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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


Edward Payson Borden

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 14 Aug 2006 by Richard Denton Borden.

"ACCORDING TO THE 1880 CENSUS IN PHILADELPHIA, PA Edward, then 44 years of age and a dry goods merchant, lived with his son Edward Shirley Borden, age 13 and attending school, his 31 year old niece Martha (Mattie) Johns from Missouri, who kept house, and two domestics; Sarah A. Glasgow, 38 and Mary Mc Golrig 27, both from Ireland. Edward Payson Borden had been married to Jane Amanda Durfee's sister, Margaret, who died rather young. Shirley Borden was their son. John Jay Johns daughter, Mattie(Martha), went to Philadelphia to care for Shirley, after his mother died.

REFERENCE; 1890 Mrs. Anne Glenday Durfee Died, at the residence of her son-in-law, John Jay Johns, in St. Charles, Missouri, on the morning of the Sabbath, April 20, 1890, Mrs. Anne Glenday Durfee, in the 81st year of her age. Thus has passed away one of the few that remain of the early settlers of St. Charles. She was born in New Rattray, Blairgowrie, Perthshire, Scotland, in 1809. She came with her father's family to this place in 1815.
After remaining here several years (6), her father returned to Scotland with his elder daughter Helen, the mother having died. But Anne remained here with her uncle, Thomas Lindsay, who was the father and founder of the Presbyterian Church in St. Charles. Rev. Charles Robinson, of blessed memory, (who was a brother-in-law of Mr. Lindsay's wife), was, next to Rev. Timothy Flint, the first at preacher from the East who lived, labored, preached and taught school, until his death in 1828. Mr. Lindsay’s house was then the headquarters of the preachers who came from the East to labor as missionaries in this new and destitute field. About that time came the Rev. Thomas Russell Durfee, (He was a descendant of Governor William Bradford and of John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.) from Fall River, Mass., a graduate of Amherst College and Andover Seminary. In 1828 he married Anne Glenday.
After spending a few years in missionary labors in this State, with such faithful and apostolic men as John F. Cowan, Cochran and McAfee, he died in August 1833 at Mr. Lindsay's home near Elm Point, leaving his widow with two little daughters, Jane Amanda and Margaret Lindsay. Mrs. Durfee, with her children, remained with her uncle, Mr. Lindsay, until his death In 1843. Mrs. Durfee was a woman of great energy and firmness of character, and the great desire of her heart was that her daughters might have the best education that young women could get at that day. This she accomplished under great pecuniary difficulty and self-denial on her part. Her elder daughter, Jane, was educated at Lindenwood and at Monticello Seminary, the then pioneer female schools of the Southwest, and the younger, Margaret, at Bradford (Mass.) Seminary, spending much time with her father's kindred.
In 1847 her daughter Jane was married to John Jay Johns and ever after Mrs. Durfee made her home with them. Her second daughter, Margaret Lindsay Durfee, was married in 1862 to Mr. Edward Payson Borden of Fall River, Mass. for many years past a prominent merchant of Philadelphia. Mrs. Durfee was an enthusiast on Christian education, and as soon as her grandchildren were old enough, she used all her means, even stinting herself, to secure to them a high Christian education. She succeeded in a great measure in accomplishing that object, and her grandchildren now rise up and call her blessed.

REFERENCE: DURFEE -- Rev. Thomas Durfee came to St. Charles from Fall River, Mass., in 1827. He was a graduate of Brown University, Rhode Island, and of the Theological Seminary at Andover, Mass. In 1828 he was married to Miss Ann Glenday, who was a niece of Thomas Lindsay, and then living with him. Mr. Durfee lived several years after his marriage in Callaway County, as pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Auxvassee. He afterward returned to St. Charles, and was agent of the American Bible Society, and in 1833 -- the great cholera year -- he died at the house of Thomas Lindsay.
Mr. Durfee was a man of great worth and a fine preacher. He left two daughters, Jane S., who afterwards was married to John Jay Johns, and Margaret Lindsay, who is now the wife of E. P. Borden, of Philadelphia.
Mrs. Durfee, after the death of her husband, continued to live with her uncle, Thomas Lindsay, till his death in 1843. At her uncle's death she was, by his will, possessed of his old homestead, where she continued to reside till 1850, when she went to live with her son-in-law, John Jay Johns, with whom she still resides. She is a great enthusiast on the subject of education, and is using her means freely in educating her grand children. Her eldest daughter, Mrs. Johns, was educated at Monticello, Illinois and Mrs. Borden at Bradford Seminary, in Massachusetts. [p. 202]"

2942. Rescomb Eldred Borden

HYPERLINK: [ http://wagenweb.org/yakima/cemetery/oldsunny/blocka-c.txt ] "Borden Rescomb E. 1835/06/05 1917/03/31 1918/04/01 24 B 3 24 June 5, 1835 "

In 1860 with his 1st cousin, Cyrus Borden and sister-in-law, Caroline Waters.

RESEARCHER-DESCENDANTS: Information received 20Sep2002 by T.Mason from Shirley Borden Spencer.

RESCOMB ELDRED "REBBIE" BORDEN was born on 5 Jun 1835 in Fall River, Bristol Co., MA. He died on 31 Mar 1918. [Copy of an original newspaper clipping loaned to Mrs. John Leonard Borden, by Mrs C.R. Borden, 604 SW 156th St., Seattle, WA 98166. Copied May 1974 by Mona J. (Borden) Hackney.]