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Selected Families and Individuals


William Roe Gibson

Was from Virginia. Wife was his cousin. And was widowed with two children. Her maiden name may have been Hampton.

Frances Hampton Burrus

Widow with 2 children maiden name was probably Hampton. William Rowe Gibson, 2nd spouse was cousin. ? Related to Patrick Henry by marriage of relative "Lady Mary Hampton" to Rev. John Hampton in 1734.

Dr. Lorenzo (Len) Prentice Gibson

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Frank Gibson Thibault Jr.; dated 19 Apr 1992 sent to T Mason; NOTES: Uncle Len, Dad states was one of the early medical pioneers and was one of the early if not first Dean of med school. Obit Jan 1920 ARk Med Soc. Dr. Lorenzo P. Gibson of Little Rock died Dec. 29, 1919, aged 64. He is survived by his wife and three daughters. Dr. Gibson was a member of the board of health during the yellow fever epidemic of 1879, and it was through his efforts to a large extent that the disease was kept out of Little Rock and the state at large. He was demonstrator of anatomy for the medical college at Little Rock from 1878 to 1903. He was vice president of the American Medical Association in 1890-91, and president of the Arkansas Medical Society in 1895-96. For 15 years he was editor of the state medical bulletin and for many years Secretary of the Arkansas Medical Society.

DEATH: At Home - 223 E 7th

Lucy Huston

Daughter of William Huston. Lucy came with her dad from N Carolina in 1805. He was the leader of a wagon train made up of 30 wagons. They came through the cumberland gap. They originally planned to settle near Louisville but land was too expensive for most of the group. William left his family near Brandinburg and left to find a place. He came to Panther Creek in Daviess cnty and liked it, and settled there.

Samuel Allen Johnson

Never married, died at bro John's home in MO

Lucy Mildred C Jonson

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Frank Gibson Thibault Jr,; dated 19 Apr 1992 sent to T Mason; NOTES: I believe this is the L that came to Live with Dutch and JK Thibault on her mothers death about 1878. Dutch was concerned regarding this youngster's relationship to her husband.

Jerrold Alexander Jonson

No descendants

William Crawford Jonson

Uncle Crawford visited at Scott. Pictures are available in Lucy's File.

Henry Keatts

An article from Sunday Gazette magazine section Aug 22, 1943 Code Fourche suggests that this was the first Keatts to come to AR and that he sent back for his parents and the rest of the family. Supposedly he came to AR in 1830 and took three land grants on Fourche Island (3000 acres). It is possible that his father is the original settler of this land but that would of put him 57 when he came to AR, bit old for adventure?

There is a metal at his grave consisting of a wreath of stars inscribed with "In Honor of Service War of 1812." Inside the ring is an anchor and on the anchor is a star with "N.S.U.S.D." on it and below "Lt. Henry Keatts"