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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


12. Henry Borden

A HISTORY OF THE BORDEN FAMILY; 1883 by Joel Borden and Campbell Borden. My uncle, Thos. R. Borden, of Hall County, Alabama, before his lamented death wrote, "It is surmised that the Bordens were of French, or rather I should say, of Norwegian extraction. One of the chieftains of Norway called Bourden (which means in the Norman language "A Pilgrims staff") settled in the ancient province of Neutria near the Picardy border. Two pilgrim's staves are found on the Borden coat-of-arms, though most historians agree that the yeomen did not bear arms. The Borden Arms are more authenic than most because this one is on record in the Herald's office in London. A descendant of this person, it is said, came into England with Edward the Confessor on his return home from Normandy, where he had been educated, some years before Edward ascended the throne. This ancestor located in Kent about forty one miles a little south-east of London. Kent is known as the garden county of England and no parish is more beautiful. In 1206, one of his descendants named Simon de Borden, donated to the parish church a tract of land for a Glebe, and afterwards Osbert de Borden and Philip de Borden made handsome donations to the church at Borden."

[HYPERLINK http://www.thecolefamily.com/hobby/headcorn.htm ] Headcorn Church information on Web Site displayed by Dr. Michael Cole.

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MARRIAGE-CHILDREN-BIOGRAPHY: Genealogy of Borden Family of Shrewsbury, NJ; 1370-1868; typescript of "Borden Scrapbook" & family papers in poss of Charles F. Borden, Shrewsbury, NJ, 1952; p1; LDS Family History Library Film 0858787, item 6;

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LAND: The Parish of Hedcorn (Hedcorne or Headcorn) lies within the bounds of several hundreds, "for the hundred of Eyhorne claims over that part of the same wherein the western portion of the village and the church are situated; ..." "It appeared by the roll of Knight's fees, taken in the reign of Edward I, that the Archbishop of Canterbury, and the Master of the Maison Dieu, at Ospringe, were returned as Lords of this parish." (Ireland III, 2 Hist. Co. Kent.) It is a flat and low country, the aspect being dreary and forlorn. The soil is of stiff clay, deep and miry, except in very dry summer, when it becomes particularly hard.

RESIDENCES: Henry appears to have held land both in the Parish of Hedcorn and at Borden, Kent, England. The town of Borden in the parish of the name is twelve miles from Hedcorn. That this Henry was the first of his name at Hedcorn is certain, as no Borden appears before this date in this parish. No will of this Henry, or of Thomas Borden, his son, can be found. According to the custom of Gavelkind the land of this Henry and of Thomas, his son, would at their death, interstate, be equally divided between their heirs, and we find that William Borden held at the time of his death, in 1531, a tenement and certain lands at Borden. The evidence tending to show that Henry Borden came to Hedcorn from Borden; that the said William Borden of Hedcorn did acquire this tenement and lands at Borden by descent, according to the custom of Gavelkind, is indicated by the will of Richard Borden, of Hedcorn, uncle to the said William and grandson of Henry, dated 1490, in which he speaks of his "lands and tenaments lying upon the tythings of Thornhurst, Borden & Maxenden."

According to commemorative window in Headcorn (Kent) Church (Headcorn is located in the Eyehorn Hundreds), Henry was the head of a long line of Bordens leading to Richard "who died at Portsmouth Rhode Island 1671 being the first of that name in the new world. The window was dedicated in 1905 in memory of the Bordens and their descendants by Mrs. R.H. Cook of Philidelphia(see ref ...). The full text reads "To the glory of God in memory of Henry Borden, Headcorn about 1380 and his descendants Thomas Borden (1450) John Borden (1469) William Borden (1531) Edmond Borden (1539) William Borden (1557) Thomas Borden (1592) Matthew Borden (1620), who was Church Warden of Headcorn and of Richard Borden his son born at Headcorn 1595 who died at Portsmouth, Rhode Island ..." (the date of 1380 for Henry is mysterious as that was the year his son Thomas was born and a second son was born two years later - the rest are confirmed death dates)