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James Winter

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Michael S. Cole, [HYPERLINK http://www.thecolefamily.com/hobby/ahnentafel.htm#ahnentafel ] ; ; copy dated 26 Jan 1994 sent to T Mason; NOTES: info from Edwin Wallace, Keene, NH. Left a will.

Mary Jane Burden

Clinton Co Oh, {Court Record's}  yr 1839.
{Burden, Joseph} vs. James Pilcher v8-269.
Burden, Mary Jane vs James Pilcher/}, defendant--Bastardy case.
Complaintant unmarried woman. 3/11/1839 Clinton Co. Samuel Miller JP.
James Pilcher, Joshua Pilcher, George McKay surties: $300

She made solemn oath that she is now pregnant with a child which if born alive may be a bastard and that James Pilcher is the father of said child and also that the said James Pilcher promised to marry me and further this defendant saith not. A warrent issued on the above complaint directed to Andrew Painter (sheriff) this 19th day came the defendant James Pilcher give himself up and the plaintiff appeared all parties being present and entered into trial.

Questions ask by Justice: Is James Pilcher the father of the child that you are pregnant with? Ans: he is.
#1 Question ask by defendant: at what time was damage done? Ans: about 6 months ago.
#2 question: Was it since harvest or before? Ans: about harvest.
#3 question: Did I promise to marry you before or after the damage was done? Ans: it was before.

Bond--{James Pilcher, Joshua Pilcher} and {George McKay} ask to owe the State of Ohio $300 each to be leived on their goods and chattels, lands and tenements--case discontinued and cost charged to complaintant. Vol 8-164

{a. Burden, Joseph vs. Pilcher, James} 6/17/1839. Harland Haines, attorney for Joseph sued James Pilcher for tresspass on the case damage $1000--summons for James Pilcher if he may be found within your bailwick so that he may and appear before our Court of Common Pleas of the County of Clinton aforesaid Wilmington forth with to answer unto Joseph Burden in an action of tresspass on the case to the damage of the said Joseph Burden $1000 as it is said and have then writ. This suit is brought to recover damages from the defendant for uttering and publishing of concerning the plaintiff false slanderous and deflamitory words to the damage of the plaintif $100 6/21/1839.
Continued til Sept 16-Plantiff did not show up. Case closed? Vol 8-269

{b. Joshua Pilcher} represented by Harland Haines. wants return of a bay mare with a blaze in the face which is wrongfully held by James & $100 for damages. Sheriff returned horse and sorrel colt and summoned James to ct. James claims the opposite--case dropped by Joshua.