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Selected Families and Individuals

Source Citations

Dr. William David Owen

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21860 U.S. Census, M653_358 pg 668, 10 Sep 1860. "Wm D. Owen 49 M Physician Kentucky
Martha Owen 38 f Kentucky
James T. Owen 20 m School Teacher Kentucky
Delia H Owen 17 f Kentucky
Wm D Owen 14 m Kentucky
Lucy A Owen 13 f Kentucky
Priscilla Owen 10 f Kentucky
Richard Owen 7 m Kentucky
Mary E Owen 4 f Kentucky
Joseph A Owen 4/12 m Kentucky."

Martha Jane Washington Lewis

1Lewis, William Terrell of Perryville, Miss. 1893., Lewis Family in America, Genealogy of the (From the Middle of the Seventeenth Century Down to the Present Time), Higginson Publishing in Salem, Massachusetts, p.335, FHC 483707. Exerpts provided by Michael Lewis Monroe who has edited 1100 pages of William Terrell Lewis' original book. "She was five feet eight inches in height, with fair skin, blue eyes and dark hair.  In 1838 she married Dr. William Daniel Owen, son of Thomas Owen, of Breckinridge county, Kentucky.  Dr. Owen was born in 1811.  She had eight children and died near Rock Lick, in Breckinridge county, Ky.  She was an exemplary member of the United Baptist church.  She lived and died like a Christian and was the idol of her sorrowing husband and brothers.  She was kind, ingenious, conciliating, true and faithful, and elicited the love and esteem of all who knew her."

2FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=58840007. "Wife of W.D."

Martha J Owen

1Kentucky Birth Records, 1852-1910. "Name: Martha J Owen
Birth Date: 8 Jun 1861
Birth County: Breckinridge
Ethnicity: White
Gender: Female
Father's Name: W D Owen
Mother's Name: M J W Lewis
County of Residence: Breckinridge." Image.

2FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=58839975.

Hon. Thomas Jefferson Lewis

1Lewis, William Terrell of Perryville, Miss. 1893., Lewis Family in America, Genealogy of the (From the Middle of the Seventeenth Century Down to the Present Time), Higginson Publishing in Salem, Massachusetts, 335, 336, FHC 483707. Exerpts provided by Michael Lewis Monroe who has edited 1100 pages of William Terrell Lewis' original book. "He is six feet and one-quarter inches in height, weighing one hundred and sixty pounds, with fair skin, blue eyes, dark hair and of a nervo-sanguineus temperament.  He is a farmer, and a member of the Baptist church.  He resides near Planters Hall, in Breckinridge county, Ky.  On June 20, 1844 he married Eliza Webb Owen, daughter of Thomas Grant Owen, of Breckinridge County,  and Lucretia Venable Moorman.  She was also a niece of Dr. William Daniel Owen.

OBITUARY.  Died at his residence at Long Lick, this county, Hon. Thomas J. Lewis, in the sixty-fifth year of his age, of consumption.
    Mr. Lewis was a native of Breckinridge county, and was known by this people from his childhood up.  Very early in life he became a member of the Baptist church, firmly adhering to its doctrines and principles until the close of his earthly probation.  Mr. Lewis was united in marriage to Miss Eliza W. Owen, sister of Jesse W. Owen, of this county, and Hon. W. T. Owen, of Owensboro.  The wife of his youth still survives him.  He was the father of eight children, seven of whom still live.  He was very dignified and gentlemanly in his bearing - loathing everything little or mean.  When you stood in his presence you were impressed with the idea that you stood in the presence of a gentleman of the first water.  He was a prudent and thoughtful man, wise and safe in his counsels.  His fellow-citizens honored him with their suffrage by electing him to represent his native county in the Legislature, where he acquitted himself with credit and honor to his country.  For several years he had been in declining health, and about a year ago he went to Southern California, hoping that the climate might be beneficial; but all in vain.  After remaining there for several months he returned to the bosom of his family to die.
His family have the hearty sympathy of all.

    Bro. T. J. Lewis was born in Breckinridge county, Kentucky, April 21, 1824, and died of pulmonary consumption July 16, 1889.  He was baptized, upon a profession of faith in Christ, by Elder S. Buchannan, for the Goshen Baptist church, in early manhood.  He was married, when less than twenty-one years of age, to Miss Eliza W. Owen.  Bro. Lewis' religious life was not one long ovation, but rather one long and hard-fought battle.  I was his pastor for years, and knew more of his inner life than anyone else except his wife.  To me he confided his sharp struggles with sin as to no other but her.  He was never satisfied with his own attainments in the divine life.  To use his own words as he was nearing the cold waters of death and reviewing his life, he "finally became disgusted with himself, and thought he had no religion."  In the fall of 1888 it was though a trip to California might improve his health.  During his stay there he spent much of his time in the study of the Bible and in prayer, and he afterward said that he enjoyed more religion while thus engaged than he had done in his life before.
    Thus the "little hope" he had tried to throw away was fanned into a flame, and he could look away from himself with all his imperfections to Christ and his perfect righteousness and feel secure in Him.  It was touching to hear him in the last months of his sufferings talk of his children -God.  Thus, the song of his heart was a constant depreciation of himself and an exaltation of others, until it took the sweet refrain: "None of self and all of Christ."  The great anxiety of his soul for his family, and especially his boys, was, that they might live nearer to Jesus than he had done, and fill their covenant-engagements as church members as they ought.  A devoted wife and loving children mourn his death; but they "mourn not as those who have no hope," for they look with confidence to see him come with Jesus in the last day.  May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ sustain them in this hour of their grief, is the humble prayer of

