to see who had dates before a party. Belonged to LR country club, and cotillion. Liked to play golf. Mother has good sized picture with cousin Sam Reyburn. Lived most of life on farm, had someone work for him, gave orders and had others do the farming. Attended school at Little Rock, 5th St, where P.O. is now. Went away to school near Paris KY. Had to return to the farm to run so didn't complete school.

OBITUARY: The Arkansas Gazette; 1940; Little Rock, 2 Jan 1940, p 12; EXTRACTION: Dies in Canada. A telegram announcing the death of Conoway Scott, Pulaski county planter of Scott at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank Thibault of Vancouver, B.C. on New Year's Day was received by his son, John Walker Scott of Scott yesterday. Mr. Scott, 72 had suffered from a heart ailment (found in his car) and his death was not unexpected. He had been at his daughter's home since Thanksgiving when he drove there for the holidays. Member of an early Arkansas family, Mr. Scott was born at Elmhurst, the family home at Scott. He had lived on the Scott plantations and in Little Rock all his life. He was the son of Conoway Scott, who came from Kentucky and settled at the Scott places, then on the Arkansas river in Pulaski and Lonoke counties, in the 1820's. His mother was Eliza Lawson Scott, daughter of James Lawson Sr. of Pulaski county. His family and connections include most of the early families of Little Rock and Central Arkansas.
Married in 1896 - Mr. Scott was married to Miss Lillian Walker of Galveston, Tex., in 1896. Mrs. Scott died in 1930. Mr. and Mrs. Scott were parents of four children, of whom two survive, John Walker Scott of Elmhurst and Mrs. Thibault. Mrs. Thibault is the wife of Dr. Frank Thibault of Vancouver. Mr. Scott is survived by one grandson, John Walker Scott, Jr.
Mr. Scott attended the public schools of Little Rock and Central College at Richmond, Ky. He was a member of Christ Episcopal church. He was a charter member of the Little Rock Country Club. At the time of his death, Mr. Scott was a director of the Mid-South Cotton Growers Association, co-operative cotton marketing association for Arkansas, Tennessee, and Missouri with headquarters in Memphis. He had been identified with the co-operative marketing of cotton from the outset of the movement. He was one of the first directors of the Arkansas Cotton Grower's Co-oprative Association. When the organization was merged into the mid-south association, he was continued as a director and had been re-elected every year since. He also served as vice-president of the mid-south body. He took an active part in the agricultural development of Arkansas and was recognized as a progressive leader.
The body will be accompanied to Little Rock by Mrs. Thibault. Arrangements were incomplete last night.

Mr. Scott 'An Unselfish Leader' Memphis, Tenn. Jan. 1 (AP)--Charles G. Henry, general manager of the Mid-South Cotton Growers Association, expressed "deepest regret" tonight when informed of the death of Conoway Scott. He said Mr. Scott had been a director of the association since its organization. "And we all had the greatest confidence in him. He was an unselfish leader, contributing his money and his time for the betterment of the South's cotton producers," Mr. Henry added.

Mary Lillian Walker

Grew up in Galveston. Went to Emerson Coll. In Boston, obtained degree in elocution. Her father's half brother lived in LR. So she met her husband while visiting family in LR. Got married and moved to Scott. States entertained before the children. Went to LR for dances. Friends would come to visit. Mom states might have 30 people for christmas dinner.

DEATH: In Trinity Hospital

7212. Dorothy Walker Scott

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Frank Gibson Thibault Jr,; dated 19 Apr 1992 sent to T Mason; NOTES: Was close to her father. Mother's gold locket has picture of she and Conoway. death from diphtheria. Mother states her father never got over her death. Her obituary from church which states born 18 Oct 1897. Also states died after illness of only 2 days was called home at 10:30 am on 11 July 1907.

7213. Conoway Scott III

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Frank Gibson Thibault Jr,; dated 19 Apr 1992 sent to T Mason; NOTES: Lived short time. Was buried behind the house at Scott. Later they attempted to move Dorothy and Conoway to Mt Holly Cem, Little Rock, but were unable to find remains. Grandfather Scott was also buried there. But he was moved. Dorothy Thibault has Lillian Walker Scott's locket with pictures of Dorothy and brother Conoway.

4449. Caroline Reyburn

Dutch has name as Caroline?

4453. Samuel Wallace Reyburn

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Frank Gibson Thibault Jr, [tebo@sbcglobal.net] ; dated 19 Apr 1992 sent to T Mason; Copy in poss of T. Mason (filed - Levi Borden); NOTES: Arkansas Gazette Newspaper article Oct 17, 1923 "Career of Arkansas Man is Featured by Magazine." Picture. Story of becaming a lawyer. In 1902 became President of Union Trust Company, and in 1916 Pres. of the Associate Dry Goods Corp. (Article list many positions held by Mr. Rayburn at time of article.) Was made president of Lords and Taylors also. Dry goods owned L & T. Still chairman of the board for Union Trust. Sister lives in Little Rock and other members at Malvern, his home town. Little town of Reyburn, AR named after family, the grandfather of Samuel having operated stage coaches in the state prior to Civil war.

7219. Martha King Reyburn

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Frank Gibson Thibault Jr,; dated 18 Nov 1996 sent to T Mason; NOTES: Was killed as child in auto accident while she and sister Frances, and aunt Fanfan were touring Europe. Mother thinks buried Washington DC.