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Selected Families and Individuals


Lucinda E Hiter

Listed in the 1850 census of her brother's home (Charles)

William Walden Gray Jr.

Information sent to T.Mason on 8 Feb 2009 by Sherry Kaseberg.

1914: US Passport Applications 1906-1925:
William W. Gray and wife Birdie R. Gray and minor children:
Mary Gray born Grayville, IL 12 Feb 1899; Dorothy Gray born Grayville, IL 1 July 1900; Margaret Gray born Grayville, IL 22 Nov 1902;
William W. Gray born Grayville, IL 26 April 1864;
Residence Evansville, IL, occupation real estate
Personal: age 50, 6’ tall, high forehead, grey eyes, grey hair, Roman nose, round chin, long face, ruddy complexion, large mouth.
Purpose of trip: to visit England, France, Italy, Switzerland, education for children;
Signed by William W. Gray 23 Nov 1914 Vanderburgh County, IN.

1923: US Passport Applications 1906-1925:
William Walden Gray, issued 16 July 1923, NY, NY
Born Grayville, IL 26 April 1864, son of William W. Gray born Carmi, IL, now deceased.
Res. 200 Walnut Street, Evansville, IN; banker
Passport to visit England, Ireland, Scotland for pleasure
Leaving on board the BERENGARIA 17 July Port of NY
Previously resided outside the US 1914-1915 Italy, France, Switzerland and 1908-1909, 9 months
[two photos attached, labeled Julia --- and Sylvia French]

1930 US Census, Berkley Square, Los Angeles City & County, CA
William W. Gray 64 married at age 31 president, bank IL IL KY
Birdie R. Gray 54 married at age 21 TN TN TN
Thaddeus UpdeGraff 34 CA NY IL contractor, ------ building
Dorothy G. UpdeGraff 29 IL IL TN
William G. UpdeGraff 3 4/12 CA CA IL
Francis E. Browne 34 CA US US physician, surgeon, hospital
Margaret G. Browne 27 IL IL TN
Allen G. Browne 1 6/12 CA CA IL
Harry G. Browne 5/12 CA CA IL
Catherine Craver 52 widow private family servant, cook PA PA PA
Helen M. Vaughn 33 divorced private family servant, housemaid OH OH OH
Alma Pierce 29 single private family servant, nurse WI NY WI
Irene Dufault 32 single private family servant, nurse CAN CAN CAN.

Anna Maria Orr

IMMIGRATION: "Arrived in Montreal on board the Bavarian on the 15/05/1905 and crossed the border into America on the 29/09/1905. She was classed as a house servant and was going to her brother Charles Orr at 608 Jones Street San Francisco."

Charles Orr

HYPERLINK: [ http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~meaneypj/Co_Down_Stuff/Down_strays/USA_Down_Strays/Ellis_Island/california_co_down_strays.htm ]

Surname: Orr
First: Charles
Departure from: Liverpool
Departure date: 08/10/1904
Arrival Place: New York
Arrival Date: 15/10/1904
Ship: Lucania
Age: 18
Last Place of Residence: Kilkeel
Destination Address: Bakersfield California
With Whom: Robert Morris
Relation: Cousin

COMMENT: About Immigration record by John Orr. "Being a cousin of Robert Morris may have been a white lie to make getting through immigration easier, as I have not found a connection between the Morris and Orr families until Anna Maria married Fred Morris. Also on the ship were, Fred Morris 19 also going to Robert Morris his brother in Bakersfield, and Robert Reilly 19 going to his cousin Robert Morris."

Birth date on draft card listed as 20 Mar 1888 which conflict with 1901 census (see father).

John Orr

IMMIGRATION: "A carpenter sailed on the Umbria from Liverpool on the 25/05/1907 arriving in New York on the 02/06/1907. He said he was going to his brother Charles Orr living at 829a Alabama Street San Francisco. Also on the boat was John J Bartley 22 of Lisnacree going to his friend Charles Orr, Nora Bartley 21 and Robert Reilly 21 going to his friend Charles Orr. (This was the same Robert Reilly that travelled over with Charles. So he must have taken a trip home.) J. Maquire 23 of Drummand was going to his friend Fred Morris at the same address in San Francisco."