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Selected Families and Individuals


Presley Rodgers

Quoted from Phil Rodgers, Dec.9, 1978. Extract from book "Pioneer Families of Missouri" 1880. Mr. Rodgers came to Missouri in 1831 and settled in Howard, Boone, Saline, and Montgomery counties. Was blacksmith. In 1880 eight of eleven childern living in Montgomery Co.

James Rodgers

Information quoted by Phil Rodgers from book "Pioneer Families of Missouri" - 1880; James of Pennsylvania settled in Nelson Co. Ky. where he raised a large family and gave each of them a bible.

Anton "Anthony" Henn

BIRTH-IMMIGRATION-DEATH: Grandmother Ida Pauline Thomas wrote that Mary Anna's father Hann or Hahn, is said to have come from Baden, Germany at age 14 (1825) (This age of his emigration is now proven to be incorrect). He spoke and wrote in the German language and spoke English brokenly. Wouldn't ride in anything if possible to walk. Walked 10-15 miles a day. Was large and crippled with rheumatism. He came from Missouri on the train to Grayson County, Texas to visit when Grandmother Thomas was a child about 6 or 7. He walked 12 miles from the railroad station in Whitesboro, Texas. He had a cane and also limped. After living with us for almost three years he returned to Missouri, lived a year, died of stroke when he was 74, in the same year as Auntie Mildred and Brother Clay. 1880 Grayson Co. Texas Census indicates Mary A.'s father was born in Germany, her mother born in Alabama. He was raised a Catholic & was faithful all his life.

IMMIGRATION-RESEARCHER: In 2002 hired R.M. to research for T.Mason. He "searched death records in Ebersweier from 1814 to 1845 (1054224, item 4 and 1054225, item 1), as well as the confirmation [Kommunikanten] for 1825-1830 (1054224, item 4) and marriages for 1835 to 1850 (1054225, item 1)." CONCLUSION: Since there are no additional records of Anton Hen in Ebersweier, Offenburg, Germany after 1814, it confirms his emigration to America.

EMIGRATION: The emigrant Anton Henn, who was born in 1814, and is listed in the index of Baden Emigration on FHL film 1180098 with two persons traveling with him from Ebersweier, Baden, is actually married in Ebersweier in 1838. He and his wife have a child in 1840, thus the two persons are his wife and child. The marriage entry shows that they emigrated in October of 1841. This Anton is therefore 27 years old at time of emigration. This coincides with the age of 28 years of age at time of his second marriage in Missouri. QUESTION: What happened to his first wife?

CENSUS: Missouri, Ste Genevieve, Saline Twp. Series M432, Roll: 413, Page 243.
Date: Oct. 3, 1850 Town/Township: Saline Township
Page # 243, Dwelling # 557, Family # 574:
Anthony Henn age/sex: 36/male Occupation: Farmer
Value of Real Estate: $500
Birthplace: Germany
Mary Henn age/sex: 29/female Birthplace: Tennessee
Martha E. Henn age/sex: 7/female Birthplace: Missouri
Joseph W. Henn age/sex: 5/male Birthplace: Missouri
Mary Ann Henn age/sex: 3/female Birthplace: Missouri
Mildrid Henn age/sex: 4 m/female Birthplace: Missouri

MARRIAGE-DEATH-RESEARCHER: Bernadine Bishop sent the following to Yvette Stewart in Jan 2002. "I have found an Anton Hen died Dec. 1886 and is buried in Immaculate Conception Catholic Church Cemetery, Ste. Genevieve County (St. Mary's Missouri). I also found in a book of Marriages of Ste. Genevieve, MO. by Mrs. Howard W. Woodruff from 1807-1827 and 1842-1866, the following: Anthony Henn and Mary McNelly, date was May 22, 1842 married by Justice of Peace Joseph Hertick at the home of Peter Bequette. The groom was 28 years old and the bride was 22 years. Woodruff's material is usually accurate. Also in a book of Marriages from 1847-1882 and 1881-1896 written by Carolyn M. Bartels, 7295 Houston Street, Shawnee Mission, KS 66227 I find on August 31, 1869 - James W. Wade - Mary Henn."

DEATH: Ida Pauline Wade Thomas' Two Books of Memories; ; written in 1953-1955; In poss of T.Mason (R.A.THOMAS file); NOTE: After this Dear Old Grandparent went away back to Missouri, he did not live but a year or two and I remember when the death message came, how mother cried. The message said, he was drawing water from a well, and fell dead, a stroke. Think Grand Father Hann was 74 years at his passing.

DEATH: Ste. Genevieve Herald, Ste. Genevieve, Mo., Saturday, Dec. 25, 1886. ST. MARY CLIPPINGS "DIED: On Friday, December 17th, 1886, of apoplexy, Anton Henn, aged 73 years."

RESEARCHER: Carol wrote Yvette Taylor Stewart; ; ; E-mail: I am looking for information on a ? Henn or Hann born in Baden, Germany about 1811 and came to the area from Germany in 1825. Believed to have married Elizabeth McIntosh. One child named Mary Anna Hann or Henn married James Madison Wade about 1868. Most documentation I have shows the name was Hann, but another one shows Henn. I am trying to confirm the correct spelling. German origin. I know that the man I am looking for died in MO about 1885 and is possibly buried in the St. Louis area. My great-great grandmother was named Gertrud Henn, and was married to John (Johan/Johannes) Botz and they came from Baden, Germany to Ste. Genevieve, Missouri (later moved to St. Louis) sometime in the mid 1800's. I am trying to trace them but not having much success. But I did find some listings in the Missouri census for the Henn name. There were 4 listed in the 1850 edition, Anthony and Bernard in Ste. Genevieve, John E. in St. Louis and Michael (not sure of his location). In the 1860 Volume 2 edition Anthony Henn and Bernard Henn are still listed in Ste Genevieve and also in Ste Genevieve is a Josephine Henn. No trace of the Michael Henn listed in the 1850 edition. I do not even know if those Henns are connected in anyway to my great-great grandmother, but it might help you out. I am trying to trace Botz (or Von Botz) and am making no progress, hope you will have better luck with your search.

Maria Anna Reinbold

QUESTION: What happened to her? Did she die on the ship with her daughter?

Mc Annally

According to Ida P. Wade Thomas, this woman was a Mississippi Choctaw and left the tribe when it was moved to the reservation. Her husband was said to be Irish, and her mother was supposedly named McELROY.

Col. B. L. Smith

DEATH: Certificate - Col B. L. Smith, Lawyer, Born December 29, 1873, died Feb 19, 1925, Residence Blue Ridge GA., Father - William D. Smith, Mother - Miss Chastain. Wife's name Fannie Trammell.