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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.


Selected Families and Individuals

Source Citations

John Anthony Gex

11920 U.S. Census, T625_938 pg 7A, 2 Feb 1920. "John Gex Head MW 42  M Missouri Kentucky Missouri
Lutie Gex  wife FW 39  M Missouri Kentucky Kentucky
Lorretta Gex daughter FW 18  S Missouri Missouri Missouri
Anthony Gex son MW 15  S Missouri Missouri Missouri
Ruth Gex daughter FW 3 1/12  S Missouri Missouri Missouri
Thomas Lawrence Hand MW 37 S Kansas Kansas Kansas."

Lutie Wilson

1U.S. Social Security Death Index. "Name: Lutie Gex
SSN: 456-76-1793
Last Residence: 79034 Follett, Lipscomb, Texas, United States of America
Born: 20 Jul 1880
Died: Feb 1976
State (Year) SSN issued: Texas (1962)
Source Citation: Number: 456-76-1793;
Issue State: Texas;
Issue Date: 1962."

William Burris Gex

11920 U.S. Census, T625_938 pg 7A, 2 Feb 1920. "Gex, William B. Head MW 38 M Missouir Kentucky Missouri
---, Mary wife MW 40 M Missouri Illinois Iowa
---, Joseph son MW 15 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
---, Mary daughter FW 14 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
---, Brooking son MW 11 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
---, Louise daughter FW 10 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
---, Stanley son MW 8 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
---, Virgil son MW 3 6/12 S Missouri Missouri Missouri."

21930 U.S. Census, T626_1215 pg 2A, 3 Apr 1930. "William B Gex Head MW 48 M 21 Missouri Kentucky Missouri Farmer
Mary Gex Wife FW 51 M 24 Missouri Ohio Ohio
Mary E Gex Daughter FW 24 S Missouri Missouri Missouri Teacher public school
W Brook Gex Son MW 21 S Missouri Missouri Missouri parts man garage
N Louise Gex Daughter FW 19 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
R Stanley Gex Son MW 18 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
Virgil E Gex Son MW 13 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
Donald L Gex Son MW 9 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
Lona Sharr Serv girl 18 S Missouri Indiana Iowa Laborer private home."

Donald Louis Gex

1U.S. Social Security Death Index. "Name: Donald Gex
SSN: 493-18-9650
Born: 24 Jun 1921
Died: Dec 1967
State (Year) SSN issued: Missouri
Source Citation: Number: 493-18-9650;
Issue State: Missouri;
Issue Date: Before 1951."

Robert T. Mills

1U.S. Social Security Death Index. "Name: Robert Mills
SSN: 442-07-2535  
Last Residence: 38117  Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States of America
Born: 18 Nov 1897
Died: Nov 1973
State (Year) SSN issued: Oklahoma (Before 1951)
Source Citation: Number: 442-07-2535;
Issue State: Oklahoma;
Issue Date: Before 1951."

21920 U.S. Census, T625_1764 Pg 6A, 9 Jan 1920. "Mills, William B. Head WM 49 M Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Wholesale Merchant
-----, Anne T Wife FW 45 M Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee
-----, Robert T. Son MW 23 M Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Salesman Auto Accessories
-----, Betty Gex Daughter-in-law FW 20 M Missouri Kentucky Missouri."

31930 U.S. Census, T626_2279 pg 2B, 3 Apr 1930. "Mills, Robert L Head MW 33 M 23 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Buyer Auto Acces.
-----, Betty G. Wife FW 31 M 21 Missouri Kentucky Missouri
-----, William B. Son MW 5 S Missouri Tennessee Missouri
Mauntjoy, John E. Nephew MW 20 S Missouri Kentucky Missouri Stock Clerk Auto acces.
Morris, Etho Servant MMu 18 S Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee yard boy Private family."

Bettie Gex

1U.S. Social Security Death Index. "Name: Betty Mills
SSN: 408-08-9607  
Last Residence: 38117  Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee, United States of America
Born: 17 Mar 1899
Died: Jan 1982
State (Year) SSN issued: Tennessee (1973)
Source Citation: Number: 408-08-9607;
Issue State: Tennessee;
Issue Date: 1973."

Halbert Randal Catterson

11910 U.S. Census, T624_803 pg 2B, 18 Apr 1910. "Catterson, Halbert Head MW 30 M1 5 Missouri Indiana Indiana Manager of Farm
---------, Ella Wife FW 25 M1 5 2 2 Missouri Kentucky Missouri
---------, Mariam Son MW 3 S Missouri Missouri Missouri
---------, Halbert Son MW 11/12 S Missouri Missouri Missouri."

Corine Craig

1U.S. Social Security Death Index. "Name: Corinne Gex
SSN: 406-50-3665
Last Residence: 41045 Ghent, Carroll, Kentucky, United States of America
Born: 27 Jul 1885
Died: Apr 1975
State (Year) SSN issued: Kentucky (1955]
Source Citation: Number: 406-50-3665;
Issue State: Kentucky;
Issue Date: 1955."

Florian Cox Gex

11920 U.S. Census, T625_1826 pg 1A, 22 Apr 1920. "Gex, Florian C. Head MW 30 M Missouri Kentucky Missouri
---, Beatrice wife FW 30 M Kansas U.S. Missouri
---, Brooking R. son MW 8 S Kentucky Missouri Kansas
---, Mary C. daughter FW 7 S Kansas Missouri Kansas
---, Betty R. daughter FW 1 S Kansas Missouri Kansas."

Pearl Beatrice Rouse

11930 U.S. Census, T626_721 pg 35B, 8 May 1930. "William Smith MW 58  M 47 Holland Holland Holland
Mary Smith FW 56  M 45 West Virginia Germany Germany
Beatrice R Gex FW 42  Wd Kansas Missouri Missouri
Brooksie R Gex MW 18 S Kentucky Kentucky Kansas
Betty R Gex FW 11 S Kansas Kentucky Kansas."