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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.


Selected Families and Individuals


John Mets Mason

BIOGRAPHY: Family history by Catharine Mason in poss. of T. Mason. Born in Arizona Territory one year before statehood.

SCHOOLING: Attended University of Arizona, Tucson 3 1/2 years.

DEATH: T. Mason was called by his mother who said that his dad had passed away on Sunday at 4:10 P.M. mountain standard time. Dad had lapsed into a coma on the previous Friday afternoon.

OBITUARY: Tucson Star; 1911-1998; 13 Jan 1998; ; Copy in poss of T. Mason; NOTES: Authored by wife, Ruth A. Mason:
MASON, John (Jack), born April 26, 1911 in Tucson, Arizona territory, died 11 Jan 1998 after several years of suffering from Alzheimers Disease. He is survived by his wife of 61 years, Ruth A. of Tucson; one son, Terry (Carol) of Bountiful, UT; and two grandchildren, Vicky of Bountiful, UT and Tim (Kathy) of Logan, UT. Jack was the youngest and last survivor of 11 brothers and sisters. His father and mother, Richard Lee Mason and Catharine F. Borden Mason were pioneers of southern Arizona where his father worked as dispatcher and agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad Co. After graduating from Florence High School, Jack worked for the Piggly Wiggly store in Los Angeles for a couple of years before attending the University of Arizona, majoring in Spanish and Accounting. He and Ruth, a teacher at Hayden, AZ, were married in 1936. Jack was office manager of Mammoth St. Anthony, Ltd. at Tiger, AZ from 1936 to 1940 when he went to work for Kennecott Corp. in Hayden. His voluntary military service with the Navy in 1944 was short-lived due to a back injury. He was honorably discharged from San Diego Naval Base. From 1945 to 1947 he was employed as traveling auditor in Mexico for the American Smelting & Refining Co. and chief clerk of Carbonifera de Sabinas Rosita, Coah., Mexico for the following six years. In 1953 the family moved back to the states to send Terry to high school. Jack then worked for Phelps Dodge Corp. in Douglas until he retired in 1976. Jack was an avid sports fan, especially of golf, college football and basketball, and a great booster for the Arizona Wildcats. He was always proud of his native Arizona status. Crematory arrangements have been made with Evergreen Mortuary & Cemetery. No services will be held.

Ruth Allen Thomas

BIRTH: Delayed Oklahoma birth certificate in J.M.Mason file #1998-171.

EDUCATION: After graduating from High School, attended 3 yrs - Edmond (Okla) Central St. Teacher's College. Then attended 1/2 year Arizona State University (Tempe) to become certified Elementary Teacher.

Born in See Chapel Farming Community, Grady Co., Oklahoma-southeast of Brady
Lindsay, OK-2 years High School-Garvin Co.
Chickasha, OK, Grady Co.-1 yr. High School
Edmond, OK-3 years-off and on-college
Tempe, AZ-1 semester of College
Hayden, AZ-before and after marriage
Tiger, AZ-about 4 yrs. after Jack & Ruth were married
Los Angeles, CA-about 8 months
Hayden, AZ-until Jack got job as traveling auditor in Mexico
Santa Eulalia Obispo, Chihuahua, Mexico-6 months
Mammoth, AZ-one school term
Rosita, Coah., Mexico-six years
Chandler, AZ-Oct. thru May
Prescott, AZ-6 weeks or so
Tucson, AZ-6 weeks or so
Douglas, AZ-three different homes there in 24 years
Green Valley, AZ-four years
Tucson, AZ-three or four years
Lake Havasu City, AZ-about 4 years
Kingman, AZ-about 4 years
Tucson, AZ-Retired assisted Living & Care Home until Jack died-1998
Salt Lake City, UT-1998-2000

COMMENT: By T. Mason; In August of 1997, husband (John Mets) seemed to be so confused from Alzheimer's disease that he was admitted to a closed unit in Valley Manor nursing home in Tucson. While he was there for two months, Mom could not be consoled, so at the end of October, Terry, Carol & Vicky went to Tucson and helped her move to Bluefield Care Home in Tucson where both she and Dad could be in the same room. Dad was much more comfortable, had better medical care and "Mama" was right by his side until he died. She had been such a devoted wife during their marriage and was so sacrificing, tender and strong during the last eight years that Dad suffered from dementia.

TRIBUTE: The Daily Dispatch, 23 Jun 1975; "The Sand Trap" by Billie Jay; Douglas Golf Club;
  EXTRACT: Ruth Mason has long been a dedicated member of the women golfers. She has held all offices, served as chairwoman of every committee and Ruth has always accepted any job given to her and done it so beautifully that it is extremely difficult to follow in her footsteps.
Ruth carries a low golf handicap and is always a competitive golfer striving not only to improve hew own game but encouraging each of us to do the same. I think Ruth would rather win a "speck" than win the hole, and she can be seen with her tape measure making sure of a short or long distance on the green.
  Ruth is an artist in anything she does - decorating, sewing, painting, planning table decorations or designing favors. She is an avid bridge player and will play on a moments notice. She enjoys bird watching and probably knows the names and habits of more birds than any other bird watcher in Douglas.

DEATH: A poem:
Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
She's gone! her spirit's gone,
Upward on angel pinion borne;
She's gone, to mingle with the blest
In Heaven, her everlasting rest.
Weep not for her, ye family dear,
Though she has gone and left you here;
Though it gives you pain,
Your loss in her eternal gain.
Thou, bowed with care;
Remember thou canst meet her there.
Though long her life, her work was done,
And Death has claimed her as his own;
But death was to this noble mom,
The portals of eternal joy.

Richard Lee Mason

BIRTH-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Family bible in poss. of T. Mason.

