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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser, Boyce, Branch, Cooper, Jackson, Mann, Nichols, Prior, Sweeting.


Selected Families and Individuals

Samuel D. Jackson [Parents] was born in 1820 in , Bourbon, Kentucky. Samuel married Eliza Jane.

Eliza Jane was born about 1823. Eliza married Samuel D. Jackson.

They had the following children.

  F i Emma Jackson was born about 1845.

William Wright died. William married Eliza Ann Jackson on 15 Dec 1814.

Eliza Ann Jackson [Parents] was born in 1794. She died. Eliza married William Wright on 15 Dec 1814.

Other marriages:
Ferret, John

John Ferret died. John married Eliza Ann Jackson on 11 Feb 1819.

Eliza Ann Jackson [Parents] was born in 1794. She died. Eliza married John Ferret on 11 Feb 1819.

Other marriages:
Wright, William

Archibald R. Jackson [Parents] was born about 1781. He died on 22 May 1850 in , Pike, Missouri. He was buried in Antioch Cemetery..


He had the following children.

  F i Zelda Ann Jackson was born about 1814. She died about 1851.
  F ii Margaret Jackson was born about 1814. She died in 1835/1840.
  M iii Alexander S. Jackson was born about 1817. He died after 1870.
  F iv Hetta Maria Jackson was born on 18 Sep 1821. She died after 1870.

William D. Jackson [Parents] died in 1837 in , Bourbon, Kentucky. William married Mary Ann Hildreath on 6 Oct 1829.

Mary Ann Hildreath was born on 6 Oct 1808. Mary married William D. Jackson on 6 Oct 1829.

Worley was born about 1773. Worley married Mary Ann Jackson.

Mary Ann Jackson [Parents] was born about 1775. Mary married Worley.

Aaron Griffin Griffing was born about 1790. Aaron married Margaret Jackson on 24 Mar 1798.

Margaret Jackson [Parents] was born about 1792. Margaret married Aaron Griffin Griffing on 24 Mar 1798.

William D. Griffing was born in 1776. He died. William married Rebecca Jackson.

Rebecca Jackson [Parents] was born in 1778. She died in 1820. Rebecca married William D. Griffing.

True was born about 1843. True married Emma Jackson.

Emma Jackson [Parents] was born about 1845. Emma married True.

William R. Robinson died. William married Margaret Smith Jackson on 11 Nov 1868.

Margaret Smith Jackson [Parents] was born on 18 Feb 1842 in Danville, Boyle, Kentucky. She died. Margaret married William R. Robinson on 11 Nov 1868.

Margaret resided in 1850 in Boyle county, part of, Boyle, Kentucky. She resided in 1860 in , Boyle, Kentucky, United States.

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