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Selected Families and Individuals

Lovett Saunders [Parents] was born on 22 Apr 1805. He died on 8 Aug 1870. Lovett married Martha Barksdale on 19 Dec 1826.

Martha Barksdale died. Martha married Lovett Saunders on 19 Dec 1826.

James Henry Saunders [Parents] was born in Sep 1806 in , , Georgia. He died in 1836 in Fort Alamo, , Texas. James married Rebecca Franklin on 17 May 1827 in , Hancock, Georgia.

Rebecca Franklin died in 1832. Rebecca married James Henry Saunders on 17 May 1827 in , Hancock, Georgia.

Joshua B. Culver was born in 1805. Joshua married Sarah Saunders on 11 Oct 1829.

Sarah Saunders [Parents] was born in 1808. Sarah married Joshua B. Culver on 11 Oct 1829.


Obadiah Alford died. Obadiah married Martha Saunders on 10 Oct 1827.

Martha Saunders [Parents] was born in 1810. She died. Martha married Obadiah Alford on 10 Oct 1827.

John J. Hoyle died. John married Harriet Saunders on 4 Jan 1829.

Harriet Saunders [Parents] died. Harriet married John J. Hoyle on 4 Jan 1829.

James S. Saunders [Parents] died. James married Emaline S. Saunders in Jun 1837.

Emaline S. Saunders [Parents] was born in 1816 in Buffalo Creek, Hancock, Georgia. She died in 1862. Emaline married James S. Saunders in Jun 1837.

Peter Saunders died.

He had the following children.

  M i James S. Saunders died.

Robert Horton was born in 1789 in , , Georgia. He died on 30 Oct 1866 in , Union, Louisiana, United States. He was buried in Mars Hill Cem, Union Parish, Louisiana, USA. Robert married Sarah Elizabeth Saunders on 15 Jul 1813 in , Hancock, Georgia.

Sarah Elizabeth Saunders [Parents] was born in 1793 in , , North Carolina. She died in 1878 in , Union Parish, Lousiana. She was buried 1 in Mars Hill Cemetery, Wilhite, Union Parish, Lousiana. Sarah married Robert Horton on 15 Jul 1813 in , Hancock, Georgia.

They had the following children.

  M i
William Horton was born in , , Georgia. He died.
  F ii Eliza J. Horton was born in 1814/1820. She died before 1860.
  F iii Martha A. Horton was born about 1816. She died on 14 Jul 1861.
  F iv Sarah Jane Horton was born about 1821. She died about 1851.
  M v Solomon S. Horton was born about 1822.
  F vi Mary Elizabeth Horton was born on 13 May 1823. She died on 27 Jan 1906.
  F vii Susan Alice Horton was born in 1826. She died in 1864.
  F viii Elizabeth Harriett Horton was born in Oct 1827. She died on 17 Feb 1905.
  M ix James Madison Horton was born about 1828. He died.
  M x George Wesley Horton was born about 1832. He died in 1930.
  M xi Alfred Marion Horton was born about 1832. He died in Mar 1893.
  F xii Frances Horton was born about 1836. She died.
  M xiii Robert Franklin "Bob" Horton was born on 11 Apr 1836. He died on 20 May 1920.

Felix Franklin Hight was born on 16 Mar 1818 in , Talbot, Georgia. He died on 25 Sep 1887 in Cottonwood, Callahan, Texas. Felix married Sarah Jane Horton.

Felix was counted in a census 1 1850 in Division 23, Barbour, Alabama.

Sarah Jane Horton [Parents] was born about 1821 in , , Georgia. She died about 1851. Sarah married Felix Franklin Hight.

Nathan Hite [Parents] was born on 8 Jun 1809 in , Muscogee, Georgia. He died on 23 Feb 1905 in , Jackson, Louisiana. He was buried in Henson Cemetery, , Jackson, Louisiana. Nathan married Eliza J. Horton on 20 Jun 1839.

Other marriages:
Horton, Elizabeth Harriett


Eliza J. Horton [Parents] was born in 1814/1820. She died before 1860. Eliza married Nathan Hite on 20 Jun 1839.

They had the following children.

  F i
Mary Gaskin Hite was born in 1840 in , , Alabama. She died.
  M ii
William H. Hite was born in 1848 in , , Alabama. He died on 16 Jan 1907 in , Union, Louisiana.
  F iii
Rosa Lee Hite was born on 24 Aug 1850 in , , Louisiana. She died on 16 Feb 1937 in , Union, Louisiana.
  F iv
Harriet Emma Hite was born on 11 Oct 1855 in , , Louisiana. She died on 25 Aug 1919.
  F v
Sarah Virginia Hite was born on 5 Jun 1856 in , , Louisiana. She died on 29 Nov 1946 in , Jackson, Louisiana. She was buried in Henson Cemetery, , Jackson, Louisiana.

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