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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


8648. Jewell Fern Allcorn

In 1930 census with sister Lillian & her husband (which see).

8654. Hiram Preston Fields

He is in the 1910 US Census with his grandfather - John M Martin.

Julia Lee Maxwell

U.S. Social Security application in possession of Linda Jones. Information sent to T.Mason on 24 July 2008. "I have a copy of Julia Lee Fields, Social Security Application record #429-70-9850. It lists her name as Julia Lee Fields. date of birth as December 20, 1891 born Sulphur Rock, Arkansas. Mother as Nancy Ellen Ezell and Henry Maxwell. Application dated 9/15/55."

12010. Bertha Mae Fields

Information sent to T.Mason on 17 Dec 2007 by Edna Duncan. "Aunt Bertha and Uncle Claud both have passed and are buried in the next plots from mom and dad along with their son Bob. Several of their children are dead. Don, Bob, Jay, Marie. Pat and Janiece live in Washington, Tommy, Wayne, Sharon, and Judy live in California."

8655. James Edgar Fields

BIOGRAPHY: Sketch sent to T.Mason on 21 Jul 2007 by Melissa Roe.

The following is a narrative given to Melissa Roe by her mother-in-law, Betty. "Grandpa Edgar worked as a sharecropper in Missouri and Arkansas. Betty also heard that he worked as a servant at 12 or 13 because he had an argument with his father which was never resolved. Her grandfather was always angry at his father in later days because Edgar did not receive any inheritance. He had a goose made from sandstone that he had brought with him from Missouri that belonged to his father James Wellington. Edgar was so mad at his dad that he broke the head off the sandstone goose but still kept the goose with him everywhere he went. Betty said that when grandpa Edgar and grandma Gracie would visit that Gracie did not allow papers to be put before Edgar. Betty believes that was because Edgar could not read or write.
Betty's father, Orvil was really close to his father Edgar, but Orvil's wife, Esther could not stand his mother Gracie. The reason Edgar moved to Arkansas from Missouri was because of financial difficulties in sharecropping and he could not afford the rent on the land. He also realized that James Wellington was never going to give him any land. Edgar's son, Orvil, decided to move with his parents to Arkansas against his wife's wishes. However, Edgar never made good or owned any land on which he sharecropped. Betty feels this was due to his drinking problem which was passed down to his son Orvil. They both smoked at least 4 packs a day of Chesterfield, Lucky Strike, and some Prince Albert, too. Edgar chewed both a plug of Day's Work and some loose Redman tobacco to get the taste right. Edgar took Betty's husband Arnold fishing on the Red River (a contributor to the Arkansas river) which was near where he lived in Juddsonia, Arkansas, a little town close to Bald Knob. The Red River was how Edgar then made a living. He fished, sold fish and bait, etc.
Edgar never had a driver's license. He always got one of his daughters to drive to get groceries or take them to the doctor. Gracie Agnes had appendicitis one day, near Thanksgiving in 1964. The daughters were busy, so Edgar decided to drive her himself and he got in a wreck. They were both hurt pretty badly and the doctors said that due to age, broken bones, and appendicitis that Gracie Agnes was not going to make it. So, Betty went to see them in the hospital in Bald Knob, the first week in December. They were put in different floors because he was not hurt as badly as Gracie. In the end, though, the stress from the accident killed him. They had him in restraints due to the fact that he kept trying to get to grandma Gracie to see how she was doing. Betty's dad, Orvil got a call from the hospital not too long afterwards that Edgar had had a heart attack and died. The family buried James Edgar Fields on Christmas Eve in Shady Grove Cemetery, Bald Knob, White, Arkansas in 1964. He has a double headstone with Grace A. Fields stating his birth as March 21, 1892 and his death as December 21, 1964.
The house on Red River wasn't owned by Edgar or Gracie Agnes. It was owned by their daughter Evelyn Lorene and her preacher husband, Hubert, who lived in Illinois. When they heard about the accident and that Gracie wasn't going to make it they had the house cleaned out and sold.
However, Gracie Agnes lived on several years afterwards with her diabetic, felonious son Leonard in a trailer on the land of Thelma, one of her other daughters."

Betty believes Edgar and Gracie Agnes had 6 or 7 children: Orvil Mearl Sr., Thelma, Evelyn Lorene, Leonard, sweet, sweet Aunt Bessie, the unknown Esther M., Gracie, and possibly one other child.