Richard's father, Lewis Lunseford Mason died when his youngest son was eleven years old. Very early therefore, Richard Lee had to become self-supporting; to that end he became a telegraph operator, later a train dispatcher.

BIOGRAPHY: Family history by Catharine Mason in poss. of T. Mason says Richard was only one of his brothers & sisters to have children; and he did a good job of it too! States he married at age 23 on a salary of $50 a month. They were married at residence of the bride's mother in Somerset, by Rev. C.F. Chey. After the ceremony Mr. Mason left with his bride for his home in Ludlow.

Autobiography of R.L. Mason on Nov. 13, 1904.
  "I was employed as Telegraph operator by Cincinnati Southern Railway. In January 1890, moved to Somerset Kentucky, where I was employed in Superintendent's office in same capacity. In 1893 moved back to Ludlow & took former position but only remained 4 months & in July 1893 went west & found position with Southern Pacific & Co at Tucson, Arizona where wife & 2 children joined him in December same year. In February 1894 was transferred to Lordsburg, New Mexico as night operator which position I left in October same year to accept agency of a new line at Pima, Arizona on G.V.G. & N.Ry. where 3rd child was born. This was a Mormon settlement but the people were honest, clever, and with some few exceptions very ignorant. We so cherished their memories of the kindness and friendliness of its inhabitants toward ourselves, young and strange to the west, that many years later when we returned to Arizona, we took a trip to this same little town and saw several old friends. In October 1895 I left this position and returned East going through El Paso - T & P Ry to Ft. Worth & Dallas, where I had a very pleasant stay of 4 days with cousin Allie G. Hunt & family, from thence I went to Wagoner, Indian Territory (4th child born) where I had secured a position from the Mo. Pac. road as bill & stock clerk & was then promoted to night operator remaining there until April 1897 when the agency at Inola was offered & accepted. Remained only 3 months and was given old place at Wagoner but only held it until Sept same year when I was discharged for sleeping on duty.
  Then went to St. Louis on stock train and secured position on St. Louis and San Francisco R.R. at Van Buren & remained there 9 nights when was transferred to Fayettesville, Arkansas & was joined by family & Emma Borden (wife's eldest sister) in November and where 5th child was born. On 11 Dec 1897 was promoted to better position at Monett Mo & in Feby 1898 was joined by family & Emma. Remained at Monett until July 15, 1900 during which time was promoted to dispatcher and 6th child was born. Was transferred to Sapulpa, Indiana Territory where the Red River division was in course of construction by McCabe & Steam, sub-contractors and the 7th child was born. Was employed until road was completed to Dennison, Texas & was given 1st trick working line Okla City to Pierce City & Sapulpa to Denison until Nov 8 where had main line meeting point with 2 extras at Roff. Taken out of service but allowed to enter service of subordinate Co. St.Louis & S.F.& L building from Sherman to Carroll town. Remained there until April 22, 1902 where was reinstated by JA Orinie, Supt, with all rights restored. The business becoming so heavy & a second set of men were put on & I was given 1st trick on Red River division in 1903.
  In March the dispatchers were moved to Sherman, Texas in order to facilitate the handling of stock which proved to be a farce as the stock was virtually all gone out of Texas and the Indian Territory pastures were closed by orders of government. It was at Sherman that 8th child was born, the Gray is for Carl Gray who promoted me to dispatcher & who was a good friend. In May 1904 was removed to Sapulpa in which place remained until 1905. After being discharged by & through the underhand work and personal connivance of one Clode Carter & Alex Lopp augmented by an ignoramus of a Supt (RV Miller) the said Carter's wife had been given previously advice & for her own good had taken it - but when the two families came together socially there were hard feelings, said Carter being acting chief dispatcher gave latter the worst of it on all occasions. Carried his point to extent of getting said Mason's job. In 1905 March again went west securing a postion at Las Vegas on the Santa Fe Railway where I remained until July 4 being joined by family in May. The short 4 months at Las Vegas were spent very pleasantly by wife & children especially, the climate & scenery being wonderful. Again I went westward getting employment at Tucson, Arizona.
  After 13 years absence as train dispatcher we are now in Dec 1906. The eldest child in this month begins his apprenticeship as machinist for Southern Pacific Co at 10 cents per hour 10 hours a day. The other 6 children are in school, doing well but Mother very much hurt & discontented by reason of said son, Ben, having to quit school and going to work. Ben had his finger caught in cog wheel of lathe & had to be amputated at the knuckle. Also had severe fall in elevator, the air having leaked off. Another child arrived May 10, 1906.
  Here on Apr 17 1909 we make note of the fact that we again have another addition to the family in the person of Mary Price, this one is certain to be the last one. In the meantime we have bought through the B & L, a house & lot in South Park addition 23rd St & 2nd Ave.
   April 26 1911, 9:45 pm it becomes again necessary to chronicle the advent of a son, born at the above time and date, named John Mets Mason named for a very dear friend of ours living here. This is certainly the last!
  Here we lived until the early 1920s, when, from train dispatcher, I became agent for the Southern Pacific Railroad, first in Vail, then again in Tucson, the Fairbanks, Amado, Gila Bend, Agua Caliente, Florence and Hayden; after which about 1936, I retired and we went to Los Angeles, California where several of the children lived."
   Here they spent the last few years of their lives. In June 1940, following the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary in December, Richard died at his home, 849 Detroit Street, Hollywood, of a stroke.

Catharine Fauntleroy Borden

BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH-MARRIAGE: Borden family bible; ; Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany & Burnham. Hartford 1841; p 2; Original in possession of Nell G. Borden, Louisville, Kentucky in 1964; Certified copy in possession of T. Mason; EXTRACTION: Born on the 23rd of September A.D. 1868 Catherine Font Le Roy Daughter of Benjamin & Sarah Borden, Born in Danville at fathers; p 3; Died Catharine F. Mason daughter B.J. & Sarah Borden 7th Nov. 1940.; p 4; Married on Dec. 25th 1889 Richard L. Mason to Catharine F. 4th daughter of Benjamin and Sarah Borden.

