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Selected Families and Individuals


Isaac Striet Lauck

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 24 July 2014. "Isaac and Mary had 5 children (Henry Clay, Isaac Streit Jr., Mary S., Joseph Manley, and Ellen S.)

!Isaac went into business with his brother-in-law Alex Stephen in Martinsburg, WVA.  They started a milling business.  Then the family moved to Washington, DC.  Isaac served in the War of 1812.

Mary Stephen is the daughter of Robert and Julia (might be Ann Johnson) Stephen.  She was also Niece of General Adam Stephen.

National Register of Historic Places.
Spring Mills Historic District, Martinsburg, Berkeley County, West Virginia.
   The area around Spring Mills was part of a 1735 patent tract from King George I through colonial Lieutenant Gooch to James Davis, who, in turn sold part of the property to Stephen Harlan. In 1789, Harlan, for whom Harlan Run is named, sold a 276-acre parcel to Robert Stephen for £1,850 in Pennsylvania currency. Stephen, the brother of Major General Adam Stephen, who founded the city of Martinsburg, built the mill and the adjacent stone house (Photo No 1; Fig 1) shortly after acquiring the property in 1789. Historic maps illustrate the presence of a small settlement near the mill, including a property noted as the home of D. Miller (not extant) on an 1847 map of the county (Fig. 1). In 1796, the congregation of the Falling Water. Presbyterian Church, which previously had a house of worship on a bluff overlooking the Potomac River, came to Spring Mills, erected a log church, and established a cemetery (Resource No. 6; Photo 4) immediately east of the church. By 1820, the Berkeley County (Virginia) land records listed the mill and seven hundred acres under the ownership of Adam Stephen, who may have been the son of Robert Stephen. Both the mill and the church served a comparatively significant population in early Berkeley County.
  Local tradition maintains that in 1834 the log church burned. A modest brick church (Resource 4) took its place on the same site, patterned after New England meetinghouses with an interior balcony. The identity of its designer and builder is not known.
  The mill and its property remained in the Stephen family throughout the early decades of the nineteenth century. However, in the late 1830s, because of Adam Stephen's indebtedness to his brother, Alexander, he lost the property to Alexander and his brother-in-law, Isaac Lauck. In 1839 Alexander Stephen advertised the mill and four hundred acres for sale. The local newspaper advertisement described the property as "a mill, 45' by 65', three stories, of stone and a hip roof, giving five floors all garnered off complete. There are in the Mill three tun of stone, and all labor-saving machinery, metal gearing from pit to garret, and all nearly new. Within 30 yards of the mill is a large stone distillery with full patent stills, and now in operation."

Mary Isabella Stephen

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 24 July 2014 by Barbara Koscak. "Mary Stephen is the daughter of Robert and Julia (might be Ann Johnson) Stephen.  She was also Niece of General Adam Stephen."

Barbara Koscak sent an e-mail from Keith Hammersla, Curator, General Adam Stephen House, Martinsburg to George Crabb on 30 July 2010. Page 3 "Robert Stephen's will (1811) mentions two sons--Alexander and Adam--and three daughters--Margaret (Mrs. Alexander Kennedy), Nancy (Mrs. Robert Gregory), and Mary (Mrs. Isaac Lauck). Robert's son Alexander was born about 1783 and died 1840. Robert's son Adam was born about 1789 and died 1826 in Kentucky. It is interesting that Robert named his sons after his brothers. Perhaps his daughters were named after his sisters. (Do you have dates of birth and death for Mary Isabel Stephen Lauck? If Robert Stephen was married twice, it appears that she may be the only child by the second marriage. I am thinking this since Isaac Streit Lauck was born in 1793, and I am assuming that his wife was likely younger.)"

Gerold McKee Lauck

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 24 July 2014. "They had 3 children (Gerold McKee, Peter Lauck, and Sidney Carol)."

Alice Virginia Gerold

RESEARCHER: Information sent to T.Mason on 24 July 2014. "Alice Virginia Gerold is the daughter of Charles and Mary Elizabeth Mulholland Gerold.  Charles Gerold was of German Descent.  He was in the piano manufacturing business."