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RESEARCHER: Terri Turner [territ@osbi.state.ok.us] contacted T. Mason on 1Nov2001 providing information on her immediate family and some information for her brother and sister.

DEATH: Midwest City Regional Hospital.


RESEARCHER: Terri Turner [territ@osbi.state.ok.us] contacted T. Mason on 1Nov2001 providing information on her immediate family and some information for her brother and sister.

DEATH: Midwest City Regional Hospital.

Berry Franklin Thomas

BIRTH-DEATH-MARRIAGE-RESIDENCES: Letters from Ida P. Wade Thomas to T.Mason; ; dated 14 Jul 1959; In poss of T.Mason (file William P. Wade); EXTRACTION: Family came from Tenn to Texas. Lived with widowed mother for years.

MARRIAGE-DEATH-BIOGRAPHY: Letter Feb 25, 1959 from Ida Pauline Wade Thomas; RESEARCHER: T.Mason (Franklin Thomas file); EXTRACTIONS: Franklin came in boyhood from Missouri to Tarrant Co. Texas where Ft. Worth was later built. Lived with widowed mother for years. Family went to Jacksboro in 1868. All family record lost in a fire. After death of Franklin, his widow married a Mr. Sanders. One sister married a man named Farmer and remained in Ft. Worth. Brothers were Robert Lee, Bill, Isaac Napoleon, Franklin, Jim and Isaac N. Thomas (CONFLICT - must have been Isaac E. - younger brother), a brother to R.A. Thomas born in 1864 in Texas. Died at Amarillo in 1940. Two wives, 1st was a Miss Roach - married in Indian Territory in 1880's. Had 4 children by her. Emily oldest. George lived to be grown & married and had family. Other two died in baby and childhood. Franklin and Louisa Price were married in Ft. Worth, Texas. Franklin Thomas had gone west to where Old Fort Jacksboro Texas was with his family before his death. U.S. soldiers were stationed there at the time. They had 2 boys and 3 girls. Youngest girl died in infancy the same week that Franklin died in 1873. Daughter Mary married Robert L. Fenter, Martha married Mark Bean, Sam (one eyed), Nicholos served in hospital core in WWI, Merrith (youngest) is Baptist Minister.

MARRIAGE-DEATH-BIOGRAPHY: Letter Feb 25, 1959 from Ida Pauline Wade Thomas; RESEARCHER: T.Mason (Franklin Thomas file); EXTRACTIONS: Robert Allen's father Franklin Thomas, died when Robert Allen was hardly 4 years old & His Grandfather had died several years before. Robert Allen could remember the Grand Mother's death, while he was yet a child, and there was an unfortunate blaze that burned the Old Thomas Home, and all pictures and records were lost.

MILITARY: Service in Civil War.

Elizabeth Jane Price

NAME: Paper assumed written by Lela Crabtree Gilbert sent to T.Mason by Dianne King; ; ; ABSTRACT: Elizabeth Ann Price - Thomas - Sanders. Born 12-7-1836 - died 2-18-1921. Brothers: (ERROR: should read Sons) Issac Thomas & Allen Thomas (Wife Ida). Daughter Mary Jane Thomas (our grandmother). Born 1860 - Died April 13, 1927. Martha Thomas married Sam (stroked out) Bean.

TOMBSTONE: Viewed by Dianne King, Dec. 1999. Lists birth & death dates.

CONFLICTS: Lela Crabtree indicates (above) that Eliza's birthdate was Dec. 7, 1836. J.M. Rayner indicated on the death certificate it was Feb. 7, 1838. Calculating using age 36 in the 1870 census she was born in 1834. Calculating using age 70 in the 1910 census she was born in 1840. Calculating using age 82 in the 1920 census she was born in 1838.

MARRIAGE: 25 Feb 1959 letter of Ida Paulina Wade Thomas ;pg 2; EXTRACTION: "Mother Thomas married again to a Mr. Sanders, several years after the death of Franklin Thomas. ... Grandmother Thomas was from Kentucky and she had older sister and a brother name Allen Price, all Kentucky born."

MARRIAGE: Texas Marriages, JACK, TX. CD 5, 1st Edition; xerox copy in possn of T.Mason (file - BF Thomas)

MARRIAGE: Book of Memories by Ida Pauline Wade; written 1953-55; In possn of T.Mason; EXTRACTION: Robert Allen first started courting Ida Pauline in 1888. In 1893, Robert Allen's mother, step-father and a sister and family lived nearby. Allen was baptized in Washita River at Fally Crossing. The Presbyterian minister was past 90 and soon died of typhoid and pneumonia. Allen's mother remarried when he was about 14.