MARRIAGE: Newspaper clipping; ; ;NOTES: Richard & "Miss Kittie, dau of late Prof B.J.Borden, were married at residence of bride's mother in this city, Wed. Dec.25 by Rev CF Chey.; In poss of T. Mason.

DEATH: California Death cert. dist.1901 # 14578.

LIFE SKETCH: This family's history was written by Catharine Mason and is in R.L. Mason file in possession of T. Mason. Catharine Fauntleroy also nicknamed "Kittie" and called "Mamie". The following was written by John Mets Mason, youngest son. Mammy was born and raised in Kentucky on a plantation. She had a black Mammy nanny. She was very proud of her Borden background. She was quite a dreamer and loved to read and attend plays and movies when time and place would allow. Although a small woman who could walk under my outstretched arm, she must have been of strong stock to move and live in the remote places Dad's job took them and to bear as many children as she did. She was of the Episcopalian Religion - started a church somewhere in Missouri at one of the places they lived. It was a rugged pioneer life for them as they moved west - Ben the oldest was born in Kentucky before they started on their westward move. In Pima (Graham Co) Arizona, dad told of indians attacking the surveying crew for the railroad when they were working there. It must have been a pretty rough time for them, but that is the way the west was developed by the railroad - and guess my folks did their share. I remember one time I was sent to get some beans from a big jar Mammy kept them in. Beans were our main food and I helped pick the rocks out of them before Mammy cooked them. Anyway, this time, I looked in the jar and a rattlesnake was in it. It caused a lot of excitement before Mammy killed it.

BEQUEATHED: 28 Jan 1939. To the Children. There seems little to give any of you, and perhaps we have, your Daddy & I, given already to you those better things, such as - your minds, your good bodies, your good looks and the virtues and the faults (these I regret). I leave you my greatest love - and ask God's blessing upon each one. May you go on to better and better things always. I leave to those of my daughter and sons by marriage the greatest of love & blessings, for they seem to me as my own - and may all of you be happy, and still happier as the years go on.
Signed: Your Mammy. (Catharine Fauntleroy Borden Mason).
To my grandchildren. All my love and hopes for them, and may they be blessed and live good lives and then successful one.

RELATIVES: Letter from "Kitty" Mason to Conoway Scott; 23 June 1937; original in possn of Frank Thibault, Benton, AR; copy in possn of T.Mason (filed - R.L. Mason).

ANNIVERSARY: Daily News, Monday, 25 Dec 1939; EXTRACT: 3 couples observe golden weddings ... The third couple, Mr. and Mrs. Mason of 849 North Detroit street, came here from Arizona two years ago. He is 73, Mrs. Mason 71. They, too, adhere to the marriage formula as voiced by the Mathenys and Harrises, in effect: "Share and share alike ..."

Richard Lee Mason Jr.

Family history & bible in poss. of T. Mason

Richard was in the US Navy and died by being gassed in World War I. He is buried in Tucson's Veterans' Cemetery.

Robert Allen Thomas

DEATH-MARRIAGE-BIOGRAPHY: Thomas family bible records (R.A. Thomas file); ; ; In possession of T.Mason

MARRIAGE: Marriage license & certificate (R.A.Thomas file); 1896; Filed 16Jun1896 by Jas N. Phillips, Clerk of U.S. court in the Indian Territory, Judicial Division Book _A_ Page 26; Certified true copy, State of Oklahoma, Carter County, 26June1963 in possession of T.Mason; EXTRACTION: Solemnize the Rite and Publish the Bans of Matrimony between Mr. Robt. A. Thomas of Davis, in the Indian Territory, aged 25 years and Miss Ida Wade of Davis in the Indian Territory, aged 21 years on 21 day of May 1896. M.L. Bullard solemnized the marriage on 31 May 1896.

TOMBSTONE: THOMAS - IDA PAULINE - 1874 - 1964 - ROBERT A - 1870 - 1953 - At Rest In Jesus

RELATIONSHIPS: Newspaper notice in (R.A.Thomas file) in possession of T.Mason; ; EXTRACTION: Mr. & Mrs. R.A. Thomas celebrated their 49th wedding anniversary Sunday, June 3, with a family reunion at their home. They were married May 31, 1896, at Prairie Grove church, Indian Territory. A delicious chicken dinner was enjoyed by their children and eight grandchildren. Later they took kodak and moving pictures of various family groups. Those present: Mrs. Herbert Orr, Mrs. Jack Mason & son, Terrence Lee of Hayden, Ariz.; Mr. & Mrs. Henry Thomas & children, Billy & Judith Kay, of Delano, Calif.; Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Flow & children, Patricia, Mary Lee & Judith Carol, of Oklahoma City; Mr. & Mrs. John W. Thomas & son, Bob Allen, Mrs. Phil Rodgers & daughter, Martha Pauline, all of Edmond.

RESIDENCES: All the places where Robert Allen and Ida Pauline Thomas lived before 1907 statehood were in the Chickasaw Nation, Indian Territory. In 1889 President Benjamin Harrison opened part of the Indian Territory up for white settlement and Robert Allen on 22 April 1889 took part in the great land rush into Oklahoma Territory. Land was sold in tracts of 160 acres for $1.25 per acre to qualified homesteaders. Murray, Grady, and Garvin Counties were only three of eleven counties formed from the original Chickasaw Nation.

