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Jacob Borden

1830 deed of 108 acres from John & Mary Woolman to Jacob Borden

This Indenture made this seventeenth day of September of the year of our Lord one thousand and eight hundred and thirty between John Woolman and Mary his wife of the county of Clinton and the State of Ohio of the one part and Jacob Borden of the county of Burlington and State of New Jersey of the other part Witnesseth, that the said John Woolman and Mary his wife for and in consideration of the sum of Three Hundred Dollars current Money of the United States to them in hand paid the receipt of which they hereby acknowledge and forever acquit and discharge the said Jacob Borden and his heirs executors and administrators have granted, bargained, sold, aliened and confirmed and to these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien and confirm unto the said Jacob Borden and to his heirs and assigns forever, sell that tract or parcels of land lying and being the county of Clinton and State of Ohio aforesaid on the waters of Andersons Fork of Caesars Creek, a branch of the Little Miami. Beginning at three sugar trees and Maple one of the comers of the original Survey thence along the Original line S26°W 100 poles to a stone thence N66°W 108 poles to four sugar trees thence N3.52°E 107 poles to a stone in the line of the original Survey thence along said line S66°E 148 poles to the beginning containing 80 acres of Land be the same more or less. Also one other parcel of land bounded as follows Beginning at three sugar trees another of the original comers of the survey thence along the original line of the survey S26°W 80 poles to a stone comer to John Constants land thence along the line of said Constant S66°E 71 2/10 poles to a stone thence N26°E 59 Y2 poles to three sycamores on the South branch of the Creek thence down and along the South branch of the Creek N53°W 15 Y2 poles to a white walnut thence N73°W 34 4110poles to four lyun (sic) trees N23°W 14 % poles to two lyun (sic) trees N1°W 12 6/10 poles to a sugar tree in the original line of the survey, thence along said line N66°W 5 poles to the beginning containing about 28 acres, both pieces being part of survey 1734 Together with all improvements, water courses profits and appurtenances whatsoever to the said premises belonging or in any wise appertaining thereunto, and the reversions, remainder and profits thereof and all the estate right title and interest property claim and demand of them the said John Woolman and Mary his wife of in and to the same To Have and to hold the Land thereby conveyed with all and singular the premises and every part and parcel thereof with every of the appurtenances unto the said Jacob Borden and his heirs and assigns forever, to the only proper use and behoof of him the said Jacob Borden and his heirs and assigns forever. And the said John Woolman and Mary his wife for their heirs executors and administrators doth covenant promise and agree to and with the said Jacob Borden and his heirs and assigns by these presents that the premises before mentioned now are and forever hereafter shall remain free of and from all former and all other gifts, grants, bargains, sales, dowers, right and title of dower judgments, executions, titles, troubles, charges and encumbrances, whatsoever done or suffered to be done by them the said John and Mary Woolman. And the said John Woolman and Mary his wife, and their heirs and all and singular the premises hereby bargained and sold with the appurtenances, unto the said Jacob Borden and his heirs and assigns against them the said John Woolman and Mary his wife and their heirs and all and every other person or persons whomsoever doth and will warrant and forever defend by these presents In Witnesses whereof they the said John Woolman and Mary his wife have hereunto set their hand and seal this day and year above written
John Woolman { SS }
Mary Woolman { SS }

The State of Ohio Clinton County
On this 17th day of Sept. in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred thirty John Woolman and Mary his wife the grantors named in the above and foregoing Deed of conveyance personally appeared before me one of the Justices of Peace in and for said county and acknowledged the signing and sealing of the same as their act and deed for the purposes therein expressed. And the said wooman (sic) having been made acquainted with the contents of said deed and being examined by me separate and apart from her husband declared that she voluntarily and of her own free will and accord without fear or coercion of her husband and did and now doth acknowledge the signing and sealing thereof Given under my hand and seal the day and year above written
Samuel Miller {Seal} Justice of the Peace
No 628 The foregoing Deed entered for record the 11th and Recorded the 15th November 1830
Amos T. Sewell R.C.C.

