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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


4862. Clarissa Hall

BIOGRAPHY: Family History Records; ; compiled by Michael S. Cole, [HYPERLINK http://www.thecolefamily.com/hobby/ahnentafel.htm#ahnentafel ] ; ; copy dated 26 Jan 1994 sent to T Mason.

4872. Edward Shirley Borden

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 14 Aug 2006 by Richard Denton Borden.

"Shirley attended Princeton University for three terms leaving in January 1886 and went out to Colorado to paint. (Shirley was an excellent painter but his father thought it bohemian and was vehemently opposed to it)."

"Their first child died very young. Shirley and Elizabeth (his first wife) vacationed annually in Colorado where, in 1903, bored with the sedentary life she was now living, she ran off with another man.

SOURCES: Title: Durfee Genealogy, Record Type: Handwritten partial genealogy, Subject: Durfee & Borden families Abbrev: Durfee Genealogy Author: prob E. Shirley Borden Publication: b ref 1932 Repository: Name: Chambless family, St. Louis, MO. As his father did, Shirley spent the winters in their Spruce Street home in Philadelphia and then packed up the wagons in the spring and journeyed out to Greendale in Media. After he married his second wife Elizabeth Evans they moved out there permanently. Shirley was elected to the Mayflower Society January 24, 1924 and had some deals with an Iron Works Company in Danville, Pa. so far no details have been found.

REFERENCE; James Pinckney Borden; Shirley, an extensive traveler among other things, was an avid Fox Hunter, excellent water color painter. He was a member and significant donor to the Presbyterian Church in Swarthmore, Pa. where he helped finance the current structure. He was Honorary President of The Rose Tree Fox Hunting Club, a member of the Philadelphia Sketch Club, the St. Andrews Society and the Union League of Philadelphia. He was director of the First National Bank of Media from November 5, 1920 until August 23, 1927 when he became Vice President and Director and served in this capacity until his death ion 1951, with the exception of a five year term as President from January 10, 1940 until January 10 1945. He was also a Director of the Elwyn Training School.
While serving as President of the First National Bank of Media, Shirley accomplished a great deal for the community at large. Through loans from the bank he helped many local merchants in the start up of their businesses. He also brought electricity out to the rural areas from Media. Following the death of his second wife Elizabeth Evans Borden he took his children, Virginia, Ruth and Richard around the world by steamer in 1933. Around 1950 he bought and moved into the Old Rose Tree Inn where he died in 1951. He was buried in the family plot in Fall River."

Ida Mae Harris

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 14 Aug 2006 by Richard Denton Borden.

"of St Louis, Mo. She and Shirley had no children. Ida May Harris had two children from a previous marriage"

4878. Dr. Mathew Sterling Borden

Directory of Deceased American Physicians, 1804-1929:
Name: Matthew Stirling Borden
Death Date: 9 Sep 1914
Death Place: New York, NY
Type Practice: Allopath
JAMA Citation: 63:1127

4901. Rhoda Borden Cook

Rhoda was born in 1865. Died at the age of 54 from a septic infection from an abscess on her foot. Death record shows she was single.  Her mothr passed away in 1914 so her sister Mary was caring for her.