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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


6166. Florence Burden

BIOGRAPHY: GEDCOM from Ed Suder to T.Mason; Dec 1998; ; Notes: Florence died of Pneumonia and also had Emphysema.

Pearl L. Rogers

Pearl had a tragic life. He was orphaned at an early age and then adopted by an Aunt and Uncle. He left home at the age of 15 and had no further contact with his family. He disappeared in 1918 and after 5 years of absence, was declared legally dead in 1923 by the F.B.I. as having met foul play.

James Carl Jackson

At the age of 10, Carl and his family moved from Fort Worth to Dallas. He was the eldest of 4 children (2 brothers, 1 sister). His father owned and operated a furniture and upholstery business for many years. His mother, at last report, was still alive at 98 years of age, living in a senior's residence in the San Francisco Bay area. Carl met his future wife, Marie (Dimple) at Church Orchestra practice (He played the trombone and Marie the violin). After enlisting in the Navy in 1942, Carl was sent to Boot Camp and then to Chicago to the Hospital Training Corps. He was then assigned to the Aircraft carrier "U.S.S. Guadacanal" as a Chief Petty Officer in the sick bay. The ship was assigned to the North Atlantic to patrol for German submarines. The big day came when a German submarine was spotted and captured by Captain Gallery. In all, 65 German seamen were taken on board along with their commander who was seriously wounded. Carl treated the commander and the other wounded men. The submarine was taken back to the U.S. for study. An interesting footnote is that this submarine was towed to Chicago and placed on display in the Chicago museum of Science and Technology, where the author of this book toured it in 1991. The vessel was in remarkably good shape and was well constructed as is typical of German engineering. It is the only German submarine to have survived W.W.II (The rest were all sunk by the Allies). Also, this submarine was used to film the German made movie - "Das Boot" that chronicled life aboard a German submarine during WWII. Carl was discharged in 1945 but remained in the Naval reserve for 5 years. The family moved to Oakland, California in 1955 where Carl and his brother, Ben, started a metal etching and fabrication business. He was also active in his professional association., serving as president of the M.E.F.A. from 1965 to 1966. He sold the business and retired in 1975 and then moved to Sacramento. He served as president of the Oakland Lion's club from 1967 to 1968 and taught an adult Bible class for several years and also served two terms on his church board and made two cross country trips from California to the East coast and Canada and one trip into old Mexico.

6168. Richard William Burden

BIOGRAPHY: GEDCOM from Ed Suder to T.Mason; Dec 1998; ; Notes: Richard was an alcoholic.

6169. Charles Lee Burden

BIOGRAPHY: GEDCOM from Ed Suder to T.Mason; Dec 1998; ; Notes: Charles grew up in the beautiful hills around Sparta, Tennessee. At the age of 14, he went to work in the coal mines along with his brothers and father. The family moved to Texas in 1897. He was employed by the City of Dallas water department in the early 1900's. He was a plumber and was foreman of all of the water department's water meters from the 1920's until 1945. Charles suffered from alcoholism, diabetes and prostate cancer but finally died of a heart attack.

Hattie Mae Lula Edwards

Hattie was 1/16 Cherokee (or possibly Chocktaw) Indian. Hattie died of Bladder Cancer.

9203. Benjamin Allen Burden

Ben served his country in the armed services. He was in the National Guard U.S. Calvary about 1930 and was stationed in Paris, France during World War 2. Ben worked as a rent collector in the '30s, then went to work for the American National Life Insurance Company until he was drafted into WWII. After the war, he returned to American National until his retirement in the mid '60s. He worked at the Army-Navy store in Dallas after his retirement from American National. The author's recollection of Ben is one of a very outgoing, congenial fellow who always had something nice to say. He lived modestly and acted as a handyman to his sister, Bertha after the death of Bertha's husband, Walter. He suffered from poor health in his later years and was placed in a nursing home where he died. One poignant story that Ben told concerned two hunting dogs (one male and one female) that Ben owned. One of the dogs died and the other was so taken with grief that he quit eating and died of a broken heart two weeks later. Ben died of Pneumonia.

Emmie Marie Moore

Marie's daughter from her first marriage, Dorothy, moved from Terral, Ok. after the divorce from her 1st husband. During WWII, she worked for North America Aviation and afterwards was employeed in retail managenment by the Morris stores and later by the Meyers Stores.

9205. Beatrice Lee Burden

Beatrice (Bea) was a beautiful child and adult. She was raised in Dallas and attended Woodrow Wilson High School in Dallas. After her marriage to Bob Berkey they moved into a lovely home in the Walnut Hill area of Dallas. Bea worked in a variety of Federal Government jobs - The Treasury Department, U.S receptionist, nurse, secretary and book keeper from 1969 to 1980. This was the job she enjoyed the most. She relates this amusing story about her job with the doctor - "One Airline Stewardess came in for a checkup - I always told them to disrobe and put the sheet over them. This once, I said 'what happened to your underwear?' She said,' I never wear any. I can dress faster this way'." While vacationing in Phoenix, Arizona one summer, she had occasion to save an infant's life. The 4 week old baby was choking on milk. Bea turned the baby upside down, whacked in the middle of the back and performed mouth to mouth. The mother and father were most grateful. Bea did suffer from cancer of the kidney in her 70's that was successfully treated by surgery.

6173. Flora Evalina Burden

CONFLICT: Bob Baker Goff, The Burden Family of White County, Tennessee and their Bourdoon-Borden Ancestry; 1380-1980; ; Knoxville, Tennessee; pg 22; lists birth date as 1881.

9211. Ruth Lee Frasier

DEATH: Information sent to T.Mason on 6 Oct 2004 by Amy Williamson.

U.S. Public Records Index, Volume 1
Name: Ruth L Fisher
Birth Date: 27 Dec 1921
Phone Number: 544-3249
Address: 256 E Corporate Dr, Lewisville, TX, 75067-6689 [RR 2 POB 142, Ferris, TX, 75125] [1108 N Elm St Apt 7, Denton, TX, 76201-2971 (1992)] [1400 N Locust St, Denton, TX, 76201-3040] [Rt 2 Box 142, Ferris, TX, 75125 (1994)]

6176. Minnie Sue Burden

BIRTH: Other possible birth date Sep 1886

9216. Jack H. Willoughby

INFORMAT: E-mail from Jim Willoughby to T.Mason on 9 Jul 2002. "Eugene, Clifford and Jack (Who was my Father) are all deceased. Jack died Jan.1,2001 and was preceeded by Eugene and Clifford. Pauline is the only one still living ..."

6182. Fannie Burden

NAME-BIRTH-DEATH: Bob Baker Goff, The Burden Family of White County, Tennessee and their Bourdoon-Borden Ancestry; 1380-1980; ; Knoxville, Tennessee; pg 22