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Selected Families and Individuals


William Brown Richardson

Taken from an article which appeared in a Louisville newspaper on November 9, 1887, entitled "On His Last Voyage". Moved in 1829 to Louisville, KY. with his parents. His father, William, died here in 1832 of cholera. Soon after his 14th year young Richardson was apprenticed to Capt. John Evans, then the leading shipbuilder in the country, at New Albany. After serving his apprenticeship he went on the river, first as boat carpenter. Sometime during this time he met and married Amanda M.Brooks. He rapidly won his promotion, and served several years as pilot between Louisville and the Lower Mississippi points. Several of his children were born in New Orleans, La. He finally became Captain, and for a long time was the best known and perhaps the most popular steam-boatman on the Southern rivers. He was a man of fine physique, good address, firm and unyielding when convinced that he was in the right, of the very highest sense of honor and of the strictest business integrity. He was what his companions called a "square man" in all the walks of life. He commanded a number of the finest boats afloat at different times in his career. In 1867 he was put in charge of the "Robert E. Lee" and took her out from this port [Louisville]. Before that, however, in 1860, he and Capt. McCarrol built the "Mary Keane". She was place in the Lower Mississippi cotton trade, and plied between Vicksburg and New Orleans. At this time Capt. Richardson was living at the latter city. When the Federal armies and navy took possession of that part of the country, the "Mary Keane" was taken up the Yazoo River by the Confederates and scuttled just below Yazoo City for the protection of that town. Capt. Richardson had invested all his means in that boat and her destruction left him nearly pennyless. In 1868 he removed with his family to Jefferson County, and purchased a farm out on the Preston-street road, 12 miles from the city, where he had since resided with the exception of 4 seasons, when he commanded boats on the Lower Mississippi at a salary of $3,600 per season, the season lasted from Oct. to June. His farm, though not a large one, has been handsomely improved, and shows the enterprise and energy of its owner. Capt. Richardson was married about 1840 to Miss Amanda Brooks, daughter of Col. Isaac Brooks, of this county. Her death occured about 7 years ago. He was the father of 6 children, 5 of whom ae living at the family place, William having died a few years ago. The old steamboat Captain was exceedingly popular and beloved in his community, as was attested by the large concourse of people who followed his remains to their last resting place. He was born and reared in the Catholic faith. He never sought political preferment of any sort, though repeatedly besought to offer for office. 4 or 5 years ago Bright's disease laid its hand upon him, and he had been gradually declining since. 2 weeks ago, then already weakened he was attacked by typhoid pneumonia and died Monday night at 9 o'clock, surrounded by his family and friends.

Amanda M. Brooks

1881 Jefferson County, KY deed book:552 pg:335
W.B. Richardson and Amanda M. Richardson nee Brooks of Jefferson Co. and Anne E. Brooks of same place. Joseph for division of estate of Isaac N. Brooks. The Court appointed John Robb, S.D. Brooks, and T.J. Brooks as commisioners to divide said property and did but whereas pending suit, Amanda M. Richardson died in teste leaving as her heirs at Law six children viz: 1. Eugene S. Richardson 2. Florence A. Richardson 3. Wm J.Richardson 4. Charles A. Richardson 5. Katie E.Richardson 6. Lula C. Richardson. Suit was revised and Amanda M. Richardson's fifth to go to these 6 heirs and Joseph Logsdon and Joe Logsdon Jr. Being heirs of Kate Brooks Logsdon.