CEMETERY: 4 letters from Mrs. Martin L. Frerichs, Frerich's Flowers, Okemah, Oklahoma; 1956; Dated: Mar 5, Mar 29, May 20, May 23 to Mrs. Ida Thomas; In poss of T.Mason (R.A.Thomas file); NOTE: Talked with Mrs. Rayner and she took me to Morse cemetery to locate the grave. I believe this grade gray granite should match the one for Mr. Sanders. Received check of $55.00 for Sanders Stone. Please write and if you wish I can consult with Mr. Rayner. She is a very good friend of mine - Gertrude (Gertie) went to school with me, and I lived with them when I taught school there.

CENSUS: 1870 Census; (see notes for husband)

IGI - 1988: Casey County, Ky.; William Price/Levisa parents; Batch 8709007 7

1910 Census; Ofuskee Township, Ofuskee Co., OK; Supervisor #3 Enumeration Dist. 142 Sheet 8 B; Census taker: Earl R. Bass 0851
Fenter M.J. Head - Widowed - age 50 b. TX - father born MO mother b.KY - Labor Farmer.
Sanders E.J. - mother - age 70 - Married 30 yrs - 5 children born KY - father born MO - mother born TN.
Sanders Elijah-step father - 88 - b. TX - father born TX - mother born TX.
CONFLICT-ERROR: Eliza's five children were born in Texas, not KY as quoted here.


DEATH-BIOGRAPHY: Letter Feb 25, 1959 from Ida Pauline Wade Thomas; RESEARCHER: T.Mason (Franklin Thomas file); EXTRACTION: This infant died of measles the same week as Father Franklin Thomas died.

James M Wade

BIRTH-DEATH-MARRIAGE-RESIDENCES: Letters from Ida P. Wade Thomas to T.Mason; ; dated 14 Jul 1959; In poss of T.Mason (file William P. Wade); EXTRACTION: My father James Madison Wade born in Kentucky 4Sep1842, died 11Mar1934, moved to Missouri 1845 with father's family and was married in Missouri. Went to Texas in 1869 by wagon through the Ind. Ter, settled near Gordonville, Grayson, TX. In 1886 moved to Ind. Tery between Dougherty and Davis on Sorghum Flat where he resided til death in Gould, OK 11Mar1934, age past 92.

BIRTH-NAME-ERROR: Texas Birth Certificate Vol.56, Grayson Co. city of Gordenville; 1887; Filed 6 July 1953 by affidavit by Jessie Dennis Wade, Harmon, OK; "Unregistered" birth approved by judge 18 July 1953; In poss of T.Mason (Filed - James Wade); EXTRACTION: Father - James _Monroe_ Wade, age 47, born in Missouri, farmer. Mother - Mary Elizabeth _Henn_, age 42, born in Missouri, housewife. Was 13th birth, 11 were alive in 1887. Also quotes source as Family Bible. (See his personal testimony at the end of these notes.)

NAME-BIRTH-ERROR: Kim Carter wrote T.Mason 24 Nov 2000. EXTRACT: My grandpa, grandma and my mom clearly stated to me that his middle name was MONROE and that is where Uncle Leonard Monroe WADE gets his name from. John Chandler WADE has his age, on birth certificate of H.J. WADE b 1909, as being 23. This clearly brings me to believe his birth year was 1886. (See his personal testimony at the end of these notes.)

BIRTH-DEATH-RELIGION: Phil Rodgers, uncle to T.Mason, sent materials quoting Ida Pauline as recording James Madison as born in 1840 and died in 1926. 1952 Black Insurance Book of Ida P.W.Thomas states parents were members of Methodist Church in Gordonville.

CENSUS: Is in 1920 census with his son, John Chandler (which see)

CENSUS: 1900 (Lived in Hoover-Joy area. Hoover is in southern Garvin County, OK 7 miles west of Davis and located at the site of old Fort Arbuckle. Joy is south of Wynnewood in southern Garvin County).
CONFLICT: Note that in the above 1900 IT census, the children claim their mother was born in Illinois while she states in the same census her birthplace was Missouri and that it was the mother to Mary A. that was supposedly born in Illinois. Further investigation suggests yet another conflict in that the mother of Mary A. was likely born in Alabama.

