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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.


Selected Families and Individuals

Source Citations

Raymond Howard McKoy

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Death Date: 2 Nov 1992
Death County: Midland
Gender: Male."

Grover Cleveland Howe

1Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982. "Name: Grover C Howe
Birth Date: 18 Sep 1886
Birth Place: Alabama
Gender: Male
Race: White
Father: G C Howe
Mother: Lulia Stewert
Age at Death: 51
Death Date: 9 Jul 1938
Death Place: Brownfield, Terry, Texas, USA." Image.

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Dola M. McKoy

1Texas, Death Certificates, 1903-1982. "Name: Mrs G C Hawe
     [Mrs G C McKay]
Birth Date: 30 Mar 1887
Birth Place: Texas
Gender: Female
Race: White
Father: D W McKay
Mother: Alice Keith
Age at Death: 37
Death Date: 29 Mar 1925
Death Place: Abilene, Taylor, Texas, USA."

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Grover Cleveland Howe Jr.

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William Howe

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John Gray McKoy

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John Gray McKoy

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