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Selected Families and Individuals


Walter Gladstone Treanor

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 4 Jan 2005 by Steve Treanor [stevetrea@sbcglobal.net]. "Walter was born Walter Gladstone Bjorkman. The son of book-keeper Walter E. Bjorkman and Jane B Arthur on February 19, 1922. Walter's father separated from the family in 1925 or 1926. Some time after the separation Jane took young Walter to California to live with her father Harry Arthur. Walter thought Harry was a scary man and never really had kind words for him. In 1930 Jane officially divorced Bjorkman in an Orange County Court. Shortly thereafter Jane and young Walter returned to New York. In 1931 Jane married New York City police officer Frank Treanor. Walter took the name Treanor but was never adopted by Frank. Walter legally changed his name on December 10, 1943. In New York Walt had to be a tough kid. The neighbor boys knew his step-father was a cop and showed him little mercy. The family lived in a cold water flat in modest conditions in New York. Despite the stress he was an honor student, a sea scout and an avid reader. According to his Aunt Josephine he was a serious boy who would read every inch of a newspaper. As a teen he worked as an usher in the Roxy Theater. His uncles help him with college costs but he worked as a bus boy while at Principia College. He was a Political Science Major and played football. He received his bachelor's degree before entering the Navy. During World War II Walt was a Naval Officer and served as Ensign, First Lieutenant - LST and Commanding Officer - LSM. He served on three LSTs and on two LSMs. He saw action in "Operation Tiger", a preparation exercise for the landing at Normandy. In that operation his convoy was separated from destroyer escorts and was attacked by German U boats. Nearby ships were hit and sank, killing hundreds of soldiers and sailors. He was the officer on deck when his ship was the target of a torpedo. The torpedo scraped the bottom of this flat bottom boat and kept going. When the vessel was taken to dry dock for repairs the mark left by the torpedo was clearly visible. Walter participated in the landing at Normandy. He commanded a landing craft that overturned in the surf and he was left on the beach until he could be removed back to his ship. After the success at Normandy he was reassigned to the Pacific. He was injured while transferring to his new ship and hospitalized never seeing additional action. He left the service on June 30, 1946. In July of 1946 Walter Married Betty Bartlett, the daughter of Herbert and Josephine Bartlett. They settled in St. Louis Mo. where Walter worked on his Law Degree at Washington University. His first job as a lawyer was working for family members at Fanchon and Marco, a firm that operated movie theaters. Working for family was not a good idea and he was soon a staff counsel for the Missouri Pacific Railroad. In 1958 Walt was hired by the Western Pacific Railway in San Francisco. He rose to the position of Vice President General Counsel for the company and successfully argued a case before the United States Supreme Court to take the obligation of passenger rail off of his firm. He retired from practicing law in 1983. He was active in civic affairs serving on various community boards (e.g. President of the School Board). He was selected as the Orinda Sun Newspaper's Man of the Year in 1966. He served on the Contra Costa Merit Board (Personnel Board) for nearly forty years. At his 80th birthday he said "My greatest experiences are the 50 marriage (to date); two wonderful children and their great spouses; four wonderful grandchildren. Good health and a love of life all go along with my blessings. Great friends-long term and new alike are 'icing on the cake'. Considering where I started, I'd never have believed I'd have been so very fortunate in my life-God has been very good." He passed away on Thanksgiving Day morning November 28, 2002 as the result of a brain tumor."