OCCUPATION-BIOGRAPHY: Letter from Bob and Betty to Mamie Smith, 9 Jan 1981 ; ; Copy in poss of T.Mason (James M. Wade file); NOTE: Contains biographical profile of James M Wade and family. According to legend, James was in the civil war and probably served with either Virginia or Tennessee. In Red River Country, James farmed for some years in Cook county, then on the "Old Ed Rowe Ranch" in Grayson County and later near Gordonville, TX. Remembered by his grandchildren as a quiet person. He was often silent and when he spoke it was softly. He enjoyed solitude. When around those he knew well, he typically expressed good spirit and joked. Enjoyed reading stories from the Bible to his grandchildren.

COMMENT-NAME: Regarding James M Wade's middle name, I (T. Mason) think the most significant item is his self declaration in his application for a Civil War Pension (see below) that the "M" was for euphony. Therefore, although others may try to create information, his own "official" testimony in his 82nd year seems to clarify how I will display his family history record.

MILITARY: Civil War Pension File application # 1512047.
"Madlill, Okla RR 2
Secretary War Department
Washington, DC

Dear Sir,
I am writing in the interest of an old Civil War verteran in the Union Army about Feb. 1,1865 in St. Genevieve, MO. He is 82 years old. J.M. wade. George Myres registration officer
Please give this your best consideration and accept thanks with a reply. Will he be a subject for a pension?
Most respectfully,
F. T. Underhill"

"Declaration for Pension filed: State of Oklahoma, County of Marshall:
  On this 6th day of January 1925, before me, the undersigned, personally appeared for pension under the provisions of the act of Congress approved May 1, 1920:
  That he is 82 years of age; that he was born September 4th , 1842 at Nelson or Albermarle County, Virginia.
  That he is the identical J.M. Wade Enlisted Feb. 1st, 1865 at St. Genevieve County, Missouri under the name of J.M. Wade, in He was drafted at St. Genevieve, MO, but never left that county. He was in service about 3 months. He was attached to several different outfits during this time but does not remember any company. One of his leutenants was named Evans.
Discharged At close of war at St. Genevieve, Missouri, having served the United States in the Civil War.
  That his personal description at time of first enlistment was as follows: Height 5 feet 5 inches; complexion- clear; color of eyes- grey; color of hair - auburn; that his occupation was farmer.
  That since leaving the service he has resided at Texas, Cook County, Grayson County, near Davis Indian Territory, now lives at Route 2, Madill, Oklahoma and his occupation has been farmer.
  That he requires the regular personal aid and attendance of another person and has required such aid and attendance since 1904 on account of the following disabilities:
Totally blind in one eye. Eyesight weak in other. Vertigo. Rheumatism. Weak heart. General weakness account old age.
That he did not serve in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the United States between April 6, 1917 and February 9, 1922, or at any time during said period.
  That several member of his family served in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps of the United States between April 6, 1917 and February 9,1922, or at any time during said period: several grandchildren did. Two in France, One in China, one in South America. Unable to give companies, etc.
  Witnessed by F. T. Underhill Route 2, Madill, Okla. Claimant Signature: J. M. Wade Route 2, Madill,OKla"

Declaration of Pension (questionaire)
No.1. Are you a married man? If so, state your wife's full name and her maiden name. Answer: My wife's name was Mary ...(illegible-very light copy)
No. 2. When, where and by whom were you married to your present wife?
Answer: July 31, 1869 in St. Genivieve County, MO. My wife deceased June 22, 1918 at Sulphur, Okla...(illegible...)

The next page sent with this letter lists many names of officers and comrades who were drafted in the infantry on Feb. 1, 1865
"I give my name in full. The "M" was for euphony no more. Drafted in the infantry Feb. 1, 1865 at St Genevieve, MO where several officers and soldiers were stationed.
Most respectfully
James M. Wade"

War Department
The Adjutant General's Office
December 22, 1925

Respectfully returned to: The Commissioner of Pensions
No record has been found of a James M Wade from Missouri which can be identified as that of the man referred to in papers herewith returned.

Mary Anna Henn

BIRTH: 25 Feb 1959 letter of Ida Paulina Wade Thomas; ; in possession of T.Mason; EXTRACTION: My mother Mary Anna Hann Wade born 16 Sept 1846 in MO, died 22June1920. Buried at Sulphur, OK, age 74+.

