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After coming from Germany settled in York, Pennsylvania.

Daniel Doudel

Is said to have remained single.

Michial Doudel

Was a Captain in Revolutionary War. Was Col. in Thompson's Rifle Regiment. His wife was a sister of Governor Snyder.

Ref: Catharine F.B. Mason's book of research notes.


Sister to Governor Snyder.

Adam Spengler

RESEARCH_QUESTION: Information sent to T.Mason on 16 Apr 2003 by Cynthia Swope. "Fillmore Spangler web site indicates parents of Anna Maria Spengler."

Jacob Doudel Jr

RESEARCHER: Howard Yeiser. Birth possible 1760

David Emmett

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 16 Apr 2003 by Cynthia Swope. "By reviewing the holdings of the Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society [Berks County], one can get an idea of surnames of the region, and a quick review of their holdings can be found at
[HYPERLINK http://www.berksmuseums.org/tulpe/tulppub.htm ]
Tulpehocken Settlement Historical Society
116 N. Front St., PO Box 53
Womelsdorf, PA 19567
(610) 589-2527

DAVID EMMETT (4) son of Abraham Emmett (3) and Mary. In the file mentioned above at the Pratt Library on the Ancient and Honorable Mechanical Company of Baltimore AD 1763 Provincial Charter 6/26/1764m incorporated 1827, we find David Emmett was one of the original organizers. The members of the Mechanical Company organized the rebellion against the rule of Governor Eden and the British Lion, and in this organization, James Cox, David Rusk and David Emmet were
conspicuous members. It afterwards became known as the Whig Club and became a great factor throughout the Revolution. The club held its meetings in secret at the dwelling of David Rusk, Market St. P-25. David Poe was the Chairman of the club. Among its members were, Caleb Hall, Henry Payson, David Geddes, David Rusk, James Calhoun, David Emmit, James Edwards and John Dever.

The Maryland Historical Magazine V-35, P-258, under the First Presbyterian Church Membership lists David Emmett and Colonel Frederick Folger in 1783.

David Emmett (4) married 4/27/1786 Barbara Doudel of York, PA by Minister Gerock, #169 Court of Common Pleas of Baltimore. This record is now at the Hall of Records, Annapolis, MD. Barbara Doudel was one of the daughters of Jacob and Mary Spangler Doudel of York, PA.

Barbara Doudel

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 16 Apr 2003 by Cynthia Swope. "The Tombstone Records of the York County Historical Society show Barbara Emmett wife of David born 11/22/1758"

Barbara Emit sold four pieces of property in her name alone, recorded in the Court House, York, PA, 5/2/1801 B-2, P-213 to Jacob Doudel, 11/30/1827 I-3, P-445, 8/28/1837 O-3, P-213 and bought one property 1/23/1819 B-D-#3, P-460.