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Selected Families and Individuals


John Lewis Owen

Burned to death

John Terrell Lewis Jr

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 9 Jun 2002 by Mike Lewis Monroe "Is said to have had 12 children of which David Jackson Lewis was the youngest.
  John's child born in 1759 had a notation on her gravestone that she was born in Amelia County, Virginia, so it is uncertain where John and Sarah's children born between 1750 - 1758 were actually born, since the daughter in 1759 was born outside of Albemarle. You are likely to find all sorts of conflicting locations of birth for those early children -- Hanover County, Caroline County, and Albemarle County to name a few of the more popular proposed locations.
  John Lewis wrote his will in April 1779, and died sometime between 1-Feb-1781 and 1-Feb-1784. There is some confusion over this John Lewis's exact date of death. Many people claim John died 23-January-1784, and yet his will of April 1779 appears like it might have been processed in April Court 1782 which certainly raises some questions.
  John Lewis moved his family from Albemarle County where David Jackson Lewis was born, to Rutherford County, North Carolina (between Charlotte, NC, and Asheville, NC) between 1775 - 1779 by all accounts."

Sarah Taliaferro

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 9 Jun 2002 by Mike [mlmonro@infi.net] "John Lewis's first wife, Sarah Taliaferro, has been one of those nightmare scenerios that appear in genealogy. From all indications, the Taliaferros were immensely fond of the name "Sarah".... every family seemed to want to have at least one daughter named Sarah. The result was that there were at least four
Taliaferro families in Virignia with daughters named Sarah at almost the exact same time.
The Richard Taliaferro and Rose Berryman family Bible was
apparently intact and just vague enough that many, many, many people latched onto it as source material to connect that Sarah Taliaferro (born in June 1727) as the wife of John Lewis. Wrong. That Sarah Taliaferro married twice (neither time to a Lewis), and had a
daughter that she named Rose.
John's wife was the daughter of Robert Taliaferro III and Ann Pittman.
Apparently it was misprinted in a book or two on the Taliaferro family and in some early LDS records and now about 95% of people with family trees on the internet have it wrong. The bad information has spread so far, I doubt it can ever be corrected."