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Source Citations

Honorable Samuel K Hanson

1Lewis, William Terrell of Perryville, Miss. 1893., Lewis Family in America, Genealogy of the (From the Middle of the Seventeenth Century Down to the Present Time), Higginson Publishing in Salem, Massachusetts, P 166-167, FHC 483707. Exerpts provided by Michael Lewis Monroe who has edited 1100 pages of William Terrell Lewis' original book. "[ From the Lexington Observer and Republican, 1858.]

Death has claimed as its victim another of Kentucky's most distinguished citizens.  Samuel Hanson, Esq., of the county of Clark, is no more.  He died after a long protracted illness at his residence in the town of Winchester, on Saturday morning last at 8:30 o'clock.

Samuel Hanson was no ordinary man; indeed he was in every sense of the term an extraordinary man.  Nature had dealt lavishly with him, and her gifts had been nurtured and cultivated with great assiduity.  Born in the city of Alexandria, then in the District of Columbia, he received the benefits of a superior scholastic and legal education, and at an early age exhibited promises of the ability and usefulness which characterized his subsequent career.  He left the District about fifty years ago, in the company with Mr. Clay, then a member of the National Legislature, for Kentucky, and, after a brief residence in other sections of the State, located in the county in which he died, and for upwards of forty years has been regarded by its citizens with the respect, esteem and confidence which are always the attendants of a life of public usefulness and of private worth.

But the fame of Samuel Hanson was not alone confined to the county in which he lived, or its immediate vicinity.  He was extensively and favorably known throughout the Commonwealth, and his name will long be remembered and revered by hosts of true-hearted friends in every section of the State.  His fine scholarly attainments, great legal learning and superior natural abilities placed him in the front rank of statesmen and jurists in Kentucky, and commanded for him a position and a reputation of which any man might be justly proud.  He was always a firm and consistent Whig, repeatedly represented his county in both branches of the Legislature, and at one time filled the office of Speaker of the Senate with great credit and distinction.  The records of the Legislature for years bear the impress of his masterly genius and the conservative principles which marked his whole political history; and few survive him who have exerted a more potent influence upon the policy of the State during the stormiest periods of her political history.

But it was not alone in his public capacity that Samuel Hanson was distinguished. In all his private relations, like the illustrious Bayard, he was, without fear and without reproach.  A kind and indulgent husband and father, a faithful counselor and a steadfast friend, he will be remembered as the man who fulfilled his every duty to those connected with him by the most endearing ties.  But eulogy in regard to such a man soon exhausts itself, and we close this brief and imperfect tribute to an old and valued friend, by directing attention to an obituary in another part of our paper by a distinguished contemporary of the illustrious dead."

2William B. Allen, Louisville, Kentucky, Kentucky, History of, Bradley and Gilbert,1872, pg 251. "Samuel Hanson, of Clark County, Kentucky, was born in May, 1786, and died in February, 1858, at the age of nearly seventy-two years. His birth place was in the State of Maryland, and he studied law in the District of Columbia. He was one of the most learned and accurate of his profession. He understood and practiced the system of pleading with great success. He was frequently a member in both branches of the Kentucky Legislature. Rodger Hanson was his son, who took an active part in the war of the Rebellion as a general on the Confederate side. he was a talented and brave man, ambitious of fame, and died valiantly fighting for the cause he had espoused with great ardor."

31850 U.S. Census, M432_196 pg 42, 14 Sep 1850. "Samuel Hanson 64 M Lawyer Virginia
Minerva Hanson 43 F Kentucky
Sarah Hanson 26 F Kentucky
Samuel Hanson Jr 18 M Kentucky
Thomas Hanson 16 M Kentucky
Lydia Hanson 14 F Kentucky
Mary R. Hanson 14 F Kentucky
Ellen  Hanson 10 F Kentucky
Isaac D Hanson 6 M Kentucky."

Sarah C. Hanson

1Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1964. Image.

Thomas L. Hanson

1Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1964. Image.

Isaac S. Hanson

11860 U.S. Census, M653_362 pg 0, 21 Jul 1860. "Caroline Wheeler 50  Farmer Kentucky
Martha Wheeler 16  Kentucky
Chas S Hanson 30  Lawyer Kentucky
Caura Hanson 21   Kentucky
Mollie Robinson 23   Kentucky
Margaret Goffney 28  Nurse Ireland
Isaac Hanson 16  Student Kentucky." Charles Sims Hanson was Isaac's brother. Since his parents were both deceased, Isaac was in the household of his brother's mother-in-law.

Ernest Senceny Bean

1Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1964, Vol 36 cert: 17878. "Name: Ernest S Bean
Death Date: 13 Aug 1924
Death Location: Fayette  
Residence Location: Fayette  
Age: 54  
Gender: Male  
Ethnicity: White  
Birth Date: 2 Sep 1869
Birth Location: Clark, Kentucky  
Father's name: Asa Bean
Father's Birth Location: Kentucky
Mother's name: Annie Buckner
Mother's Birth Location: Kentucky." Image.

21910 U.S. Census, T624_468 pg 21A, 2 May 1910. "Bean, Ernest S Head MW 39 M1 17 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky Farmer
----, Kate W. Wife FW 41 M1 17 1 1 Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
----, Lee W. Son MW 16 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
Liste, Ernest Nephew MW 21 S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky."

Bertrand Henri Hamel Jr

1U.S. Social Security Death Index. "Name: Bertrand H Hamel  
Born: 20 Dec 1935
Died: 3 Jan 2012
State (Year) SSN issued: Pennsylvania (1953-1955)
Source Citation: ;
Issue State: Pennsylvania;
Issue Date: 1953-1955."