BIOGRAPHY: Letter from Ida P. Wade Thomas to T.Mason; ; dated 14 Jul 1959; In poss of T.Mason (file William P. Wade); EXTRACTION: Robert Allen lived and worked growing up mostly in the Saddle of Early Texas & Indian Territory. He worked by the month some for ranchers and owned some small ones after we were married. Always traded either in cattle, horses, mules and some in lands. All along through the years was energetic and a very clean man. Worst failing, he had a high quick temper and would swear for a time but he detested the habit and a believer in a sincere Christian life. He did not always perform & walk in the best way but was ever repentant and prayerful. We were married at Prairie Grove church by Henry Bullard. Robert Allen had become converted under this minister two years before we were married and was baptized & received into the Presbyterian church & ordained a deacon at the same time.

DEATH-BIRTH-PARENTS-CEMETERY: Death Certificate # 006216; 11 May 1953; Certified copy State Registrar, Dept of Health, State of Oklahoma; In poss of T.Mason (R.A. Thomas file); EXTRACTION: b. 2-17-1870 Tarrant Co, TX, father - Franklin Thomas, mother - Lisa Price, d. 4-22-53 Edmond Hosp, Burial - Wynnewood Cemetery, OK.

OBITUARY: Copy in (Robert A. Thomas file) possession of T.Mason; EXTRACTION: Services will be Saturday at 10 a.m. in Baggerly funeral home for Robert Allen Thomas, pioneer state resident who died late Wednesday in Edmond hospital following 3-day illness. Burial will be in Wynnewood cemetery. Thomas, age 83, was a retired farmer. He made the run for the opening to settlement of the Cherokee strip in 1893, and lived for a number of years in the Lindsay area (1904-1946) before moving to Edmond seven years ago. A native of Tarrant county, Texas, he had lived in Oklahoma since 1890. He was a member of Modern Woodmen of America. Thomas is survived by wife, Ida, two sons, Henry H. Thomas, Sulphur, and John W. Thomas, Edmond, four daughters, Mrs. Herbert Orr, Hayden, AZ, Mrs. Herbert Flow, Jones, Mrs. Phil Rodgers, Hugo, Mrs. Jack Mason, Rosita, Mexico, nine grand-children and three great grandchildren.

BURIAL: Deed to Wynnewood Cemetery, Lot 2, Block #75, 16x32 ft.

NOTE: Form SS-6, IRS, Notice of Employer's Identification number, Social Security Act; Issued 11-27-39; to R.A. Thomas, Route 3 Box 29, Lindsay, OK; Original in poss of T.Mason (R.A. Thomas file); Id no: 73-0480015; NOTE: Request Form OA-CL526, Department of Health, Education, and Welfare, Social Security Administration and note to Mrs. Ida P. Thomas in Davis, OK; 1963; dated 7/11/63; in poss of T.Mason (R.A. Thomas file); "We are sending you the account number that we assigned to your deceased husband, as we were unable to locate an account number for him."; CONFLICT: On NOTE Grandmother has put 443-46-1112 but attached is SS card # 447-46-4234.

Ida Pauline Wade

BIRTH-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason

BIOGRAPHY: Two Books of Memories; ; written in 1953-1955 by Ida P.W. Thomas; In poss of T.Mason (R.A.THOMAS file); NOTE: Beautiful expression of a religious, pioneer woman. Pgs 6-8, bk #1, story of long courtship and early years together.

BIOGRAPHY: Letter from Ida P. Wade Thomas to T.Mason; ; dated 14 Jul 1959; In poss of T.Mason (file William P. Wade); EXTRACTION: I had confessed & joined the Methodist church in Texas at Gordonville under Pastor Rodgers when I was 9 years of age 1883 = immature. A Rev. Smith was in charge of Church. Also parents were members of this Church.
I was active in church work most of my life. Was Superintendent of Sunday School for some 3 years during pioneering years, when there was no church organizations.

BIOGRAPHY: Letter Feb 25, 1959 from Ida Pauline Wade Thomas; In poss of T.Mason; NOTE: Ida states she lived at Howell Gragg Well from 26 Jan 1907 to 3 Dec 1936.
Born near Gordonville, Grayson County Texas,
Married Prairie Grove Church, Indian Territory,
7 yrs - 1885 near Davis Indian Territory,
2 yrs - near Wynnewood Indian Territory,
2 yrs - east of Lindsay, Indian Territory,
30 yrs - West of Lindsay, Oklahoma,
10 yrs - 1937 Lindsay.
7 yrs - Edmond, OK (Grampa died),
2 yrs - Hugo, OK,
Until death - Tulsa, OK.

OBITUARY: Obituary notice in file of R. A. Thomas

PROBATE-SPOUSE-CHILDREN: Codicil & Last Will and Testament of Ida Pauline Thomas & Robert Allen Thomas (deceased); 22Mar1951-1956; Robert Rice, Edmond, Ok; ; photocopy in poss of T.Mason; EXTRACTION: Six children named - Mary Elva Thomas Orr, Henry Howard Thomas, Pauline Thomas Flow, John Wade Thomas, Lois Elenor Thomas Rodgers, Ruth Allen Thomas Mason.

The American Creed.
I believe in the United States of America as a government of the people, by the people, for the people; whose just powers are derived from the consent of the government; A democracy in a republic; A sovereign nation of many sovereign states; A perfect union one and inseparable, established upon these principles of freedom, equality, justice and humanity, for which American patriots sacrificed their lives and fortunes.
I therefore believe it is my duty to my country to love it, to support its Constitution; to obey its laws, to respect its flag, and to defend it against all enemies.


Thomas family bible records.

Beula Allice Thomas

BIRTH-NAME-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason; Ida Pauline spelled "Allice" in two family bibles.

