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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


Judge John Alexander Kelly

U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
Name: John Alexander Kelly
Gender: male
Birth Place: VA
Birth Year: 1821
Spouse Name: Martha Matilda Peck
Spouse Birth Year: 1827
Year: 1843
Marriage State: VA
Number Pages: 1
Source Citation: Ancestry.com Source number: 217.000;
Source type: Electronic Database;
Number of Pages: 1;
Submitter Code: PKS.

Carmen Elizabeth Lusby

She was buried in Plot 1, Row Q, Section 1, of the Confederate Field in the Texas State Cemetery.

Marriage Notes for George H. Peck and Mary Lewis Kyle

George H. Peck, farmer, age 27, born & resides Botetourt Co., son of Jacob C. & Martha Peck, m. 23 Mar 1854 Mary S. Kyle, age 19, born & resides Botetourt Co., daughter of Robert & Jane Kyle, by Henry H. Paine, min.

Rev. George Charles Thrasher

In the Botetourt Co. Chancery Court records, Drawer 2, Box 1, Folder 4, is a lawsuit George C. Thrasher vs. John C. Fox (his brother-in-law). From the bill of complaint:
"...that at the commencement of the year 1853, he and a certain John C. Fox entered into a co-partnership for the purpose of carrying on the tanning business, at a tanyard property on Looney's Creek in Botetourt County, then the property of James O. Waskey, and afterward by arrangement about that time and afterwards made, during the existence of the said partnership, purchased by your orator." .....terms... joint credit and in the joint names of himself and his said co-partner, under the firm and style of Fox & Thrasher, that they should both give their entire service to the business, and that they should bear equally the losses, and share equally the profits. After they had carried on the business in this way for about two years they disolved the partnership by mutual consent, and your orator took the entire stock on hand, except the debts due to the partnership...
[Summary of the case and the decision of the court]
Fox had had the control of the books, Thrasher insisted on an outside appraisal of the business when they broke up, and the outside arbitrators fixed the value of the partnership exclusive of the money due and the money owed, and based on that Thrasher owed Fox $357.63 for which he gave a bond. Fox was to keep the books, collect the debts, pay the bills, and they were each to have half the profits remaining. Thrasher gave the bond, and on the same day Fox demanded payment, which Thrasher thought foolhardy, since the debts were not yet paid, and he could have been left holding the bag. Fox moved to Fincastle immediately after the disolution of the partnership and later to the county of Roanoke. He has kept the books of accounts and evidences of debts of the firm and has had exclusive control of the collections, has never rendered an accounting to Thrasher, and Fox assigned the bond to a certain James Ruddle of Roanoke County, his brother-in-law, and suit has been instituted and is now pending, Ruddle vs. Thrasher. Thrasher has been paying the partnership debts out of his own pocket, including some charged to Fox that the partnership was nonetheless liable for. Thrasher believes Fox was insolvent at the time of the dissolution and is still insolvent, and that Fox has been collecting the money due the firm, and that the debts due the firm greatly exceeded the amount the firm owed. Thrasher believes the assignment to Ruddle was not bona fide, but was simply an arrangement for Fox to get the money for the benefit of Fox. Thrasher feels entitled to a full accounting of the payment of debts and collecting of debts, and is suing both Fox and Ruddle.

A Chancery Court Suit (Drawer #45) of Jones vs. Amanda Thrasher contains the following information about this family:
"George C. Thrasher, formerly of Botetourt Co., late of Washington Co., TN, died intestate in Jonesboro, Washington Co., TN, on 5 Aug 1873, leaving a wife Amanda E. Thrasher and children by her William Peck Thrasher, Ortho J. Thrasher, and Charles M. Thrasher, all of whom are infants under the age of 21 years, and only one of whom, namely William Peck Thrasher is over the age of 14 years."
There is a court order that the land Geo. Thrasher died seized of is to be sold Friday 20 Aug 1875. The land is situated on Looney's Creek (on Mill Creek) and is called "The Milton Plantation."
There is also an affadavit signed by Amanda Thrasher:
"William Peck Thrasher was born Mar. 21, 1859.
Ortho J. Thrasher was born Jan. 8, 1853.
Charles M. Thrasher was born Aug. 4, 1867.
Amanda E. Thrasher was born Jan. 24, 1834."
There is also an agreement signed by W. P. Thrasher (age 14) to the sale of the land owned previously by his father. His signature is witnessed in Monroe Co., WV, Feb 1875.