The above is a transcript of the original 1830 deed from John and Mary Woolman to Jacob Borden for an 80 acre parcel and a 28 acre parcel in Clinton County, OH. Two copies of the original deed were used to achieve accuracy: a white-on-black copy provided by Rita Wells in 1997 and a black-on-white copy provided by Nikki Burden of Clinton County in 2010. The transcript reflects that there was a lack of punctuation in the document, there is an undecipherable name of a type of tree marking a property line, and there was a misspelling of the name woman in the notary acknowledgement.

Referring to the "History of Clinton County, Ohio", it may be interesting to note that Amos T. Sewell R.C.C., the Recorder who signed this document, was the Clinton County Recorder from 1828 to 1855. It also appears that Amos was a Justice of the Peace in Union Township for numerous terms. And, Samuel Miller, Justice of the Peace, who signed the notary acknowledgement, was a Justice of the Peace in Liberty Township for nearly 30 years, starting in 1814. He was one of the early settlers in the area (1804) with a 600 acre tract on Anderson's Fork. He also operated a couple of grist mills and was one of the first Trustees of Liberty Township when it was formed in 1817.
Gerald R. Burden
July, 2010

WILL: Recorded and probated in Wilmington, Clinton county, Ohio in 1844. Transcribed by Charles Burden and sent to T.Mason on 21 Jan 2008.
    Written Aug. 15, 1840 New Jeresy and probated July 1844 in Clinton county, Ohio. Be it rembered at a court of common plea's begun and holden at Wilmington with in and for the county of Clinton aforesaid in the fourth Monday in July, in the year of our Lord, one thousand eight hundred and fourty four, before Elijah Vance Presdent and Jesse Houghs ----- Isaac Thornburg and David F. Walker his associates judge of the same court here at Wilmington an authenticated copy of the last will and testament of Jacob Borden of Clinton county of Burlington and state of New Jersey deceased, was exhibited to the court here for record in the form cited in the sources.

James Borden

RESEARCHER-BIOGRAPHY: Information provided to T.Mason on 1Dec2001 by Una A. Bowman. James purchased property twice from his brother Joseph (b. 1697). WJD T:402 described the property as property their father Richard (b. 1672) had inherited. WJD T:410 described the property as property belonging to their brother Benjamin (d.1758). James made his will 1 August 1770 and it was proved 25 October 1771. "My upper plantation which did belong to my brother Benjamin to be sold." The will lists his children as Jacob, Asa, Abigaill (Abigail), Mary, James and William Borden.

Contributed in 1764 money toward finishing the Church at Colestown/Cole's Church (later known as St. Mary's Church). Jane Burden buried in the Colestown Church Cemetery 28 August 1812 may have been the wife of James (b. 1702). NOTE: Church commonly called Cole's church located in Waterford Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey. "Some burial records, 1766-1830, are found in the MS. notes of Asa Matlack, a local historian."