BIRTH-DEATH: Letter Feb 25, 1959 from Ida Pauline Wade Thomas; ; In poss of T.Mason; NOTES: Died near Wynnewood of measles

BIOGRAPHY: Ida Pauline Wade Thomas' Two Books of Memories; ; written in 1953-1955; In poss of T.Mason (R.A.THOMAS file); DEATH: Ida's bk #1 of memories says 3 weeks before she passed on, Beulah dreamed she went to a church with pretty long shining benches, and there were lots of children playing. Aunt Maggie & her baby were there. Everything was bright & shiny. She asked if it was heaven? Then she contracted measles, and only lasted 4 days. Aunt Mildred & her babe had died two years before.

Buford Allen Thomas

BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason

TOMBSTONE: Eternal Rest - Buford A. Thomas - Born - Apr 14 1900 - Died - Oct 2 1915. How much of light how much of joy is inspired with a darling boy

BIOGRAPHY: Ida Pauline Wade Thomas' Two Books of Memories; ; written in 1953-1955; In poss of T.Mason (R.A.THOMAS file); In Book #1 she says when he was cutting his last baby teeth Buford got meningitis. He was paralyzed on his left side all his life.
On Oct.6 needing cotton pickers, we Beulah, Buford, Elva, Allen & I went to Wynnewood in a jump seat open top buggy team with a big firy mare. When ready to start home streets crowded. Buford slipped out of buggy, team prancing backwards and forwards and then one animal on Buford. We took him to Edd Mitchell house. Had 2 or 3 drs. They tried to fix up, but to little good, broke his collar bone, shoulder, and bowels. We staid there 5 or 6 days. I did not have my clothes off all the time. Took him & went to Whitebead and was there 5 weeks. A child almost creppled for life over mostly 2 years. Had just survived a case of memingitis a year before. Was naturalist with animals and fowels. Got 8th grade education. A horse kicked him on left side, left lung collapsed and he developed TB tumor and died when 15 years old.

Letter written by Ida Thomas to Lou Rayner. Copy given by Lela Crabtree Gilbert (Jessie Fenter Crabtree's daughter to Dianne King in 1999.
"Lindsay, Okla. Oct. 5th 1915. Mrs. Lou Rayner and Family.
Dear Lou with a sad heavy heart I pen you the news of our Dear Sons Death. Buford passed away Sat. Morn Oct. 2nd after 7 1/2 months of the most severe suffering. He had Tuberculosis Tumor and abscesses all in his body. While his sufferings were the most severe ever witnessed by everyone who did witness it he never complained once to us. Always so patient kind and thoughtful to the very last moment.
Dear Brother never had any fear of going but the nature of the disease is just to be so hopeful all the time.
Lou I can't write you much we are all broken up and have been since Buford first got sick for all the Drs. said from the first there was no hope he took so bad.
So you write and tell the rest of the family for I can't remember where they live now. And ans. as soon as you can be sure and tell Dear Mother Sanders. Mama & Melvina are here & and have been for a time. While I know my Dear child is with the Dear Savior in a beautiful Mansion free from pain, sorrow & toil. Oh! I can bless God for taking him too, but Oh I do so miss him and I am all crippled in mind and body. I must close. Ans. soon and give our love to all.
Ida and Allen Thomas

Thomas Beverly Thomas

BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason; COMMENT: Ruth was close to this brother and cared for him when he was fatally ill with typhoid fever. BIRTH PLACE: See note under sister "Ruth".

TOMBSTONE: Tom B. Thomas - Born - May 6 1910 - Died - Aug. 5 1929. All of lifes work well done.

Lewis Lunseford Mason

DEATH-LOCATION: Old Town Ridge is located in the Eastern Lowlands of the central Mississippi Valley, northeast of Jonesboro, Arkansas, on the Maiden Plain between the present courses of the St. Francis and Little Rivers.

MARRIAGE: Family bible of Lewis Lunseford Mason in poss of family T.Mason lists marriage date as 9th. Rites by Dr. James Fishback.

MARRIAGE: (Ky-M8b) Marriages in Montg. Ky.: names marriage date-19th.

MARRIAGE: Ref: 976.947 v25L Record of Marriages in Fayette, KY p87 shows Bond 1-8-1844 J.S.Downing (F)

EDUCATION: Graduated from Center College, Danville, Ky. - 1833 Served as senator in 26th District of the Senate State Legislature 1851-1854 for Boone, Carroll and Gallatin Counties in Kentucky.

LAND: Ref: General Index Carroll, Ky. # 53961 #2 Montgomery Co. lists Lewis & Elizabeth in land deeds in 1848 & 1855; Lewis & wife Elizabeth as of Carroll Co. Kentucky.

PORTRAIT: Auntie Mollie Mason indicates a portrait was painted of Lewis Lunseford by Oliver Frazier, as near as can be found, in 1833, when he was 21 years of age. It was done when he graduated.

Ref: GS Film 0924472 - Source Collins History of Kentucky.

BIBLE-SLAVES: Lewis Lunseford Mason family bible in possession of T.Mason. These were slaves of Lewis Lunseford Mason as noted in the 1850 Kentucky Slave Schedule. (See bible image attached to Angeline Mason's name)

Elizabeth Lee Downing

Family bible of Lewis Lunseford Mason in poss of T.Mason. Her middle name is listed as "Lee".

There is a reference in the Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society biographical sketch for Richard Lee that the pedigree of the Downing family is in the Los Angeles Public Library.

REF: Montgomery Co. Circuit Court records Box 55/235 copy of will of Marquis Richardson and a paper dated 1871 indicates "Betty Mason married Lewis Mason."

