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John Lawrence Jr.

Entry in FS FT on 6 January 2015 by Robert Reynolds [text is very garbled -TM]
1.  GreatMigration.org
JOHN LAWRENCE, b. say 1643; m. Flushing 20 November 1682 (license) “Sarah Bridges of [the same] place, widow” [NYHM:E, Books of General Entries of the Colony of New York, 1674-1688, 2:256]. She was Sarah (Cornell) (Willett) Bridges, daughter of THOMAS CORNELL {1638, Boston} [Austin 54-55] and widow of Thomas Willett and Charles Bridges [NYGBR 80:1-8].

2.  Rosalie Bailey, "The Willett Family of Flushing, Long Island", Genealogies of Long Island Families, vol. II (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc., 1987), p. 707:
Sarah's third husband, John Laurence Jr. (or Lawrence), was the eldest son of the promment John Lawwj= Sr., merchant, mayor of New York City, and Councillor of the Province, who died 1699. This is proved by the following records, though it means she married a man about the age of her sons. John Laurence Jr must have been born about 1639-44, since he was first mentioned in 1664 and since his father was baptized in 1618 (Thomas, pp.397-402). John, Jr. lived at Flushing and then at Jamaica, 'both in Queens Co.; he is frequently mentioned on the records as ivaum between i6g---1712 (Cal. E., p. 404 etc.).

Apr. x6. x6p. CoumA Utg: a kinatic san of Jobn Laurence married to Sarah widow of Charles Bridge% was mentioned (CaL C. P-71).

Apr. 21,169& Cdnmil Mtg.- Cam of MinL Lavrence fonmerly Mrs. Bridges was refarred to the FmcOgative Court (Cal. C, P-71).

MW. 4, r697/8.--Wbenwz John Iawrence Esq. of bin Nejesty's Council for t1his Province in his Petition has set forth "tkot having a son named John am coopos mienties who vas married and Us an FAtate. in Quemw County" and his Estate was under the cam of the justices of t1w Pleace of tbat County, "that his wife is lately deceased, his son come home too him and his good@ & chattels inventoried and in the possession of the justices, and pmyed to be admitted guardian to his said rion," he was so appointed (NYW 5--=3).

Despite lack of chnity of the pronouna, it would appear that John Jr.'s wde had died, hence with nobody in Ins own homm to care for him he had returned to his fathees home in N. Y. C. Thus Jolm Jr.'s wife, nee Sarah Cornell, died x6". Evidently the above 1698 bond of her son and gmudson concerning her x682 lease was needed bemuse of her recent death and the powibility, of a claim on this part of her estate by her husband's guar&6n_& Formal aduanistration on her estate was delayeA some years:

Dem 6, x7o3. Administration was granted to Coll. Thomas Willett, eldest eon of Sarah Laurence. of the Town of Janudca, Queens County, lately died leaving Xoo& in divers places within this proviam (NYW 7-142).

Sarah Cornell

Died at the home of her sister, Rebecca Woolsey

Sarah Cornell

Died at the home of her sister, Rebecca Woolsey

John Cornell

Lived at Cow Neck, Long Island.