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Colonel Richard Borden

1Mary H. Blewett, Constant Turmoil: The Politics of Industrial Life in 19th Century New England, pg 32-35, http://books.google.com/books?id=-A7orSQONDIC&dq=Constant+Turmoil:+The+Politics+of+Industri. "   The Borden-Durfee families and their supporters in Fall River not only promoted the Holder Borden legend, but also created others. After Holder's death in 1837, Major Durfee assumed control of his estate as family trustee, while Richard and Jefferson Borden divided the manufacturing responsibilities. Richard took on the problem of transporting and marketing the cloth that Jefferson was having produced in the American Print Works. Richard Borden was born in Freetown in 1795 and lived on the family farm while attending the town school. As a young man, he ran a grist mill. He and his brother Jefferson would often take a sloop to the large fertile islands in Narragansett Bay, picking up grain for their mill and returning it as flour or provisions. They willingly marketed any surplus flour in the coastal Rhode Island towns of Warren, Bristol, and Providence, returning home with groceries and raw cotton. His farm and maritime work gave Richard great physical strength, handy for his sawmill and ship-building yard. When the Iron Works was organized in 1821, he was named treasurer and then agent in 1843 when Major Durfee died. Colonel Borden supported all of Holder's ventures: the Iron Works, the Watuppa Reservoir, the banks, the Annawan, the shares in the Troy and Fall River mills, and the creation of the American Print Works. He used this accumulated power for over fifty years.
  The incorporation meetings for the Iron Works in 1821 convened at Major Durfee's tavern. Abraham Wilkinson, acting for the company, purchased from Thomas M. Borden, the father of Richard, Jefferson, and Phoebe and the grandfather of Holder, his remaining farmland and water privileges, located below the Great Falls and leading down to the bay. The thirty-two stock certificates representing twenty-four thousand dollars in capital assets were divided into eight lots of four shares each distributed to Abraham and Isaac Wilkinson, William Valentine, Joseph Butler, Holder Borden, Colonel Richard Borden, Major Bradford Durfee, and David Anthony. In contrast, the Boston Associates' venture at Waltham in 1813 had capital assets of four hundred thousand dollars, while the Merrimack Manufacturing Company also organized in 1821 had six hundred thousand dollars in assets, twenty-five times larger.  The Iron Works bought metal molds from the Wilkinson Machine shop in Pawtucket for an ironrolling operation that would make barrel hoops for New Bedford whale oil casks, nails and spikes to be marketed out of Providence and New York, and machine castings for local use. In 1825 the Iron Works shareholders decided to build and lease a cotton mill, the Annawan, with Major Durfee as agent.
  Richard Borden's greatest achievement was the development of a transportation system of steamboats and railroads between Boston and New York, via Fall River. The Iron Works began to run a regular steam boat to Providence in 1827. The first steamer, the Hancock, was succeeded by three others, the last the "Richard Borden". When he noticed the success of small steamboat lines launched from Stonington and Norwich, Connecticut, to New York, Colonel Borden organized the Bay State Steamboat Company in 1849 which owned a series of steamers, including the "Empire State". By 1854 the largest of all, the "Metropolis", carried passengers along the Connecticut coast to New York City and back via Fall River, either to catch the train to Boston or go on to the developing summer colony at Newport. This was the origin of the Fall River Line, later acquired for a time by New Yorker speculators Jim Fisk and Jay Gould, which after the Civil War drove out all other serious competition on Long Island Sound.
  Establishing an overland connection to Boston from Fall River to avoid the perilous Cape Cod route proved Colonel Borden's greatest challenge. Busy Massachusetts railroad developers failed to share his conviction that the only logical southern terminus was Fall River. He was determined to use all of the Borden-Durfee power and money to get it. The Iron Works group vied with the New Bedford investors in Fall River to establish their own railways, but neither had enough money to go it alone. In 1844 Borden worked out a plan to design and build the Fall River Branch Railroad Company that would connect - in a meandering way, so as not to offend the shipping interests at Assonet, Massachusetts, on the Taunton River used by Fall River businesses - both New Bedford and Fall River with the Old Colony Railroad line to Boston. The Iron Works and the Fall River Print Works cooperated to support this plan, and the road, designed initially for passenger service, opened in late 1846.  To create a feeder for the Fall River railroad, Borden began to build a line to Cape Cod from Middleboro, just east of Taunton. The Old Colony Railroad grew alarmed at this provocative competition and agreed to buy out the Fall River road in 1854. In 1860, when the Old Colony tried to make Newport the terminus of a steamship line to New York City, Colonel Borden projected another railroad to compete with the Old Colony's route to Boston. This financial duel ended with the Old Colony buying out the Bay State company in 1864 and agreeing after several years to return the steamboat terminus to Fall River. Borden's plans were backed by his access to the city's banks, the financial assets of the Iron Works, and its Providence connections.
  Richard Borden's railroad schemes also convinced him to purchase a cheaper source of coal for the Iron Works. Until the acquisition of mines at Frostburg, Maryland, in 1849 by the Iron Works, expensive bituminous coal was shipped from Pictou, Nova Scotia. He also promoted the building of a private gasworks for the town, which became a city in 1854. In this, Fall River was behind Lowell but ahead of Providence and New Bedford.