OBITUARY: Lexington Transcript 79217; Lexington Public Library [HYPERLINK http://local.lexpublib.org/detail.cfm?counter=79217; ]
Subject Heading: MASON, ELIZABETH L.
Source: Lexington Transcript.
Date: December 28, 1887
Location: p. 4 col. 5
Abstract: Funeral of Mrs. Elizabeth L. Mason on 29th at home of her brother, Richard Downing.

BURIAL: Disposition Number 9437.

Betsy Fishback Mason

Hazel Mason Boyd (DAR) indicates Betsy never married.

Copied from scrapbook of Mrs. Boyd's grandmother, is note that Betsie died 3 Apr. 1876. This differs from both the bible and obituary information.

Family bible of Lewis Lunseford Mason in poss of family rep.

1850 Census of Carroll,Ky. Dist 1,pg 169-R # 184

FUNERAL: filed LL Mason: EXTRACT: Notice. Yourself and family, are respectfully invited to attend the funeral of Miss Betsy F. Mason, on Friday evening, at half past two o'clock, at the residence of her father, Mr. L.L.Mason. Rev. Carr will conduct the funeral ceremonies. Tamaroa, Ill. 4Apr,1872.

Christian Standard Newspaper, Cincinatti, 4 May 1872 says, "Died on 3 April near Tamaroa, Ill. Bettie F. Mason".

Joseph Downing Mason

REF: Fam bible of Lewis Lunseford Mason in poss of family rep.

Mollie Ann Mason

Mollie was called "Auntie" in later years by Richard's children.

1850 Census

Fam bible of Lewis Lunseford Mason in poss of family rep.

Letter of settlement of estate to J.M.Mason, 17 Dec. 1946 lists death date & place as Danville. LL Mason file.

James Mason

1850 Census incorrectly lists James as "Jane".

Fam bible of Lewis Lunseford Mason says "son of" and lists birth & death date.

Lewis Lunseford Mason Jr.

Family bible of Lewis Lunseford Mason in poss of T. Mason.

Marquis "Mack" Downing Mason

Family bible of Lewis Lunsford Mason in poss. of T. Mason

Rev. Benjamin John Borden

BIRTH-PARENTS-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Borden family bible; ; Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany & Burnham. Hartford 1841; p 1; Original in possession of Nell G. Borden, Louisville, Kentucky in 1964; Certified copy in possession of T. Mason; EXTRACTION: Married on (date), Benjamin J. Borden to Sarah, eldest daughter of Dr. Daniel Yeiser, of Danville, Kentucky. Benjamin J. Borden, son of Dr. L. Borden and Charlotte his wife, was born (date). On the 15th of Sept. 1887 in Somerset, Ky. Rev. B.J. Borden aged 75, fell asleep in Jesus.

MARRIAGE: The Arkansas Banner; Little Rock, Wednesday Morning; November 20, 1844; copy in possn of T.Mason (filed - BJ Borden); EXTRACT: "Married" In Danville, Ky., on Tuesday, the 29th of October by the Rev. M.F. Maury, BENJAMIN J. Borden, Esq. Editor of the Arkansas State Gazette, to Miss Sarah, daughter of Dr. DANL Yeiser, of the former place.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Copies of Paintings of Benjamin and Sarah (with two children) in possession of T.Mason; ; ; In letter from Dick Leeson he states "The Borden pictures were copies of portrait paintings. Aunt Sarah had the originals. They must be with Sarah's children, either Cathy or Victor. The two children in their mother's (Sarah Jameson Yeiser Borden) lap are: Emma and Daniel according to what is written on back of the copies possessed by Ruth A. Mason and Jeannie Lindesmith Hamilton. Jeannie indicates her mother "Emma Mason" wrote on the back of her copy of the photo that this is the person for whom she was named. However, Richard Leeson indicates the girl is Sarah (Sallie) Hunter and the boy is her brother, Benjamin John.

BIRTH-DEATH: Obituary (in file); ; Typed copy in possession of T. Mason; EXTRACTION: Rev. Benjamin J. Borden ... died at his home in Somerset, Kentucky, on the morning of the 15th, leaving his wife who is a sister of Mrs. John D. Adams of Little Rock and several children surviving. Born in Duplin Co, North Carolina, and his death was near 75 years of age. Educated and graduated with honor at Chapel Hill College, North Carolina. Studied for the legal profession and upon receiving license followed his brother-in-law the late Maj. James Lawson, to Arkansas, and located at Little Rock about the year 1840. Practiced law until 1843, when he purchased The Arkansas Gazette, which he edited until about 1849, when he disposed of it to George B. Hayden, and shortly became president of the Arkansas Military Institute at Tulip, in Dallas county, in this state. ... About 1852 he became a minister in the M.E. Church and continued in that and the educational profession until his death.

CENSUS: 1860 U.S. Census, AR. Dallas Co, Smith Twp. Family #304
BORDEN, Benjamin 47 Teacher NC 3 slaves
Sarah 35 KY
Daniel 14 AR
Erma? 12 AR
Alice 3 AR
Margarette 39 NC

