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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.


Selected Families and Individuals


William Camp

Research notes of Wm. Zickgraf

Mary Quinn

Family History of Hugh Quinn, Sr, by Jerome C. Hafter.
Mary Quinn died 5 Dec 1866 as recorded on Executors Sale Bill.

Daniel Quinn Jr.

The Quinn Family History by Mona A. Wamick
Family History of Hugh Quinn, Sr, by Jerome C. Hafter. p 98
York Co. SC Historical & Genealogical Records, Vol 1, p 19
1850 Census, York Co., SC

Mora A. Warmick, Pg. 16, Revised 3/15/89.
She has Nancy name as PLEXICO, other records indicate the accepted PLAXCO.

Smith Wilkins

Research notes of Mona Wamick.

Sarah Quinn

The Quinn Family by Mona A. Wamick
Letters from Mrs. Richard S. Kubik, Sr.
The Cherokee Co., SC Cemetery Book, Vol 11, by Dr. Moss

Elizabeth Quinn

The Quinn Family by Mona A. Wamick

Michael Daffron

Research notes of Paul Sarrett, Jr, Chuck Hite.
Tax Rolls for 1779 Randolph Co, NC.
1800 Census York Co, SC, p 199. Shown as a widower, living with son Joseph.

John Hugh Quinn

1810 Census York Co, SC.
He sold land in 1816, and removed to St. Clair Co, AL, and is listed in the 1820, 1830, & 1840 Census.
He died 6 Jan 1845 when a record was recorded in St. Clair Co, Al, (1843-47 Orphan's Court Minutes, Bk B, p 123).
1790, 1800 Census, York Co, SC.
Research notes of Mona Wamack, Paul Sarrett, Jr.

Anderson Quinn

Mona Wamick, Aug. 1995, Pg 50. He evidently did not marry, male of his age was listed in the household of John Quinn for the Census of 1820, 30, 40. He was listed in his father's final settlement in 1845.

Captain John Sarratt

Research notes by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
The ARENDELL, ELLIS, GILMORE, HOPPER, and QUINN families all migrated down from old Granville area of North Carolina. John Sarratt relocated with his parents prior to 1771 to the old Tryon Co,, NC, which later became part of SC.
A record in 1771 shows John, age 12 and his brother Leonard, age 6 were "Chain Bearers" for a survey on their father land grant #54 for 200 acres on the Westside of the Broad River, Tryon Co, NC, Bk 20, p 699.

John Sarratt, age 17, was an American Revolutionary Soldier. He served as a Lieutenant, under Col. Benjamin Roebuck's Regiment of the South, 90 p 159.
"Audited Account, 6764, Stub Entries X3697" for Revoluntionary Claims in the South Carolina Archives.

Chapter JOHN SARRATT, American Revolution, by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr. It's interesting to note that Grandson NOBEL SARRATT, wrote in his Sarratt Family, in 1897 that his Grandfather JOHN SARRATT was a Loyalist? "I have not mentioned the fact that John Sarratt, my grandfather, sympatized with KING GEORGE in the Revolution of 1776, and remained loyal to the mother country. This subjected himself and my grandmother to very severe trials. A part of American soldiers raided his home one night, to capture my grandfather, but my grandmorther shut the door and stood guard of her house on the door steps and forbade the soldiers to enter. They parlayed a little and said, they could not further annoy as brave a woman as that,and they went away."
In 1784, John Sarratt, Sr., age 25, received a land grant from the State of SC, for 220 acres. This land was located adjoining his brothers, Allen, and father, Samuel, along the west side of the Broad River, Spartanburg afe of the 96 Dist. South Carolina. (State Plat, Vol 10 Page 513, 220 acres of land lying on the banks of the Broad River, County of Spartanburg, 96 Dist., SC; adjoining the property of Allen Sarratt on one line; ;with Samuel Sarratt on the other and connecting a corner with Micks Creek.

