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Dr. Jonathan Malke Hammer

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=26507058. "/o Jonathan & Sarah Bogart Hammer

History of early Sevier County Doctors , Beulah Linn, (www.sevierlibrary.org/genealogy/doc/doc.htm).
Dr. Hammer was born in Washington County, Tn. on Sept. 5, 1820. He was the son of Jonathan and Sarah Cupp Bogart Hammer. He studied medicine before coming to Sevier County, where he practiced from 1842 until his death in 1883.

He and his first wife, Eliza C. Thomas, had the following children: Samuel M.; Jonathan M.; Sarah (Mrs. James M. Wade); Isaac Newton; Eliza Kate (Mrs. William C. Kelly); Joseph H. Dr. Hammer and his second wife Hettie C. Havis, had two daughters: Mattie (Mrs. Joseph F. Leake); and Elizabeth (Mrs. Charles W. Duncan).

On Oct. 4,1847, Jonathan Hammer was appointed a member of a committee of trustees to procure a note and superintend the building of a Methodist Meeting House in Sevierville. He was active in the Masonic Lodge. He represented Sevier County in the 35th General Assembly in 1867-1869. In the April 1875 session of the Sevier County Court, Dr. Hammer was appointed; to prepare a History of Sevier County for the Centennial celebration in July of 1876. At the end of the history Dr. Hammer made the following remarks, "Being in the simplist stage of society, wealth, station, office, family or position were not essential to any man's distinction."

Dr. Hammer lived and had his office in a large two-story white house located at the then dead-end of Main Street. The old Catlett Tavern was adjacent to the Hammer home. At one time there was a brass name plate with the inscription "Dr. J.M. Hammer" above the doorto his office on the second floor. The ten room house was known by the long porches on both the first and second floors in the front. Another porch extended all along one side and across the front of the house. Atone time it was used for a boardinghouse which was run by Mrs. Letitia Hatcher.

Dr. Hammer died in Sevierville, March 28, 1883, and is buried in the Shiloh Cemetery.

From SEVIERVILLE ENTERPRISE Pub. by P.B. Love June 1, 1983

"We the undersigned physicians of Sevier County respectfully state that we have visited the mineral springs of James H. Seaton and believe them to contain valuable medical qualities. They are chalybeate springs containing iron held in solution by the water and act as a ton is on the system, increasing the appetite and improving the health of those using the water.
Signed: J.M. Hammer Wm. A. Meek"." Image.

Kettie C. Havis

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=26507159. Image.

John Hodges

11860 U.S. Census, M653_1291 pg 75, 18 Aug 1860. "1218 1274
Leroy P Hodges 31 M Farmer Tennessee
Eveline Hodges 31 F Tennessee
Mary A. Hodges 11 F Georgia
James M Hodges 8 M Texas
Sarah E. Hodges 6 F Texas
Martha H Hodges 1 F Texas

1219 1275
John Hodges 56 M Saddle Tree Maker Tennessee
Mary Hodges 60 F Tennessee

1220 1276
Denas B. Thomas 30 M Saddler Tennessee
Sarah Thomas 29 F Tennessee
John Thomas 5 M Texas."

21880 U.S. Census, FHF 1255296 pg 146B, 28 Jun 1880. "Hodge, John WM 77 M Farmer South Carolina South Carolina South Carolina
-----, Mary WF 87 wife M Keeping house Tennessee Virginia Pennsylvania
Fitspatrick, W H WF 31 Boarder Wd house keeper Tennessee South Carolina South Carolina."

Martha Diana Cargill

11900 U.S. Census, T623_1847, 30 Jul 1900. "Williams, James WM -- 1850 50 M 1 Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Farmer
--------, Martha Wife WF -- 1855 45 M 1 2 2 Tennessee un un
--------, John Son WM -- 1883 7 S Texas Tennessee Tennessee
Thomas Edward Step-son WM -- 1863 17 S Texas un Tennessee Farm Laborer
------, Parlee Step-Daughter WF -- 1884 16 S Texas un Tennessee."