BIOGRAPHY: Book of Catharine FB Mason; ;in Sarah Y Mason Heerman's poss.; written in 1929; EXTRACTION: "I received my education from Papa. He graduated from University of North Carolina & from law school at Georgetown Univ. D.C., therefore he was a lawyer by profession, and was a distinguished gentleman by character." In 1843 William E. Woodruff started the Arkansas Weekly Gazette and then at the request of the Whig party sold it to Mr. Borden on 4 Jan 1843, who was the owner and editor of the Arkansas Gazette from 1843-1849. Mr. Woodruff said, "The State Gazette supported Clay in 1844, and the Democrats started the Arkansas Banner in opposition, with Solon Borland as editor. Between him and B.J. Borden, editor of the Gazette, a war of words at once began. In January 1844, Mr. Borden of the Gazette & Dr. Borland of the Banner had a difficulty growing out of a paragraph which the Gazette printed about the doctor. It was a fisticuff and Dr. Borland used Mr. Borden pretty roughly, having beaten his face into a jelly and brought the claret with every blow. Two years later, as Arkansas editors in those days did occasionally, resort to the "Code of Honor" as a manly mode of settling irreconcilable social misunderstanding over politics, Borden was wounded in a dueling battle with Solon Borland. They went to the beach opposite Fort Smith, on the side of the Cherokee Nation and exchanged shots. The ball entered Mr. Borden's right side, passed between the fourth and fifth ribs, through the chest, and passed out the right side about four inches above the heart. Mr. Borden's antagonist was the first person to rush to his assistance, and expressed a hope that the wound was not mortal, though it was thought so at the time. It is suggested that had they not thus as gentlemen fought, they never would as gentlemen have been the warm and true friends to each other they were ever after. It is worthy of mention, as an item in the Church History of Arkansas and as evidence of the redeeming influence of Divine grace, that in later years Borden became a Minister of the Gospel and Borland joined the Church under his preaching and with him partook of the Holy Eucharist at the Sacred Altar. Thus in all after life they were openly warm friends, as indeed they ever had been at heart, and as all true men are who become to know each other." Professor Borden also taught language & math at Quachita Female College, and in 1849 became President or "Major" of Arkansas Military Institute (Farmer's Academy) at Tulip. Arkansas Military Institute (fashioned after West Point, Va.) is in Tulip, Dallis County, Arkansas. He was lecturer of "Rhetoric and Belles Letters". Chapel Ridge is located 40 miles from Camden and 70 miles from Little Rock.

Catharine says, "I remember Bro. Dan & Uncle Fount rocked me when I had whooping cough in 1st year. Grandma died at Perryville of a stroke when I was 7.

BIOGRAPHY-EDUCATION: "Daughter of Early Gazette Owner Visitor", THE ARKANSAS GAZETTE, Little Rock, Thur, Oct 28, 1937; 1843-1879; Original article and typed copy in possession of T. Mason; (Found in "History, University of Arkansas" by Reynolds and Thomas and "History of the Arkansas Press for a 100 year and more" by Fred W. Allsopp; EXTRACTION: Mrs. R.L. Mason, daughter of Maj. Ben. J. Borden who was editor and owner of the Gazette from 1843 to 1849, who was a quiet and scholarly man. (Son of Dr. Levi and Charlotte _Beck_ Borden). Mrs. Borden, then Sarah J. Yeiser of Danville, Ky. met Maj. Borden while visiting here about time he bought the Gazette and they were married the following year at her Kentucky home. Maj. Borden who had come here from North Carolina to practice law, ... . In 1876 Mr. Borden was professor of mental and moral philosophy at Univ. of Arkansas. Maj. Borden was graduated from University of North Carolina and from law school of Georgetown University before coming to Little Rock. He taught at Washington, Arkansas 1875-1876 and later at Princeton. Principal of Stanford, Ky schools 1867-68, Somerset 1868-70, Perryville 1870-75, LaGrange 1877-79, then they moved to Kentucky the second time and he was principal and continued teaching at Somerset starting in 1880 until his death in 1887.

BIOGRAPHY-PARENTS-OCCUPATION-HONORS: A History by Margaret Ross, ARKANSAS GAZETTE - The Early Years 1819-1866; pp 195-244; 1969; Arkansas Gazette Foundation, Little Rock; Arkansas History Commission, Old State House - West wing, Little Rock, Arkansas; copy in possn of T.Mason (filed - BJ Borden); EXTRACT: 1843-1845 "The Constitution and the Laws" appeared under the editorial head in Benjamin J. Borden's first issue of the Gazette on January 11, 1843, and remained the paper's motto as long as it had a Whig proprietor. It epitomized Borden's editorial policy of insistence that public servants should rigidly adhere to the organic and statutory laws, ... . Born in Duplin County, North Carolina on October 23, 1812, he was one of ten children of Dr. Levi and Charlotte (Beck) Borden. After his father's death, his mother had married James Lawson, Sr., and had moved to Little Rock in 1836 with her husband and some of her children. A graduate of the University of North Carolina and the law school at Georgetown, District of Columbia, Benjamin had followed his relatives to Little Rock, where he had begun the practice of law in June of 1839. (John Hugh Reynolds and David Yancey Thomas, "History of the University of Arkansas" (Fayetteville: University of Arkansas, 1910), 441-442; Gazette, June 2, 1854; Sept. 18, 1887; June 12, 1839.) ... The sale of the Gazette to George B. Hayden was announce in the issue of February 10, 1848, the deal having been closed on February 4. Borden soon moved to Dallas County, where he became prominently identified with the educational movement that gave the village of Tulip an enviable reputation as a pioneer cultural center. He was a trustee and professor in the Alexander Military Institute when it opened in the fall of 1850, and later added to his duties the jobs of principal and professor in the Tulip Female Seminary and minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church. By 1858, he was superintendent of the male academy at Washington, Hempstead County, but was teaching again in Dallas County in 1860 (1860 U.S. Census for Smith Township, Dallas County, Arkansas, Dewelling 304). He moved to Kentucky in 1867, and was principal of schools at Stanford, Somerset, and Perryville before returning to Arkansas in the fall of 1875 to take charge of the high schools at Washington. He was mentioned for the presidency of the Arkansas Industrial University, now the University of Arkansas, but instead was elected to the University's faculty as professor of mental and moral philosophy. Returning to Kentucky in 1877, he was principal of a school at LaGrange until 1879, and at Somerset from 1880 until his death on September 15, 1887 at Somerset.

