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Selected Families and Individuals

Source Citations

Dr. Columbus Taylor Neeley

11850 U.S. Census, Roll M432_197 pg 294. "Listed as E.T. Neeley, age 2, b. Kentucky."

Thomas H. Cooke III

1Jane Fletcher Fiske 1930, Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island: a genealogy of Thomas Cooke alias Butcher, J.F. Fiske, c1987 , Page 29, 31. "7. ii. THOMAS, b. probably ca. 1648, cl. 1 Feb. 1670/1, unmarried. On 12 Oct. 1670, as eldest son of the deceased Capt. Thomas Cooke, he was appointed executor of the estate of his parents. On 14 Oct. 1670, as Thomas Cooke, Jr., he deeded about six acres in Portsmouth to his uncle John Cooke for £30. This land was bounded northerly by Brenton's farm, southerly by the common land, westerly by the path or way to Thomas Cooke Sr's land, and northerly by the land of Thomas Cooke, Sr. William Baulston and John Sanford were witnesses (Portsmouth LE 1:106).

Thomas Cooke, Jr. left a careful will dated 29 January 1670/1, at which time he was weak in body, probably suffering from whatever illness had already killed so many in his family. He named his brothers, all under twenty-one years of age: John, the eldest, was to have the house and land in Portsmouth at age twenty-one, but if he should die first without lawful heirs, George, second brother, then Stephen, third brother, and finally Ebenezer, youngest brother, were to succeed to the property in that order of survival. The oldest brother who lived to receive the land was to pay £10 to each surviving younger brother at the age of twenty—one. Sister Sarah Parker and her husband Peter Parker were to have the house and land until one of the younger brothers came of age. Should Peter die and Sarah remarry, she was to surrender all rights to the property, but if she died and Peter married again, he had one year after her decease to deliver up the premises to the overseers of the will.

If all the brothers died before coming of age, the property was to be valued and go to the oldest sister then living, who was to pay one-third of the value to each of the other two sisters. If the eldest sister would not or could not take the farm, either of the others could do so on the same terms.

Anything left over after debts were paid out of the moveable estate was to go to the youngest brother, Ebenezer. If there was not enough to pay the debts, the house and land were to be let out by the year until all debts were paid.

"I doe leave it unto my Grandfather Thomas Cooke my Uncle John Cooke and Joseph Torrey Sen!‘ to all or the longest liver of them to see this my will performed " Thomas was by then unable to sign his name, and he used a mark, "T". Witnesses to the will were John Williams, John Abbott, and Andrew Thorne.

"A True and perfitt Inventory taken of the goods and Estate of Thomas Cooke Juniar who departed this Life the first day of February 1670" showed a value of £158:18:00, of which £100 was for the house and land. Among the household articles and farm tools was an item for "one bible and fowre other books." Both the will, stated to be a true copy by town clerk John Sanford, and the inventory, which appears to be the original, are now in the Portsmouth Scrap Book." Image.

David Edmonson Poynter

11850 U.S. Census, M432_727 pg 216B, 29 Jul 1850. "D.E. Poynter 42 M Laborer Kentucky
J. Poynter 39 F Kentucky
Jesse P. Poynter 15 M Kentucky
M.E. Poynter 11 F Kentucky
R.H. Poynter 7 M Kentucky
M.E. Poynter 5 F Kentucky
Mary Kroth 35 F Virginia
Charles Kroth 8 M Virginia."

Judith Ball Moseley

11860 U.S. Census, M653_46 pg 809, 26 Jul 1860. "Judith B. Poynter 48 F Kentucky
Jesse P. Poynter 25 M Printer Kentucky
Robert H. Poynter 16 M Farmer Kentucky
Martha E. Poynter 14 F Kentucky
William W. Harper 28 M Blacksmith North Carolina
Mary E. Harper 21 F Kentucky
David L. Harper 1/12 M Arkansas
Lewis Martin 24 M Painter France."