CONFLICT: Phil Rodgers sent material by Ida Pauline Wade stating Mary Anna Henn as born in 1844, died in 1918. Bob & Betty Morris likewise state birth in 1844. Also there is not clear indication of parents Mary Anna Henn's mother.

NAME: On the birth certificate of John Candler (no "h" in middle name on certificate) Wade, his mother is listed as Mary Elizabeth Henn, born in Missouri.

Marriage Notes for James M Wade and Mary Anna Henn-2376

Civil War pension lists marriage on: 31 Jul 1869

Martin Clay Wade

BIRTH-DEATH-MARRIAGE-RESIDENCES: Letters from Ida P. Wade Thomas to T.Mason; ; dated 14 Jul 1959; In poss of T.Mason (file William P. Wade); EXTRACTION: "Clay" was an invalid as of age 3. He had a stone in his kidney for 6 years before death. Was fair, blue eyed, curly hair, never able to go to school but read beautifully, especially in the New Testament.

BIOGRAPHY: Ida Pauline Wade Thomas' Two Books of Memories; ; written in 1953-1955; In poss of T.Mason (R.A.THOMAS file); EXTRACTION: Clay was buried N.W. of Gordonsville about 5 miles. A tombstone put to his grave. Was last year we lived in Texas.

Herbert Orr

BIRTH-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason

BIOGRAPHY: Had two brothers (Charley & John) who lived & died in Hayden, also a sister (Mrs. Morris) of Hayden. Had relatives in New Zeland & Ireland.

HYPERLINK: [ http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~meaneypj/Co_Down_Stuff/Down_strays/USA_Down_Strays/Ellis_Island/arizona_co_down_strays.htm ]

IMMIGRATION: Name - Departure - Arrival - Ship - Age - Last Place of Residence & Nearest Relative - Destination - With Whom - Relationship - Place of Birth
Orr Herbert - Liverpool 07/07/1920 - New York 17/07/1920 - Celtic - 23 - Kilkeel Charles Orr Benagh Ballyyardle Co Down Father - AZ Hayden Gila Co. Arizona - Mr Orr - Brother - Kilkeel

DEATH: Letter from Mrs. J.M. Mason; 1990; ; In poss of T.Mason (Robert A. Thomas file); NOTE: Said Charlie Morris (nephew) stated Herb had massive stroke on Sunday and died on Monday. Herb was cremated on 19 July. Herb remained in Colter Village rest home following Elva's death.

Mary Elva Thomas

BIRTH-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason

DEATH: Obituary - died Mary Elva Orr, 87, of Glendale, a schoolteacher. Born in Oklahoma. Survivors include her husband, Herbert; a son; one sister; and a brother. Memorial services Saturday, A.L. Moore, North Phoenix. Elva was cremated.

TRIBUTE: Do not stand at my grave and weep;
I am not there. I do not sleep.
I am a thousand winds that blow;
I am the diamond glints on snow.
I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
I am the gentle autumn’s rain.
When you awaken in the morning’s hush,
I am the swift uplifting rush
Of quiet birds in circled flight.
I am the soft star that shines at night.
Do not stand at my grave and cry,
I am not there; I did not die.