Sarah Jameson Yeiser

BIRTH-PARENTS-MARRIAGE-DEATH: Borden family bible; ; Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany & Burnham. Hartford 1841; p 1; Original in possession of Nell G. Borden, Louisville, Kentucky in 1964; Certified copy in possession of T. Mason; Sarah - eldest daughter of Dr. D. Yeiser and Catherine his wife, was born 29th Oct 1826; p 3; On the morning of Sept. 26, 1895 in Somerset, Ky. Mrs. S.J. Borden, age 71, fell asleep in Jesus. EXTRACTION: The source of dates on family group sheet is "The Jamesons in America" p 159. Sarah Mason Heerman and Catharine F.B. Mason both indicated the Jameson record is accurate. CONFLICT: Alternate date of birth in Family Bible doesn't agree with death entry stating Sarah was 71 at death. Am accepting death date as accurate and alternate birth date from Jameson source. To accept bible entry of 1826 would mean that Sarah was born seven months after her sister, Catharine. It would also contradict the statement made in the obituary stating that Sarah was the oldest child. CONFLICT: Error on death date. See obituary.

DEATH-PARENTS-MARRIAGE-BIOGRAPHY: Obituary; ; Undated; Thermofax copy in possession of T. Mason (filed under B.J. Borden); EXTRACTION: Mrs. Sarah J. Borden, who died the night of the 25th and was buried on Friday by the grave of her honored husband in the Somerset cemetery, was one of our now few old and venerated citizens. She was the daughter, the oldest child, of the late Dr. Dan'l Yeiser, of Danville, and was married more than 50 years ago at the place of her youth to Benjamin J. Borden. They afterward lived some years in the South, then returned to Kentucky. The family first came to Somerset in 1868, after a few years here they stayed for a time at other points in the State and then returned. A lady of decided character, distinguished for intelligence, candor, dignity and refinement. Devoted to her family, she held the welfare and honor of her children and grandchildren as chief objects of her care. (States she was cared for at son, Dan's home in aged years.)

Daniel Yeiser Borden

BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH: Borden family bible; ; Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany & Burnham. Hartford 1841; p 2; Original in possession of Nell G. Borden, Louisville, Kentucky in 1964; Certified copy in possession of T. Mason; EXTRACTION: Born on the 25th July 1845 _Daniel Yeiser_, infant son of Benjamin & Sarah Borden, Little Rock; p 3; On the 15th day of 1916 April at 11.33 P.M. Dan'l Y. Son of Ben & Sarah Borden passed away.

DEATH: Western Union Telegraph; Received 9:38a 4/16/1916; Dated Louisville, Ky 11:15pm 15-; (File - B.J. Mason) in possession of T. Mason; EXTRACTION: To Mrs. R Mason, Vail Arizona. Bro Dan passed away at Eleven thirty pm bury Somerset Monday JA Borden

BIRTH-DEATH: Tombstone information provided by Nell Borden.

DEATH-BIOGRAPHY-OCCUPATION-RELATIONSHIP: Obituary (file of Benj. John Borden) in possession of T. Mason; ; Written by E.H.H. Undated; EXTRACTION: Following stroke death came ... at home of brother John, Louisville, Sat April 15, in his 72nd year. ... first coming to Somerset was in the latter '60s, when his father, Prof. Benj. Borden, one of the old time educators of Kentucky came to the little mountain town to take charge of the then new Masonic College, which stood on the grounds of the present High School Building. Then a young man, just past his majority, he spent part of his time prospecting in the west. ... On May 17, 1888 was named deputy clerk by the county clerk, John S. May and the records of the county bear his penmanship, of which no finer specimen can be found, for the terms of Mr. May and his successor, Judge N.L. Barnett, until the year 1906. In November, 1905, elected to the clerkship as a Democrat over one of most popular men of the county, the present clerk, Cyrus M. Lanydon. ... In the struggle between the States, then a mere lad, Mr. Borden gave his support to the Southland, but when that strife ended no man gave more loyal support to a reunited country than he. ... The beloved father and mother lie sleeping in Somerset's city of the dead, and by their side on Monday, ... the body was laid to rest, following funeral services at the Baptist Church. Four sister and one brother survive their brother: Mrs. Alice Strouse, Louisville, Mrs. Sallie Shaffer, Mena, Arkansas, Miss Emma Borden, Tucson, Arizona, Mrs. R.L. Mason, Vine, Arizona, and John Borden, Louisville.

Emma Borden

BIRTH-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH-MARRIAGE: Borden family bible; ; Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany & Burnham. Hartford 1841; p 2; Original in possession of Nell G. Borden, Louisville, Kentucky in 1964; Certified copy in possession of T. Mason; EXTRACTION: Born on the 27th of February A.D. 1847 _Emma_, daughter of Benj. & Sarah Borden, Little Rock; p 3; On Feb 1st 1926 Emma: daughter Ben & Sarah Borden passed away.

Letter Mar 1965 from Nell Borden in possession of T.Mason indicates tombstone shows birth year as 1848. Somerset paper obituary of Feb 6 - died. Buried in Somerset Cemetery with parents. Never married. Was "of Tucson, Arizona in 1916".

Picture of tombstone sent to T. Mason in 1998 by Dori Shaffer. (Filed in father's file)

In 1920 U.S. census in home of William J. Ahrens.

Benjamin John Borden

BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH: Borden family bible; ; Printed and Published by Case, Tiffany & Burnham. Hartford 1841; p 2; Original in possession of Nell G. Borden, Louisville, Kentucky in 1964; Certified copy in possession of T. Mason; EXTRACTION: Born on the 8th of August, A.D. 1855, _Benjamin John_, son of Benjamin & Sarah Borden, Danville; p 3; On the 21st of May, 1856, Died in Washington, Ark. Little "Bennie" aged nine months and thirteen days.