DEED of GIFT and do presents, give grant constitue and confrom unto my well beloved son, John Sarratt....part of land which I now live upon, which was originally granted to me by JOSIAH MARTIN, Govenor of NC, letter patten bearing date 14th day of November, one thousand seven hundred and seventy one (1771). Prepared 15 Sep. 1785, Recorded 6 May 1786, Samuel Sarratt, in the present said witness: John Morgan, Samuel Sarratt (age 21), William Sarratt (age 19).
1790 Census, Spartanburg Co.,, SC.

A Deed record dated 6 Oct 1800, shows bro-in-law, Charles Morgan, Deed bk "G", p 219-220, Spartanburg Co., SC, convey to John Sarratt, Sr. of same for consideration of $120 some 424 acres of land lying; on the West side of the Broad River; border of "old Rights" land of Harris Sarratt, which was granted 5 Mar 1798 by Gov. Chalres Pinckney to Charles Morgan. Witnes: John Phillips, Anthony Sarratt, William Carter, signed by Charles Morgan.

Samuel Earl Morgan

A Deed Record dated 5 Feb 1787, York Deed bk, p 203-205, Samuel Morgan of York Co. convey to Abraham GREEN of (same) some 75 acres of land lying on the Eastside of "Buffalo Ck" on which said Samuel MORGAN now lives. This land was granted to John Taggert on Nov. 25, 1771 - he convyed it to Drury Robinson,then to Samuel MORGAN. York Co, SC Deed bk, p 203-205. Wit; James Bridges,Thomas Logan, John Morgan.
Samuel MORGAN b. York, SC to Logan Co, KY by 1805 per Chuck Hite.
See Samueld Morgan on 1790 York Co, Census. Also on 1800 Census.
1790, 1800 Census York Co, SC.

John I. Morgan

FGS by Paul R. Sarrett, Jr.
Research notes from CHARLES W. HITE.
A Deed Record dated 21 Feb 1786. Anthony Morgan III sells property, Camden Dist., SC. (present-day York Co.) Deed Bk A p 211-214. Anthony MORGAN and wife Mary of Camden Dist to Wm McBrayer of same, 125 acres of land granted 6 Dec 1769 to Edward Dickson along Northside Broad River in Tryon Co, NC (present day SC.). Wit: Jospeh Camp, John Morgan, Margaret Morgan.
John DUNCAN s/o James 1834, post security in 1818 of estate of John Morgan, wife Elizabeth (Unknown) MORGAN.
A Deed Record dated 14 Oct 1771, Tryon Co, NC, Deed bk, p 42-589. Jacob Cobron of Tryon convey to ELIAS MORGAN of Brunswick Co., VA, some 200 acres of land lying on, Broad River...Witness: John Morgan, Hart Hunnicutt. Signed by Jacob Cobron. Elias Morgan, poss. s/o Anthony Morgan II.
An Estate Record dated 02 Nov. 1785.
1769-1786 Deed Abstracts of Tryon, Lincoln, Rutherford Co. - Tryon Wills and Estates, P 164. John Logan of SC to James Hamrick of Rutherford, NC. 60A on Shoal Creek of First Broad adj. Samuel McBrier, John McKnitt Alexander, Henry Wright. Grant to John Logan 1780. Wit: George Blaton, Moses Bridges, John Morgan, James Cacum
A Deed Record dated 5 Feb 1787, York Deed bk, p 203-205, wit: John Morgan. 1790, 1800 Census York Co, SC. The Widow Elizabeth (Unknown) can be found in the 1810 Census of York Co, SC. John MORGAN's "Estate" was not dated until 1818? ..prs
A Record dated 03 Oct. 1818, York Co., SC; John MORGAN, ESTATE. York Co, SC Probate Box 31, File, 1286, MORGAN.
Estate of John Morgan of York Co, SC, Peter Morgan, Adminstrator, Securities: John Dunkan, (s/o James DUNCAN) and Elizabeth Morgan. Heirs: Nimrod, Lucinda, Charles, Ginney, Elizabeth, Juda, Peter, Patsy, Elizabeth, Jane. The Widow Elizabeth can be found in the 1820 Census of York Co,, SC.