A Tribute to a Wonderful Sister.
Elva wasn’t just a sister to me. She was partial mother, my first teacher in school, my counselor, my financial backer when I needed it most for an education, a baby sitter and “Grandmother - Aunt” to my son when he was little. But most of all, she was my most loyal and best friend.
Elva was the third child of Robert Allen and Ida Pauline Thomas. She was born near White Bead, Oklahoma in 1901. A previous brother and sister preceded her in death, so Elva was the eldest of six younger brothers and sisters whom she “Mothered” and helped raise to adulthood.
Her life, as was for all of us, quite a drudgery growing up on a small farm in Oklahoma. The work was hard with many back-breaking tasks to perform. Modern conveniences of indoor running water, plumbing and electricity were unheard of in the rural communities. Country living then was far from what today’s farmers enjoy. But we did have a mother who wanted and insisted her children have at least a High School education and as much college as money would stretch to allow maybe one year. It seemed to fall on Elva to help the younger ones as she pioneered her field of teaching school as soon after graduation from Lindsay High School, Oklahoma.
She was all of nineteen years old when she returned to our rural community for her first year of teaching, the first four grades - the 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th were taught by a young man as those pupils needed a firmer touch to control some of the near grown young people. I, being the youngest in our family, started to school that year. Elva spanked my hands with a ruler the same as any other child who misbehaved or did not do their lessons. But she loved us all and was a wonderful teacher, specializing in First Grade throughout her whole teaching career which led her to several different places in Oklahoma and Texas and eventually to Hayden, Arizona.
The Great Depression of 1929 was a terrible experience for everyone, but teacher’s salaries in Oklahoma and Texas were disgraceful. So when the opportunity arose in Arizona, Elva again became the pioneer and ventured away from home to seek something better. It was through her influence and help that she brought me to Arizona where I also became a teacher and married a native of the state. It was only after she finally got me off her hands and responsibility that she felt free to marry and live a life of her own.
I was only the last one of the family she helped. Each of us received both encouragement and financial help from a devoted sister.
She loved her adopted state of Arizona and though in later years she realized her dreams of traveling to various places and countries all over the world, she was always happy to come back to the beautiful blooming Palo Verdes and Saguaro cactus, to watch the sunsets that only Arizona has and cherish her memories of her travels.
I feel another chapter in my life is closed with her passing but am happy too, that she is now at Peace. She will always live in my memory. A loving Sister, Ruth A. Mason

Henry Howard Thomas

BIRTH-MARRIAGE: Letter from Ida P. Wade Thomas to T.Mason; ; dated 14 Jul 1959; In poss of T.Mason (file William P. Wade); EXTRACTION: Born on Bar B Ranch.

BIRTH-PARENTS-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason

TOMBSTONE: THOMAS - WANDA E. - 1921 - 1961 - HENRY H. - 1903 - 1977

Personal correspondence in file. His wife predeceased him.

Elva & Ruth say he died of cancer & pneumonia.

DEATH: Obituary; in possn of T.Mason; ; ; ABSTRACT: Henry Howard Thomas, 74, Sulphur, died Tuesday at Edmond Hospital. Services will be Thursday at Clagg Funeral Home chapel, Sulphur, with burial in Wynnewood. Thomas was born in Wynnewood. He had lived in the Sulphur area since 1949 and was a cattle rancher. He was a member of Elks lodge. Survivors include a daughter, Judy Monroe, Edmond; two sons, Don Thomas, Edmond, and Bill Thomas, Fort Worth; a brother, John Thomas, Edmond; and three sisters, Lois Rodgers, Bethany, Ruth Mason, Douglas, Ariz. and Elva Orr, Tucson, Ariz.

Wanda Emogene Dew

Thomas family bible records in possession of T.L. Mason.

Herbert D Flow

NAME: In response to an inquiry, Herbert's wife Pauline wrote T.Mason that "Herbert D Flow" is Herbert's full name.

Pauline Thomas

BIRTH-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason

BIRTH: Letter from Pauline (Robert A Thomas file); ; EXTRACTION: Pauline born on Jenken's farm.

OBITUARY: In R.A. Thomas file. Funeral-Village United Methodist Church. Mrs. Flow died Tuesday at her home. Pauline was a retired Oklahoma City elementary school teacher. Moved to Oklahoma City in 1931 from Chickasha. Pauline fought a long battle with cancer. Was a member of Oklahoma Retired Teacher's Association., Kappa Kappa Iota, Eastern Star and was active in several church groups. She had attended the University of Oklahoma and Central State College and was a member of the Village United Methodist Church. Survivors include her husband Herbert D; three daughters, Mrs. Patricia Langston, Alamosa, Colo.; Mrs. Mary Dew, Dallas, and Mrs. Judy Duncan, Colorado Springs, Colo.; two brothers, John W. Thomas, Edmond, and Henry Thomas, Davis; three sisters, Mrs. Elva Orr, Tucson, AZ; Mrs. Ruth Mason, Douglas, AZ, and Mrs. Louis Rogers, Bethany; six grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

BURIED: at Wynnewood Cemetery, but not the Thomas family plot.

MARRIAGE: Daughter Pat indicates marriage certificate states her parents were married in Murray, while sisters Elva & Ruth & Pauline indicate they were married in Paul's Valley, Garvin Co.

John Wade Thomas

BIRTH-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason. Born on M. Beeler farm.

