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Selected Families and Individuals


Henry Dawson

Of Warwick and Isle of White Counties, VA.

William Dawson

in VA in 1621, to Isle of White, VA in 1635.

Jesse Battle

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason by Marianne Leader on 10 Oct 2014. "(Evidently, Jesse Battle b 1738, son of John b 1709 and Sarah Browne Battle, waited until the mid-1770’s to come into NC from VA, but uncle Elisha Battle b 1723, a Major in the Revolution, came into Edgecombe/Halifax Co NC at same time c1760’s as Rabuns did. In court minutes in 1781 Elisha Battle stood as security along with Redmun Bunn—bond of 800,000 pounds-- for Matthew Rabun Sr who was taking guardianship of his wife’s niece and nephew, orphans of Jesse Andrews. See Court Minutes Edgecombe NC 1757-1784, US Gen Web Archives, available on-line.)"

"All these Harveys were associated with the Battles and the Rabuns as well as with Powells in Hancock Co GA in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s.  John Harvey and Matthew Rabun Sr. were lay elders as well as founding members of the Powell’s Creek (Powelton Baptist) Baptist Church in 1786.  Jesse Battle family were also founders here in 1786.  Evan Harvey, John’s brother, married Cader Powell’s sister Charity in 1774.  Cader Powell’s daughter Apselia b 1774 married Matthew Rabun Jr.  Cader Powell was a founding member of the Williams Creek Baptist Church--also a church founded before 1790, and closely allied with Powelton’s Baptist Church where the Rabuns, the Harveys and the Battles were."

Isaac Battle

In December 1802, a deed to Isaac Battle for 200 acres of land was signed in Hancock County by John Harvey, Michael Harvey, Evan Harvey and James Harvey, as administrators to Thomas Harvey.

Elizabeth Ann Battle

Died unmarried.

Jesse Brown Battle

Ref: The Christian Index, HISTORY OF THE BAPTIST DENOMINATION IN GEORGIA WITH BIOGRAPHICAL COMPENDIUM, 1881, Jas. P. Harrison & Co., Atlanta, GA, pp. 27-28.

Jesse Brown Battle was born in Hancock County, Georgia, September 3d, 1788. His father was William Lamar Battle, a good soldier in the War of Independence. His mother's maiden name was Sarah Whitehead. Sarah Warren, married to Matthew Rabun Sr. was the mother-in-law of Mary (Polly) Battle who married William Rabun.  That makes her mother-in-law to Jesse Brown Battle’s aunt Mary (“Polly”). She was of the family of Gen. Warren, of revolutionary fame. He died December 2d, 1869, in the 82d year of his age.

When the scroll on which Heaven registers the names of the good and useful, through every age, shall be unrolled for the inspection of men and angels, high on the list, will be found the name of him whose virtures these lines are designed to commenorate. There is an ancient heathen maxim, founded alike in wisdom and propriety, which bids us "say nothing of the dead but what is good." This injunction, in the present instance, can be obeyed without a shadow of violence to truth, for Jesse Battle was a good husband, father, citizen, and more than all, a faithful minister of Jesus Christ. He was one of those men who almost seem to have been born to piety and good works, no part of his life, even before conversion, having been given to dissolute courses, such as too often characterize the young men of every generation. He professed faith in the Savior when only sixteen years of age, and was baptized by Rev. Jesse Mercer into the Powelton church, of which he was pastor, in 1804. From that period until the day of his death he was one "whose doctrine and whose life, coincident gave lucid proof that he was honest in the sacred cause." He surely deserved the high encomium paid to barnabas, "He was a good man, full of the Holy Ghost, and of faith."

He was married to Miss Martha Rabun, oldest daughter of Governor Rabun, February 23d, 1815. She was one of the lovelist and most amiable of her sex. Religion was her guiding star. It has often been remarked of her that, with the same opportunities, she would have equalled Ann Hasseltine Judson. It can truly be said of this Christian couple that "they walked together in all the commandments and ordinances of the Lord blameless." He brought up his children in the nurture and admoninition of the Lord. No better evidence of the care and love bestowed on them do we need than that they loved him devotedly while living, and now mourn for him that he is removed. He was the father of nine children, and except one who died in infancy, they were a baptized household. Only four sons survive him.

He was a good citizen, although he did not leave his ministry to take part in politics, as so many of his contemporaries did, in the times of party excitement, in which his last days were passed; his great influence was ever thrown on the side of law and order. while rendering to God the things that are God's, he never forgot to render to Ceasar the things that are Ceasar's.

He was especially a good minister. His ordination to the Baptist ministry occured in 1818. The Presbytery was composed of no ordinary men, for among them we find the names of Revs. Jesse Mercer and B. M. Sanders. Those revered fathers on that solemn occasion, laid their hands on one whose labors would entitle him to a place with themselves in the catalogue of "the excellent of the earth," for hundreds have been saved through his instrumentality, and he exerted an influence for good in our denomination which eternity alone can fully reveal. His first pastorate was with the church at Mount Zion, Hancock County, in which county he labored the most of his life. For about twenty years he was pastor of our churches at Island Creek, Bethel, Darien, and Beulah. As a pastor he was enimently successful. Hundreds were baptized by him and built up in the faith of the Gospel. The churches under his charge grew and flourished, and were noted for zeal, purity and benevolence. He was remarkably cautious in the examination of candidates for baptism, and none were admitted without safisfactory evidence of genuine conversion. As a preacher he was lucid, impressive and interesting. His thoughts often came too fast for utterance, which occasionally gave him the appearance being hurried. His personal appearance was fine. About five feet eleven inches in height, and with well formed features, and a countance ever beaming with kindness, he would attract notice in any group. His advantages for education in early life were limited, but with a strong, vigorous mind and close application, he attained sufficient proficiency to render him a good minister of Jesus Christ; for he made the Bible, "the man of his cousel," and was a pure Gospel preacher. He taught the doctrines as laid down in Scripture, and followed no cunningly devised fables. He was emphatically a Baptist...

He died at a very advanced age, at the house of his son, John R. Battle, a planter in Sumter County, Georgia, having survived his noble wife for many years. His fellow-laborers were Revs. R. Gunn, Wm. H. Stokes, Benjamin Roberts, and Asa Duggan. With these well beloved breathren he toiled long and arduously, with eminent success. His labors on earth are ended; he had passed to his reward. As we behold his godly example, let us obey the Scripture injunction and "be followers of those, who, through faith and patience, inherit the promises." How pleasant the thought that his mantle has fallen on his grandson, Rev. Andrew J. Beck, of the Baptist Church at Milledgeville, Georgia.

William Shivers Jr.

RESEARCHER: Glydie Ann Nelson wrote T.Mason on 7May2001. EXTRACT: 1860 Bibb County Federal Census page 567. "He was 63 years old."

Marriage Notes for William Shivers Jr. and Susanna Faucette Rabun-2805

RESEARCHER: Glydie Ann Nelson wrote T.Mason on 7May2001. EXTRACT: From the Marriage Records of Hancock County, Georgia "William Shivers, Jr. and Susan Rabun of this county Dec 20, 1818 by I. Roberts, Minister of Gospel".

Sarah Warren Shivers

DEATH-RESEARCHER: Glydie Ann Nelson wrote T.Mason on 7May2001. EXTRACT: Death & Obituary notice from the Southern Christian Advocate 1867-1878. Issue of Apr 24, 1868