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Descendants of Francis de Bourdon


578. Thomas Borden

CHILDREN: Carile Santos, Richard Borden of Portsmouth RI,"Your Ancestors, a national magazine of Genealogy and family history"; 1635-1838; Buffalo NY by Harry Ferris Johnston 1947-1959; Part 14; LDS Family History Library Film 1597740 Item 14; NOTE: source lists 2 sons & 2 g-sons & 4 gg-children.

Anne Borden

In 1742 Fall River station was in Bristol, Massachusetts.
In 1747 Rhode Island gained Bristol (RI) from Massachusetts. Newport (RI) was also gained from Bristol and Providence (RI) was gained from Bristol, Suffolk counties
In 1862 Massachusetts exchanged again with Rhode Island. Bristol (MA) was gained back from Newport (RI) and Providence (RI) gained from Bristol.

CHILDREN: Carile Santos, Richard Borden of Portsmouth RI,"Your Ancestors, a national magazine of Genealogy and family history"; 1635-1838; Buffalo NY by Harry Ferris Johnston 1947-1959; Part 14; LDS Family History Library Film 1597740 Item 14; NOTE: source lists 1 daughter.

Joseph Borden

CHILDREN: Carile Santos, Richard Borden of Portsmouth RI,"Your Ancestors, a national magazine of Genealogy and family history"; 1635-1838; Buffalo NY by Harry Ferris Johnston 1947-1959; Part 14; LDS Family History Library Film 1597740 Item 14; NOTE: source lists 5 children & 5 g-children & 14 gg-children. REFERENCE: Durfee Gen, p 242.

RESEARCHER-DESCENDANTS: Information received 20Sep2002 by T.Mason from Shirley Borden Spencer.

"Am. Pub. Co. Vol 10 p 1207 Durfee Cen. p 242" Prepared by Robeert Earl Ferris Wright & Luella M.R. Pouget, Santa Rosa, CA 1960.

1093. Sarah Borden

Eight children listed in FS-FT.

587. George Borden

CENSUS: Bristol Co., MA 1800 U.S. Census, Series M32, Roll 19, p.290. Heritage Quest Online. "1800: George BORDEN household living in Bristol Co., MA."

Rebecca Cornell

NAME: "Vital records of Dartmouth, Massachusetts, to the year 1850" (Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society, 1929-1930) Vol. 2, p.70. FHL #974.485/D1 V28v. "George BORDEN of Tiverton published intention to Rebecckah CORNELL of Dartmouth, 10 Sep 1757, Dartmouth, MA."

Ezekiel Brownell

DEATH: Date: Thursday, March 8, 1855 Paper: Boston Courier (Boston, MA) Page: 2 "DIED In Tiverton, RI. March 4. Ezekiel Brownell. 84."

590. Joseph Borden

Although references list the same birth date he is NOT to be confused with Joseph the son of Thomas and Mary (Briggs) Borden.

Peace Borden

CHILDREN: Carile Santos, Richard Borden of Portsmouth RI,"Your Ancestors, a national magazine of Genealogy and family history"; 1635-1838; Buffalo NY by Harry Ferris Johnston 1947-1959; Part 14; LDS Family History Library Film 1597740 Item 14; NOTE: source lists 14 children.

599. Thomas Burden

HYPERLINK: [ https://www.ancestry.com/mediaui-viewer/tree/26196191/person/13943385921/media/f0420dd5-1954-4478-8a10-271fdf3e6dbf?_phsrc=NRU10&_phstart=successSource ]

