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Selected Families and Individuals


Presley Settle

Info on this family from Peggy Haynie,

The following information was taken from Ancestry.com from the data submitted by John Suttle in August 2001.

Date: 6/26/1998 From: xxxxxxx (Jim & Edie Suttle) To: xxxxxxx@aol.com Hi Judy, Thank you for the information. In regards to Presley Suttle being the son of George, no, I am not 100% sure of this link, but am forwarding a note that I have attached to George Suttle's file, it is from Mary Settle, who is one of the members of the Settle/Suttle team that is compiling more information for the Reese book. Hope this clarifies things better. Edie "The link of Presley Settle to the family of George Settle (S-52) was made due to a substantial amount of evidence. Actual documentation has not been found, but circumstantial evidence supports this link. Presley was not named in "The Settle-Suttle Family" by Wm. Emmitt Reese and, therefore, does not have a reference number to that publication. Presley was living in Sumner County, Tennessee while two other sons of George were also living there. There is a long line of males given the middle name of Morgan (named for Mary Morgan, wife of George) in the generations that follow George. This naming practice is also prevalent in the descendants of Presley. The migrations of George's sons and grandsons from Barren and Simpson Counties in Kentucky to Sumner County in Tennessee and the migrations of sons and grandsons of Presley from Sumner County Tennessee to Simpson, Warren and Barren Counties in Kentucky, support Presley's place within the family as a son of George Settle."

Mary Settle

They lived on land next door to brother William. Her father referred to her as "Molly" in his will.

Salley Dodd

Estate administered 1863, Barren Co. Order Book.

Tillman Huffman

See conflict notes under son-in-law William Settle.

Elizabeth Settle

She was referred to as Betsey in her father's will.