WILL: NJ Arch., 1st Ser, Vol 32, p. 36 (Transcribed by Charles Burden - 9 Jul 2008)
  In the name of God Amen the first day of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and Seventy One I James Borden of the township of Evesham in the County of Burlington yoman do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following that it is to say --- I order and direct my executor and exicution here after named to sell and dispose of my upper plantation which did belong to my brother Benjamin as also all my meadows that lie on Rancochas Creek and all my personal estate except any houshold goods and that as soon after my devise as may be convenient one I do hereby empower my said executor for the survivors of survivors of them to make --- good title to the same as I could do were I personally present and out of the money arising from the sales there of I order all of my just debts and funeral charges to be paid and discharged.
  Item. I give and bequeath unto my dear wife Jane the sum of one hundred and fifty pounds to be paid to her or taken out of my personal estate.
   Item. I also give unto my said wife the use and profits of the plantation where I now dwell until my son Jacob attains the age of twenty one years together with all my household goods all which I give her my said wife in full and in lieu for her dower.
  Item. After my son Jacob attains the age twenty one years and is possession of the plantation devise to him and my wife remain my widow till that time, I give my said wife the use of the room at the east end of my dwelling house one half the cellar the privilege of firewood and privilege of the well for water and the use of the kitchen and oven so long as she remains my widow and no longer.
  Item. I give and devise unto my son Asa the full quantity of fifty acres of land to be taken from my plantation by next adjoining to the plantation which was my brother Benjamin's at the discretion of my executors to hold to him my said son Asa and his heirs and assignes forever.
  Item. I give and devise unto my son Jacob Borden all the rest and remainder of my plantation and cedar swamp and all the cedar rails that is already made and not hauled home, to hold to him my said son Jacob his heirs and assignes forever subject never the less to the payment hence after mentioned as need be.
  Item. I give and bequeath unto my daughter Abigaill the sum of seventy pounds to be paid to her by my executors out of my personal estate when she arrives to the age of eighteen years.
  Item. I give and bequeath unto my other three children namely Mary Borden, James Borden, and William Borden the sum of seventy pounds each to be paid in manner afore said.
  Item. It is my wish that my sons Asa, James and William be put to the trades, such as they may choose in turn in case there should not be sufficiency of my personal estate to pay debts and legacies afore said, then in that case I order my said son Jacob to make up the deficiency out of the land devised to him in such manner as my executors may think best and most to his advantage.
  Item. I do hereby order and my --- in case there should be any -------- or ----- of my personal estate my just debts and ------ paid that the sum be equally divided among my wife and children share and share alike.
  Item. I do here by nominate constitute and appoint my said dear and well beloved wife Jane executrix and my dear friend John Cox and John Clark executors of this my last will and testament by revoking and ------ ---------- all other wills and testaments heretofore by me in and this only to be taken for the same and ---- where of it have here unto set my hand and seal the day and year first mentioned. James  Borden {Signed in his hand}
Other names mentioned as witnesses Thomas Talman, Alexander Ross, Edward Thomas. proved Oct. 25, 1771.

Additional information sent to T.Mason on 9 July 2008 by Charles Burden.

Here is some more info as far as James, Oct-11-1771-inventory, 262.7.0 pound's made by Joshua Bipshan and Jacob Hollinshead. April-12-1784-Account made by John Cox and John Clark, acting Executor's. File Number--8853-C:Lib.25,p,543.
  There is a complete inventory of the sale of James's Property also. 28th day Oct 1771. {Jane Borden, Executrix} John Clark, John Cox, Executors. Printed in the Pennsylvania Gazette No.2235-Oct-24-1771 This is printed in New Jersey Colonial Document's New's Paper Abstracts in the Denver Library. A second listing of the sale of property is found in Document's relating to the Colonial Period of NJ. 1770-1771-{6974.9 N 427 Doc.V .27 to be sold by public venue, on the premises, on second day, the 16th Dec-1771.
  There are about 28 pages that my distant cousin, Paula Burden Guisinger sent me of info on Ben {1649} to Richard {1672-1751} to James{1692-1771} copy of Richard's will mentioning land, children, Mary as his wife and how he divided up his estate between his children, same as James did. Richard's will dated {Fifth -April-One Thousand Seven Hundred Fifty one, Executors--Wife-Mary-son James-and son in law-James Toy. Witnesses-John Huestis-Joseph Huestis-John Green. Proved May-4-1771-Burlington Co NJ-Will-4787c

Jane Stitchbury

WILL: 1811, Sept. 13. New Jersey Colonial Documents. Calendar of Wills - 1810-1813. File 12559 C. "Borden, Jane*, of Chester Twsp., Burlington Co., widow; will of. Granddaughter, Mary Pedrick, stuff for a gown, and homespun cloth; $160. Daughter, Mary Vansciver, wearing apparel, bed & beddings, walnut table, wheel. Son, James Borden, remainder of household goods. Son, Jacob Borden, $12. Residue after debts are paid to two children, Mary and James. I have given James £100 some time back for my nursing and board. Executors - Mary and James. Witnesses - John Holland, George French. Proved Oct 15, 1812. *Signed by mark.

Pennsylvania Archives, Second Series, Volume 8.  
This record only gives Jane Stitchbury as full name.

Peter Borden

Killed in revolutionary war.