General Notes for Thomas Burden I and Ruth Earle
Posted 04 Aug 2014 by Sandra Carmichael
  Thomas Burden was born about 1750 in Freetown, Masssachusetts. It is not known why the name became Burden in New Brunswick when it appears as Borden in most U.S. records. In 1769 Thomas married Ruth Earle in Freetown.
  "I hereby certify that Thomas Borden son of William Borden of Freetown in the County of Bristol and Ruth Earl Daughter of Oliver Earl of Portmouth were Lawfully joyned together in Marriage on the Second daay of the month ___ November Amo Dominis 1769 by me the Subscriber Wm Anthony Justice."
  They lived in Portsmouth, Rhode Island and their marriage was recorded in Portsmouth at the time of the baptism of their first three children. Within six years the Revolutionary War had broken out and they were forced to take refuge with the British Army first in Rhode Island and later New York. The Bordens were Quakers and this may be why they chose to flee rather than fight for either side, however, from Thomas' claim memorial we know that he was involved with the war. He states that he acted as, "a guide to the British Army, several times-was Commissioned to Command a Company as a Lt. and went out of the lines divers times after the Rebels".
  Thomas and Ruth with four children are listed as passengers on the Union commanded by Capt. Consett Wilson and arriving with the Spring Fleet of Loyalists in May 1783. However, the Burden family actually arrived with the Summer Fleet on board the Sovereign. Many families listed on the Union discharged before the ship sailed for Saint John. Most of the Union arrivals settled on the Kingston Peninsula and Thomas Burden is never found as a settler in this area.
  From The King’s Loyal Americans: The Canadian Fact, Passenger Lists by B. Wood-Holt (Holland House Inc., Saint John, 1990, pg 304, Appendix I) BURDEN, Thomas (from Mass) farmer, disembarked River Saint John, (ship) Sovereign.
  Thomas and Ruth were granted Lot 816 in Parrtown (Saint John) where they lived from 15 Jul 1783 until 25 Mar 1784. On 6 Feb 1787 Thomas, officially, received a grant of land in Burton, Sunbury County, being Lot 17 on the west side of the Saint John River and consisting of 155 acres. He mortgaged the property to James Harrison of Sheffield on 5 Mar 1789 for 38 pounds, 3 shillings and 7 ½ pence. This mortgage was paid 21 Apr 1794. On 17 Feb 1795 Thomas and Ruth (Ruth made her mark) sold this grant to Ebenezer Hathaway for ninety-five pounds and resettled in Queensbury in York County. Here they purchased on 22 Jun 1796 a farm from Henry Green for forty pounds. It was Lot 85 in Block 3 originally granted to the Guides and Pioneers and consisted of 200 acres.
  From Anglican Church Records - At a meeting of the inhabitants of the Parish of Queensbury on Sept. 13, 1802, Thomas Burden was chosen Vestryman.
  On 20 Jan 1803 Thomas petitions for the escheat of the John Cutler grant in Prince William. He states that it has been abandoned and that he is willing to pay a reasonable sum to the heirs of Cutler. No record has been found to indicate that he was able to acquire this property. In the petition he states that he has, "reared a family which now consists of four sons and four daughters". There is a gap of about 10 years between the births of the first four children and the last four. No records have been found that show there were any children born and/or died in that time period.
  Thomas died intestate in Jun 1807 and Ruth was appointed administrator of his estate. Between 1843 and 1848 Ruth received a grant of 10 pounds per year as a widow of Thomas and by special petition from N.B. House of Assembly. Hence, she probably died about 1848/49.

From Marjorie Burden Sharpe, June 2019
In 1817 Ruth's son-in-law, Edward Wheeler, charged her for non-payment of money owed for the feeding and care of farm animals. From a note attached to the written charge, "Sheriff is commanded to take Ruth Burden if he shall be found in his bailiwick and her safely keep so that he may have her body before the Lord the King at Fredericton on the second Tuesday in July next to answer Edward Wheeler in a plea of Trespafs and that he have there then this recept (?) By Bill  ___ O'Dell".

Marjorie (Burden) Sharpe wrote on 30 Jun 2005
"Hi, Borden Researchers......I am posting a copy of an e-mail that I sent out a few days ago re mistakes in Hattie Welds book......perhaps some Burden researchers will find this usefull......"Hello to Susan Knight, Kurin Beeston, Richard Tallman, and Carla Eagles............................Last evening, for the first time, I had a look at "Ancestry Plus", to see if there might be any information on Thomas Burden(Borden), son of William Borden, of Fall River MA.For the past 30 years, I have been compiling information on this gentleman and have accumulated a great deal of information.