BIOGRAPHY: Edmond Heritage Hall of Fame Banquet; 18Nov1986; EXTRACT: A Oklahoma Central State University graduate, John W. Thomas was a school teacher then went into realty. He has devoted over 50 years to Edmond civic organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce, the Edmond Masonic Lodge, the Kiwanis Club, the Boy Scouts of America. He was director of First National Bank in Edmond and of the Edmond Industrial Trust. He was the organizer and first President of the Real Estate Board and has also served as President of the Oklahoma Real Estate Association, which honored him as state Realtor of the Year in 1963. Thomas has been named to Who's Who in the South and Southwest He has served in numerous leadership positions in St. Luke's United Methodist in Oklahoma City and has served on the board and as president for Oklahoma Conference of Trustees of Methodist Church. He and his wife of 57 years, Lois, have two children, six grandchildren and one great grandchild.

DEATH: Phone call to T.Mason by Ruth Thomas Mason on date of death. All of John's children and grandchildren were there when John died.

Lois Maurine Griffin

Family bible in possession of T.L. Mason.

DEATH: On 19 Apr 2000 Jan Boyington called Ruth A. Mason to inform us that her mother had died that morning.

Phil Rodgers

BIRTH-PARENTS: Delayed Birth Certificate; 1905; Bureau of Vital Statistics, OK; Cert 68369; 9 Jun 1941; Original in poss of Marty Irwine, OK, photocopy in poss of T.Mason (R.A. Thomas file); NOTE: On Sept. 12, 1978 Phil wrote, "I had my own birth certificate prepared and it shows Phil Rodgers also known as George William Felix Rodgers. Signed by Martha H. Rodgers (mother). Parents married, Father born Centralia, Missouri, Merchant Lumber Yard, Mother born Belfast, Ireland, Housewife. Child 3 of 3.

MARRIAGE: License recorded 12-26-1940; 1940; pg 533, Marriage Record 23 of Garvin Co; Ed Craig Jr. Court Clerk;
MARRIAGE: Certificate; 1940; by Frank Grubbs, First Christian Church of Pauls Valley, Garvin Co. 26 Dec 1940; NOTE: hereby certify that I joined in marriage Phil Rodgers of Oklahoma City, OK, OK aged 35 and Lois E. Thomas of Okemah, Okfuskee, OK aged 32 on 25 of Dec 1940.

DEATH: Physician's Certificate of Death; State of Oklahoma; was a loan officer for Veterans Adminis.; Lists death place as St. Anthony Hospital, Oklahoma City.

Lois Eleanor Thomas

BIRTH-PARENTS-CHILDREN-DEATH: Thomas Family Bible; 1870-1956; ; p 2; Photocopy in poss of T.Mason; NOTE: Ida Pauline spelled her daughter's name "Elenor", however, Lois always spelled her name as "Eleanor". BIRTH PLACE: See note under sister "Ruth".

BIRTH: Delayed Certificate; 1908; State File No. 1687-039; original in poss of Marty Irwin, OK, photocopy in poss of T.Mason; NOTE: Supporting sources were Ida P. Thomas; family bible; and Birth Records of Harper Wright, M.D.

DEATH: In Deaconess Hospital. Attending physician Certificate of Death; 1981; Department of Health, OK; Regd. 5 Mar 1981 Roger Pirrong, State Registrar; EXTRACTION: 27 Feb 1981, age 72; Deaconess Hosp, SS # 442-48-1623, resident of Bethany, OK., informant - Marty Irwin, dau. Died of congestive heart failure.

DEATH: Guardian West Funeral Home, 5820 N.W. 41st St., Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; In Memory of card; in possn of T.Mason; Monday, March 2, 1981; Officiating: Rev. David Digby; Interment: Chapel Hill Cemetery.

DEATH: Obituary; in possn of T.Mason; ; ; ABSTRACT: Lois Eleanor (Mrs. Phil Rodgers). Died Friday morning after a long illness. She was born Jun 21, 1908 in Lindsay, Oklahoma to Ida Pauline and Robert Allen Thomas. Following graduation from Lindsay High School she attended Central State Teachers College in Edmond. She taught school & served aas a Home Demonstration agent for several years prior to her marriage to Phil Rodgers on Christmas Day 1940. She was a member of Putnam City Christian Church. She is survived by 1 daughter Mrs. Phil (Marty) Irwin of OKC; 2 sisters Mrs. Herbert (Elva) Orr of Tucson, Arizona & Mrs. Jack (Ruth) Mason of Green Valley, Arizona, & 1 brother John Thomas of Edmond.