 Bored with his term in the Massachusetts state Senate in 1854 as a waste of precious time, Borden preferred to immerse himself in other ventures: the Providence Tool Company, the Bay State Steamboat firm, the Cape Cod Railroad, and the Old Colony Railroad.
  The wealthy Bordens - and the Durfees to whom they were connected by many marriages - shaped an elite society. Phoebe Borden's daughter Delana (Holder's older sister) had married Dr. Nathan Durfee, a cousin of Major Durfee, Phoebe's second husband. Dr. Durfee dropped his medical practice to live on his investments, funded by the Holder Borden estate, and on his nearly one thousand acres of real estate, while dabbling in whaling and flour milling. As the only college - educated man in town for years, he was known as an arrogant bore who never moved beyond his experiences at Brown and Harvard.  Nevertheless, as a Borden ally he was a community leader and served several times during the early 1840s as a Whig in the state legislature. Durfee's daughter Mary Maria later married S. Angier Chace.
  Colonel Richard Borden became the model of a staunch Whig and a supporter of temperance. He demonstrated his moral character as a nineteenth-century Christian man of property by personally conducting the Sabbath school in the Central Congregational Church's mission to the poor. Borden also contributed to the local Children's Home and acted as a corporate member of the American Board of Commissioners of Foreign Missions. By 1860 model Christian gentleman Richard Borden possessed one of the largest estates in Fall River, estimated at three hundred and seventy-five thousand dollars, and a commanding position in the city's social circles. To supply a feminine counterpart to his Christian manhood, Abby W. Durfee Borden, the Colonel's wife, served as the head of the ladies' sewing circle at the Central Congregational Church. It was she who at a ladies' prayer meeting for foreign missions in 1849 had instituted the local Sunday school for the "heathen about us [needing] to be saved. During the Civil War, Abby Durfee Borden headed the city's relief activities to support local soldiers. After the war Colonel Borden donated land and a monument for the burial of Fall River's fallen men. In gratitude, the local Grand Army of the Republic post was named after him. He lived to see the large Richard Borden Mill erected in 1873. When he died in 1874, his obituary described him effusively as "fragrant with all the best qualities of our New England life." Combined with the pious, patriotic, and home-loving activities of a devoted father and husband, his manly legacy included his outright defiance of the Old Colony Railroad and its backers and the successful domination of transportation on Long Island Sound. Power and piety reinforced his image of enterprising manhood. Richard and Abby Borden's sons would play important roles in sustaining Fall River's growing preeminence. The most active were Thomas, J. Borden, Richard Borden, and Matthew Chalonder Durfee or, as he insisted (probably to distinguish himself from a sickly, effete cousin), M. C. D. Borden. Jefferson Borden and his wife produced no such worthy male heirs; Jefferson Jr. and Spencer served the family interests without distinction. One of their daughters married Walter D. Paine III, an able young man more than willing to take orders and serve family interests. Another daughter, Eliza, married her cousin George B. Durfee. He was the son of Fidelia Borden Durfee, youngest sister of Holder Borden, who had married Matthew Durfee, a cousin of Major Durfee. When Jefferson Borden married off a daughter, he gave each new son-in-law a cool hundred thousand dollars in gold.  The idea of course was that the money stayed in the family."

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Abby Walker Durfee

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Caroline Borden

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David B. Borden

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Ruth Ann Hambly

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Delania Amelia Borden

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Louella J. Borden

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Andrew H. Borden

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Elmer E. Borden

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Charles Hambley

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Sarah Louise Borden

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David B. Borden

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Isaac S. Borden

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Betsey W. Tripp

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Carrie D. Borden

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Carrie D. Borden

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Thomas Edison Borden

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Frank Eddy Borden

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Clara May Chace

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Charles Holder Borden

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Howard Emerson Borden

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Grace Mildred Borden

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Emerson Alfred Borden

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Clara Louise Borden

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Walter Hendrick Borden

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Kenneth William Borden

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Albert Raymond Borden

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Jean Elaine Medeiros

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Thomas James Borden

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Mary Elizabeth Hill

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Anna Howland Borden

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Richard Borden

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Caroline Lindley Borden

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