21880 U.S. Census, FHF 1254_405 pg 166A, 8 Jun 1880. "Lewis, Thos J. WM 56 M Farmer Kentucky Virginia Virginia
-----, Eliza W WF 54 Wife M Keeping house Kentucky North Carolina Virginia
-----, Elizabeth WF 21 Daughter S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
-----, Mattie WF 15 Daughter S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
-----, James WM 13 Son S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
-----, Edgar WM 10 Son S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
-----, Lula WF 2 Grand Daugther S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky."

Eliza Webb Owen

1Kentucky Death Records, 1852-1964. "Name: Eliza Webb Lewis
[Eliza Webb Owen]  
Death Date: 31 Aug 1911
Death Location: Daviess
Age: 84
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: White
Birth Date: 22 Oct 1826
Birth Location: Breckinridge, Kentucky
Father's Name: Thos G Owen
Father's Birth Location: North Carolina
Mother's Name: Lucretia V Moorman
Mother's Birth Location: Virginia."

Jesse Venable Moorman

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/75673934/jesse-venable-moorman. "Son of William Moorman Sr. and Judith Venable; spouse of Rebecca Jackson.

This Cemetery is on a farm currently owned (2011) by Randall Phillips. It is also known locally as the "Hill Jess" Moorman Cemetery." Image.

Rebecca Jackson

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/75674366/rebecca-moorman. "Rebecca Jackson, dau of Christopher Jackson and Catherine Rhodes; spouse of Jesse Venable Moorman." Image.

Thomas Owen Jr

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=58840202. "Husband of Elizabeth."

Elizabeth Booker Webb

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=58839814. "wife of Thomas."

Thomas Grant Owen

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=58840225. "Husband of Lucretia
Born in NC."

2Kentucky Marriages 1802 -1850. "Spouse 1: Moorman, Lucretia V.
Spouse 2: Owen, Thomas Jr.
Marriage Date: 22 Jul 1824
Marriage Location: Kentucky
Breckinridge County."

31850 U.S. Census, M432_193 pg 46A, 20 Jul 1850. "Thomas G. Owen 50 M Farmer North Carolina
Lucretia Owen 46 F Virginia
William F. Owen 19 M Farmer Kentucky
Jesse S. Owen 16 M Farmer Kentucky."

41860 U.S. Census, M653_358 pg 667, 10 Sep 1860. "Thomas G. Owen 60 M Farmer North Carolina
Lucretia Owen 56 F Virginia
Jesse L. Owen 26 M Farmer Kentucky."

51880 U.S. Census, FHF 1254_405 pg 164B, 5 Jun 1880. "Owen, Thomas G. WM 79 M Farmer North Carolina North Carolina Virginia
----, Lucretia WF 76 Wife M Keeping house Virginia Virginia Virginia
----, Jessie D WM 46 Son M Farmer Kentucky North Carolina Virginia
----, Louisa I WF 42 Daughter-in-law M Idiotic At Home Kentucky Virginia Virginia
----, Nettie C WF 17 Granddaughter S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
----, Richard W WM 15 Grandson S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
----, Lucretia M WF 12 GrandDaughter S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
----, Junius M WM 7 GrandSon S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky
----, Jane V WF 6/12 Dec GrandDaughter S Kentucky Kentucky Kentucky."

Lucretia Venable Moorman

1Kentucky Marriages 1802 -1850. "Spouse 1: Moorman, Lucretia V.
Spouse 2: Owen, Thomas Jr.
Marriage Date: 22 Jul 1824
Marriage Location: Kentucky
Breckinridge County."

Robert Taliaferro III

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/90652859/robert-taliaferro. "Before 7-Aug-1711 Robert married Margaret French, who died in 1724.

Robert and Margaret were the parents of two daughters:
Ann and

About 1724 Robert married Anne Pittman.

In 1711-12 Robert Taliaferro, called himself "only son and heir apparent of Robert Taliaferro, deceased," made a bond to Augustine Smith. In Jan., 1724, Robert Taliaferro, the elder, gave his two daughters, Ann and Elizabeth, a negro apiece. These are the only two children proved. (Madison) Samuel Taliaferro of Albemarle County is assumed to be his son. 11 Aug., 1717. St. Mary's Parish, Essex Co. made deed asserting himself as the only son of Robert Taliaferro." Image.