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John Henry Doryland

Monique K. Doryland wrote T.Mason on 7 Sep 2006. "The story goes that he was hurt in the war, his leg, and he needed to be nursed in Arkansas, and whilst being nursed, he met a young woman, Sarah. So then later he returned to Arkansas, married her, and then brought her back to Kansas."

Information on 27Jun2016 to T.Mason from David Doryland, great grandson of John Henry Doryland.  "My Grandfather was Charles James Thomas Doryland. My son and I took a side trip out to Wiltshire to visit their historical research center. We could find no trace of any Doryland's that had ever lived in Wiltshire."

COMMENT: Since there is no evidence of John Henry's birth in Wiltshire, I am removing the "of Wiltshire" from my records. The 1870 and 1900 U.S. Census records show that John was born in England. His children's records also indicate their father was born in England. The only record of the birthplace of Wiltshire comes from an entry in the LDS Pedigree Resource File which has no source documentation listed.

Sarah Eveline Speegle

Monique K. Doryland wrote T.Mason on 7 Sep 2006. "One story Sarah told her grandson Tom was that at some point, they homesteaded out on the Kansas plains; in a sod hut. And Mr. Doryland was away, and all the other men were away, and all the local women were gathered in the Doryland sod hut. And Native Americans came (not surprisingly, as the Dorylands, et al., were sticking their sod huts in someone else's land without permission, well, that's my opinion, but anyway....) Sarah Doryland told her grandson Tom Doryland that the Native Americans attacked, although of course she called them Indians, attacked with bows and arrows, and the women had rifles and fought back. Sarah showed Tom a scar on her leg and said that was an arrow wound from this incident. The Dorylands eventually went back to eastern Kansas; ended up in Manhattan Kansas."

Marriage Notes for John Henry Doryland and Sarah Eveline Speegle-45360

IGI film 1006183 extraction - Marriage Records 1841-1915. (Recorder of Deeds) Andrew County, Missouri. Batch M514591

Charles James Thomas Doryland

DESCENDANTS: Information sent to T. Mason on 7 Sep 2006 by Monique K. Doryland of Oakland, California.