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Selected Families and Individuals


William Fauntleroy

"Fragmenta Genealogica", Vol. 7 pp 44,47.
inherited the estate of the Fauntleroy family "Fauntleroy's Marsh County Dorset; ab 1607

Inherited Fauntleroys Marsh from his father.

William Fauntleroy

"Fragmenta Genealogica", Vol. 7 pp 44,47.
Head of Fauntleroy family at the time of Colonel Moore Fauntleroy's emigration: ab 1675.

Administrator" and "next of kin" to "William Hourde Esq" of Folks, Dorset, 1631; "William Hourde Esq" sold the manor of Lillington, Dorset, 1619. (Somerset and Dorset Notes and Queries "Vol 3, p. 169; Vol 7, p. 197)

Moore Fauntleroy the elder

"Fragmenta Genealogica", Vol. 7 pp 44,47.
with "Aalan Hoord" came to Virginia 1650. (Early Virginia Immigranta by Green. p. 166).

The Virginia settlers came over in families or groups of connections" ("William and Mary College Historical Quarterly" Vol. XXIII, p. 177).

Old Rappahannock Co Deed Book 4 - 1668-1670; pg 77-78 KNOW ALL MEN by these pntes that I MOORE FANTLEROYE for & in Consid: of Three thousand pounds of Tobacco & caske to me in hand paid have bargained and sold unto THOMAS HUDSON his heirs three hundred acres of land scytuate lyeing & being on RAPPA. CREEKE Begining at the great Marsh knowne by the name of WOWANDECOMAN &soe running upp the Creeke for Breadth & into the woods wth all rights & priviledges thereunto belonging & do heerby oblidge myself my heirs to give ye sd HUDSON a firme conveyance for the sd lands when he shall Require it. In Witnesse whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale this Eleaventh day of Novembr: 1669 in the pnce of us RICHD. WEBLEY, M. FANTLEROY ROBERT ROGERS

The following was sent to T. Mason on 8 Sep 2011 by Mary Pazur:

On the 'scrapbook' image, the Moore Fauntleroy with whom 'Aalan Hoord' came to VA in 1650 was Capt. Moore Fauntleroy (Moore the younger). Please go to the following site and look at Page 8: The Hord family of Virginia: a supplement to the Genealogy of Google Books [ books.google.com/books?id=RfocAAAAYAAJ ] 1915 - Virginia - 119 pages 1690, and in the copying, the first '1' in Allen was probably written low and Early Virginia Immigrants" (page 166), who gives the name as "Aalan Hoord.
  Moore, the younger, immigrated in 1643: Page 6, Fauntleroy book: Moore Fauntleroy, the younger, who came to Virginia in 1643.
  Could be that Mary came with her uncle on one of his many trips across the pond.
Some researchers believe that Mary and Thomas were married in England. Others believe that they were married in Old Rappahannock. According to Ancestry.com the marriage is listed here:
U.S. and International Marriage Records, 1560-1900
Name: Mary Fountleroy
Gender: female
Birth Year: 1640
Spouse Name: Thomas Hudson
Source Citation: Source number: 1410.000; Source type: Electronic Database; Number of Pages: 1; Submitter Code: BFB.

In the book, "Hudson Marriages in Virginia, Vol. 1", compiled by Malcom H. Hudson, it states:
Thomas married Mary Fauntleroy ca. 1666 (Old) Rappahannock County (family records say groom was b. 1640, and that he and Mary had a son, William Hudson, who married Judith E. Billington 1700 in Old Rappahannock, Virginia. Note: This book was published by the Hudson Family Assn. but they do not accept this as documentation of the marriage.
  It is possible that Moore, the elder, came to the Colonies however, he died and was buried in England. John Owen Smith, Webmaster for the Headley site, responded to my query: Moore Fauntleroy, the elder, died (presumably in Headley) in 1677. We have a record of his burial in the Headley church records:
1677/02/26 Fantleroy, Moore Mr.
I have never seen any mention of his will. If he did leave a will, where would it be recorded? Difficult to say at that period. We have put a Wills index on the Headley website for all those people whose Wills we have knowledge of - some came from the Hampshire Record Office and some from the National Archives - but there seems to be no consistent source of this info. We have none shown for the Fauntleroys.
  You wrote: "Nevertheless Moore, Mary's father did deed some land to Mary's father-in-law as you say. Thank you for the reference to the extraction of the deed book." I believe the land was sold by Moore (don't know which one) to Thomas Hudson, Mary's husband, not Thomas her father-in-law.
   If, at some future date, I find the solution to this problem, I will let you know. At this point in time, it seems like an effort in futility.