I was pleased to find my Thomas listed on Ancestry Plus, with information submitted by each of you, but I discovered, as I so often do, that the information you were offering appeared to have originated with Hattie Borden Weld's book on the descendants of Richard Borden and Joan Fowle. I have a copy of Hattie's book and am really impressed at the amount of work she did. The unfortunate thing is that Hattie made a mistake in her information on Thomas, son of William. It appears that she has provided accurate information up to that point, but then confuses this Thomas, son of William, with another Thomas Borden who was indeed born in Nova Scotia, at Grand Pre, and who did marry Susannah Cox and later Lois Lanford.

This second Thomas was the son of John and Elizabeth Borden, his birth being registered in the town records of Cornwallis Township, N.S. He was born on 20 Aug. 1761. Marriage records show him marrying Susannah Cox 25 March, 1788. His parents are listed in those mariage records as John and Elizabeth.

Birth records from the same source show Thomas and Susannah's children as Thomas Cox Borden, 17 Dec. 1788; Henry Borden, 26 Dec. 1791; John Borden, 15 Oct. 1794; Sarah Borden , 2 June, 1797;Josiah Borden, 23 Dec. 1799;Julia Borden 7 Feb. 1803 ; Byard Borden, 19 June, 1806.

The Borden family who resided in Nova Scotia were sent there as part of "The Planters" to survey the land and help to prepare for settlers to come from Rhode Island and Massachusetts to take posession of the land that had been seized after the expulsion of the Acadians.

The Bordens who lived in Nova Scotia continued to spell the name "Borden" as it had been in the American Colonies.(With occasional mispellings, as is not uncommon)

Now, our Thomas Borden, son of William, born in Fall River, MA, proceeded to marry Ruth Earl, daughter of Oliver Earl and Ruth Hall on Nov. 2, 1769 in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.Their marriage record is to be found there in the Portsmouth Town Records, along with the records of the births of their first three children..........George , in 1770, Susannah in 1772 and Hannah in 1774.

This Thomas did indeed join the British forces when he "was Compelled to fly for Refuge and Protection to the Royal Armythen at Rhode Island" in 1776. In his Petition forreimbursement forproperty lost in the war, Thomas states that he was commmissioned a Lieut. in command of a Company. This petition is dated 20 April, 1786.

Hattie's confusion may have been because in 1783, when the Loyalists first began to arrive, there was no New Brunswick, all of the land in the two provinces was called Nova Scotia. It was divided a year later into provinces, the new one being called N.B.

It was in N.B. that most of the Loyalists were given property as most of the available land in Nova Scotia was already spoken for.

Thomas spelled his name various ways, Borden sometimes, Bourden, and finally Burden, which most of his descendants continued to use. He and Ruth had at least 8 children, and he died in 1807, probably in Queensbury, York Co. N.B. Ruth lived to be over 100 years in age, and received a pension as the widow of a veteran in 1848.

I wish it were easier to correct Hattie's mistake, and I know for sure we all make them, but this is the best I can do. I find the same references almost everywhere they are available on the internet, including the LDS site. I am hoping you will be able to correct your information on the Ancestry site.

I am sure you are wondering if I am reliable. I copied the Cornwallis Town Birth and Marriage records from the original book at the Nova Scotia Archives in 2001, and I visited Newport, R.I. at about the same time where I read from the microfilm of the Town Records of Portsmouth the marriage and birth records for Thomas and Ruth. I have a photocopy from those records, and also found reference to Thos. and Ruth's marriage in the Earle Family History by Pliny as well as the Brownell Family History.

I really enjoy this hobby, but find it takes over my life occasionally, so often put it aside for other "fun". Thank you for posting your information...................I haven't had the ambition to do that yet, so I am glad that some people do.
Marge (Burden) Sharpe"