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Sarah Cooke

1Jane Fletcher Fiske 1930, Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island: a genealogy of Thomas Cooke alias Butcher, J.F. Fiske, c1987 , pg 53. "SARAH4, b. 14 March 1690/91 if she was exactly 18 when she gave receipt to her stepfather; m. John Nye." Image.

Thomas Shaw Cook

1Jane Fletcher Fiske 1930, Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island: a genealogy of Thomas Cooke alias Butcher, J.F. Fiske, c1987 , pg 101-103. "THOMAS4 COOK, son of John Cook [17] and his wife Ruth Shaw, was born probably ca. 1689 at Puncatest in Tiverton, which was then in Massachusetts, and died there in January of 1779. Rev. Peleg Burroughs in his Journal noted that on Friday, 7 January, he had preached at the funeral of Thomas Cook, aged near 90.

He married, first, 17 January 1712 at Little Compton, LYDIA TAYLOR, daughter of John and Abigail Taylor. She was named in the will of her father dated 1745 (Little Compton Probate 1:12) but died before 5, 10th month, 1758 when Thomas married, second, at Dartmouth in a Friends ceremony, SUSANNA (WILCOX) CORNELL, widow of Edward Cornell of Dartmouth and daughter of Stephen and Susanna (Briggs) Wilcox. Susanna was born 14 February 1696/7 at Dartmouth, and she was probably the Susanna Cook who received a certificate of removal in 1779 from the Dartmouth Friends Meeting to go to the Nine Partners Meeting in Dutchess County, N.Y.

Thomas Cook lived on Puncatest Neck in Tiverton next to his brother John. He was a Quaker. On 31 September 1737 he testified with Samuel Borden, also Quaker, in Superior Court at Bristol concerning a dispute over Samuel Snell's claim to the 24th lot in Pocasset Purchase.

pg 102
This was probably the Thomas Cook of Tiverton who in October 1743 testified in the court case Briggs ys. Almy. William Briggs and his sons William Jr. and Fobes, of Little Compton, were accused of killing sundry creatures belonging to the
estate of Job Almy. Thomas Cook stated that he had walked down into Almy's meadow with him and had seen there a horse that had been shot, and at another time had been at Almy's house when he sent for Docter John Talman to advise with him about a cow he had that was shot (ibid., 57760).

Thomas Cook of Tiverton in his will dated 29 September 1760 and proved 1 February 1779 stated that he was in "Declineing condition with respect to bodily health" and directed that all his housing and lands be sold by his son Joseph, who was named executor, the proceeds to be divided among his wife and children and some of his grandchildren. His wife Susannah was to have £40, son Joseph £1000, and each of his six daughters, Elizabeth Cook, Anne Brownell, Mary Sisson, Abigail Sisson, Phebe Cook and Hannah Cook 400 pounds. To three grandsons, Henry, Nichols, and Cook Sisson, sons of his daughter Abigail, he left 600 pounds to be divided, and to son Job 400 pounds. The rest was to be equally divided between sons Job and Jeremiah, they to have the use and improvement of the land between the time their father died and the sale. To his three unmarried daughters, Thomas left the use of the dwelling house during the same period, and

two cows and one riding beast together with what apples they shall stand in need of out of my orchard yearly for both summer and winter eating all beef, pork, butter, cheese and cyder in the house at my decease all my grain and all sorts of sauce whether it be Harvested and gathered in or not...all indoor moveables except what my wife brought to me after marriage which my will is shall be returned to her at my decease according to our agreement, except my gun and that silver spoon which was my Father's money debts and wearing apparel.

...To sons Job and Jeremiah, all my livestock except what disposed of to daughters, they to provide sufficient keeping for the cows and riding beast for my daughters and sufficiency of fire wood at the door and water sufficient for use at all times when it is not to be had in the well at home to son Joseph, my silver spoon which was my father's to grandson Thomas Cook, my gun.

...To wife Susannah all the cloth which she has made since our marriage or shall make to the time of my decease with all the yarn that she shall have spun at that time whether the aforesaid cloth be whole or made up for her own body cloathing or Bed cloathing or however otherways made up except what shall be spun or made into cloath for my own ware trusting in her fidelity that she will accept of the same in lieu of her right of dower in my estate according to the agreement made between us before marriage.

Apparently as an afterthought, he added that his three unmarried daughters "shall have Priviledge and free liberty to Drink at all Times when they shall so Choose of the Sider that shall be made of the Appels growing in my orchard."

Witnesses to the will were Ebenezer Taber, Abigail Taber and Stephen West.

pg 103
Children, (births recorded Tiverton VR):
+128. i. JOSEPH, b. 12 Sept. 1712; m. Mary Bennett.
129. ii. SARAH, b. 18 June 1714, d. before 1760.
+130. iii. JOB, b. 11 Dec. 1716; m. (1) Ann Bennett, (2) Kezia Grinnell, (3) Elizabeth Sisson.
131. iv. ELIZABETH, b. 22 July 1719, d. after 1782 when her husband made his will; m. at Tiverton, 27 May 1761, as his second wife, Thomas Briggs Jr. of Beekman Precinct, Dutchess Co., N.Y. His first wife was Amy Cook [119], daughter of John and Alice (Southworth) Cook, q.v.
+132. v. ANNE, b. 4 April 1721; m. Samuel Brownell.
+133. vi. MARY, b. 20 March 1723; m. James Sisson Jr.
+134. vii. ABIGAIL, b. 21 March 1725; m. George Sisson.
+135. viii. JEREMIAH, b. 9 May 1727; In. Constant Russell.
136. ix. PHEBE, b. 14 Feb. 1729, unmarried 1760; living 1775.
137. x. HANNAH, b. 14 Dec. 1731, unmarried 1760, living 1775." Image.

Thomas Fish

1Jane Fletcher Fiske 1930, Thomas Cooke of Rhode Island: a genealogy of Thomas Cooke alias Butcher, J.F. Fiske, c1987 , pg 98. "THOMAS, b. 1 Dec. 1703, d. 1786 at the Oblong, Dutchess County, N.Y.; in. Portsmouth, 16 Dec. 1724, Mercy Coggeshall, daughter of John and Mary Coggeshall, b. 27 Dec. 1704, d. 10 Feb. 1778; res. Amenia, N.Y. (The playwright Tennessee Williams was among their descendants: their daughter Lydia Fish In. Timothy Dakin; Preserved Fish Dakin m. Deborah Akin; James Dakin m. Mary Ann Sabin; Edwin Francis Dakin m. (2) Harriet Jane Bellor; Walter Edwin Dakin m. Rosina Otte; Edwina Dakin m. Cornelius Coffin Williams and had Thomas Lanier Williams, better known as Tennessee Williams. The compiler is indebted to Gary Boyd Roberts for this information.)." Image.

Lloyd Elmer Sterner

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/24229211/lloyd-elmer-sterner. Image.

Margaret Lee Alexander

1FindaGrave.com, https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/100559694/margaret-lee-sterner. Image.