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Source Citations

Jordon A Morriss

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=17979287. "Jordan A. Morriss was born in Barren County, Kentucky, Dec. 19, 1811, and died in Lawrence County, Missouri, Sep. 7, 1859.   He married Mary Ann Button about 1836. Their oldest child, Eliza Martin Morriss was born Oct 1, 1837 in Kentucky. The Jordan A. Morriss household was recorded in the 1840 census of Barren County, Kentucky. Based on the ages and birth places of their children, the family migrated to Missouri about 1850 and settled in Lawrence County. Burrell L Morriss (Burl, Burwell,)1809-1870, was also registered in the 1840 Barren County census and was living in Lawrence County, Missouri in 1850. These two men are presumed brothers, along with Lewis Morriss and Carter C. Morriss, also found in Barren County, Kentucky. Their father most likely was Jesse Morris, ca. 1775-ca 1850, in Barren County, Kentucky. Evidence indicates that the Morriss family originally came to Kentucky from Virginia. Jordan (based on spellings found in documents, probably pronounced jerden) and Mary Ann were parents of 12 children. After Eliza Martin their children and birth dates are as follows: James William, Mar. 2, 1839; Eveline, 1840; Nancy Elizabeth, Aug. 30, 1841; Virginia Sapho, Oct. 31, 1842; Sidney Lewis, May 23, 1844; Adeline Button, Jan. 22, 1846; Mary Neal, 1847; Malinda Burrell, Dec.24, 1848; Ellen Drucilla, Feb. 15, 1851; and twins, John Jasper and Isaac Newton, Mar. 31, 1853.   After Mary Ann's death, Jordan married on Nov. 25, 1855, Emaline Mulkey (Jan. 1, 1828-May 20, 1917). She was the widow of Silas Evans and they were parents of one son, Ambrose Evans. Jordan and Emaline had three children: Olney, 1857; Artilla J, 1859; and Elvira E., Apr.,1860.   Jordan Morriss died without a will and his estate was entered into probate in September, 1859. His widow, Emaline, waived her right to administer the estate, and the court appointed Nathan Spillman to fulfill this responsibility. Nathan Spillman attested to the names of the heirs, naming each of the children as above with the exception of Elvira, because she was born after Jordan's death. The estate, including personal and real property, was inventoried and a sale conducted. Items mentioned in the inventory included a long list of farming tools and implements, cattle and horses, sheep, oxen, timber and pine planks, saddle and bridle, grain, a shot gun, a wagon and a set of blacksmith tools valued at $50. One could conclude from examining this list of property that Jordan Morris was a farmer and a blacksmith. The list of buyers included many names found in the census records who were neighbors and/or relatives. The list of creditors included an account with Andrew Brown of Sarcoxie, who had sold the family groceries and household supplies from January through August, 1859, amounting to $39.39. Tuition was paid to D. M. Mayhew for four scholars for the 1858-59 school year. 120 acres of Jordan's real estate was appraised and sold to his son, James William Morris, in December, 1865. Over time all accounts were paid and the remainder of the estate was distributed to the heirs.   Today Jordan A. Morriss can be claimed as an ancestor by many descendants. Jim L Wilson."

Mary Ann Button

1FindaGrave.com, http://www.findagrave.com/cgi-bin/fg.cgi?page=gr&GRid=17979228. "Evidence indicates that Mary Ann Button was the second daughter of Elias Button (1783-1823) and Nancy Settle (1791-1852), who were married in Barren County, Kentucky on Oct 19, 1810. Elias Button, son of Harmon Button and Sarah Fishback, served in the War of 1812 in Capt. Samuel F Malone's company, commanded by Lt.-Col. William Mitchusson, of the Kentucky Detached Militia. The Button family migrated to Kentucky from Culpepper County, Virginia. Sarah Fishback was a descendant of original settlers of the Germanna Colony established in Virginia in 1714 by a group of German immigrants from Siegen-Nassau (Fischbach and other families). Mary Ann Button was born July 16, 1814 in Barren County, Kentucky. She married Jordon A. Morriss about 1836. This date is based on the birth date of their oldest child, Eliza Martin Morriss. Jordan and Mary Ann Morriss migrated to Lawrence County, Missouri circa 1850, again estimating the year based on the dates and places of birth of their children. They were parents of twelve children (see below). Child Birth Date Birth Place Eliza Martin Oct 1, 1857 Kentucky James William Mar 2, 1839 Kentucky Eveline Francis 1840 Kentucky Nancy Elizabeth Aug 30, 1841 Kentucky Virginia Sapho Oct 31, 1842 Kentucky Sidney Lewis May 23, 1844 Kentucky Adaline Button Jan 22, 1846 Kentucky Mary Neal May 19, 1847 Kentucky Malinda Burrell Dec 24, 1848 Kentucky Ellen Drucilla Feb 15, 1851 Missouri John Jasper Mar 31, 1853 Missouri Isaac Newton Mar 31, 1853 Missouri Mary Ann (Button) Morriss died in Lawrence County November 19, 1854."

Annabelle Dickinson

1California, Death Index, 1940-1997. "Annabelle Dickinson
Social Security #: 550547121  
Sex: female  
Birth Date: 6 Jul 1938
Birthplace: Oklahoma  
Death Date: 4 Feb 1992
Death Place: Sacramento  
Mother's Maiden Name: Pennenger  
Father's Surname: Dickinson  
Source Citation: Place: Sacramento;
Date: 4 Feb 1992;
Social Security: 550547121."

T. C. Flow

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/73794280/thomas-c.-flow. Image.