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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.


Selected Families and Individuals

John Knott.

Pam Lewis [Parents].

Other marriages:
Nevin, Robert

Robert Nevin.

Pam Lewis [Parents].

Other marriages:
Knott, John

Wayne Lewis [Parents].



Linda Lewis [Parents].

Geoffrey Walder [Parents].


George William Evans [Parents] was born in 1903 in Bealiba, Victoria, Australia. He died on 13 Aug 1991 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. George married Dorothy Agnes Fowler on 16 Aug 1923 in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia.

Other marriages:
Dixie, Isabel Abbey

Dorothy Agnes Fowler was born on 6 Jul 1904 in Southampton, Hampshire, England. She died on 20 Jun 1999 in , , California. Dorothy married George William Evans on 16 Aug 1923 in Carnegie, Victoria, Australia.

Robert William Joseph Carroll was born on 10 Sep 1905 in Abbotsford, Victoria, Australia. He died 1 on 26 Oct 1956 in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia. Robert married Alice Muriel Schaeche in 1927.

Alice Muriel Schaeche [Parents] was born in 1905 in Carlton, Victoria, Australia. Alice married Robert William Joseph Carroll in 1927.

Arthur Marshall Schaeche [Parents] was born on 18 Jan 1909 in Richmond, Victoria, Australia. He died on 7 Jun 1991 in Clayton, Victoria, Australia. Arthur married Winifred Elsie Williamena Kirkbride.

Winifred Elsie Williamena Kirkbride was born on 25 Jul 1909 in Fitzroy, Victoria, Australia. She died on 25 Jun 1983 in Fairfield, Victoria, Australia. Winifred married Arthur Marshall Schaeche.

They had the following children.

  M i Marshall John Schaeche.
  M ii Paul Winston Schaeche.

Albert Vernon Harrison was born on 23 Sep 1919. He died on 7 Jan 1985 in Donald, Victoria, Australia. Albert married Edna Loveday Borden.

Edna Loveday Borden [Parents].

They had the following children.

  M i
Arnold Harrison was born on 6 Aug 1950. He died on 6 Aug 1950.
  M ii Stewart Andrew Harrison.
  F iii Heather Jean Harrison.

Walter Henry Borden [Parents] was born on 18 Feb 1926 in Watchem, Virctoria, Australia. He died on 7 May 1996 in Euroa, Victoria, Australia. Walter married Alix Margaret Grogan on 25 Feb 1950.

Alix Margaret Grogan.

They had the following children.

  M i William John Borden.
  M ii
Francis Henry Borden was born on 31 May 1952. He died on 1 Jun 1953.
  M iii Alan Arthur Borden.
  F iv
James Borden was born in Feb 1954. She died in Feb 1954.
  M v Kevin Joseph Borden.
  F vi Carmel Margaret Borden.
  M vii Donald Hugh Walter Borden.
  F viii Fiona Ruth Borden.

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