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Selected Families and Individuals


William J. Cowan

PARENTS: E-mail from Dr. Michael Cole to T.Mason on 20 Oct 2007. "For a long time many of us believed that William COWAN (who married Cynthia MORGAN) was a son of Samuel & Sarah (KEITH) COWAN.  DNA testing within the past few years has proven that William & Cynthia's descendants are related to the descendants of Samuel & Sarah (KEITH) COWAN, but not closely enough for this William to be their son."

Information from Cindy Stamps to T.Mason on 1 Oct 2007. "William Cowan was born about 1811, according to an old songbook that their son, Stephen, wrote the dates and names of their children in. William is in Franklin Co. AL with his brothers, among them Riley Cowan, in the 1840's. This William Cowan came to Titus Co. TX, along with a large group of family, among them his brothers, and died after the 1850 census. He was married to Sarah Hickey, who married again after his death."

CORRECTION: By T.Mason. Since William's tombstone identifies Harriet Elizabeth Evans as William J. Cowan's wife, it is to be concluded that Sally divorced William J. Cowan and married Isaac Robinson, a wealthy farmer on 7 Oct 1856. Six of the Cowan children are listed in the 1860 U.S. Census in the home of Isaac Robinson, with their mother, Sally (Evans)(Cowan) Robinson.

Cindy continues, "My ancestor, William Cowan was born in 1800 and stayed in Marion county, Tennessee where he died 25 Jan 1865 and is buried in Red Hill Cemetery. The William Cowan who belongs to the Keith/Cowans came to Titus county, Texas, along with a large group of family, among them his brothers, and died shortly before the 1860 census."

EVIDENCE: from Cindy Stamps, "The DNA findings, show my Samuel C. (the brother of my William Cowan) is not a direct descendant of the Keith/Cowans, but probably a nephew or cousin.  I have had 3 male Cowan cousins give samples, all of whom are direct descendants of Samuel C. and Polly Majors Cowan; the results are all the same.  After the 37th marker, the line breaks away from the Keith/Cowans."

"In 1830 Samuel Cowan who married Sarah Keith is in McNairy Co. TN.  He died sometime before 1840.  He is
there with Jas Keith and Eli Keith, brothers of Sarah Keith Cowan.  Eli also moved to Titus Co. TX. Also in 1836, Eli, William, Jas, & Riley Cowan were there to do road work."

"In the same 1840 census, in Marion Co. TN census is found my William Cowan, and all those children who belong to him, p. 22, right next door to his brother Samuel C."

"In the 1840 Franklin Co AL Census, William Cowan and Riley Cowan are found on p. 232. Riley Cowan is a distinctive enough name that can be pretty easily identified. Wm. has 1 son under 5, that would be John H; 1 son 5 to 10; that would be Jas Riley; he is male 20 to 30; 1 female under 5; that would be Polly; 1 female 20 to 30; that would be his wife Sarah Hickey; 1 female 50 to 60; that would be his widowed mother, Sarah Keith Cowan. on p. 226 is Wade Blassingame, father of Louisa Blassingame, wife of Jas Harvey Cowan, another of Sarah Keith Cowan's sons. They all moved on into Titus Co. TX. Sarah Keith Cowan died before the 1850 census."

Judge Nathaniel Colbert Coldwell

GIVEN NAMES: Also shown as Nathaniel C.

BIRTH: Also shown as Born 1854

DEATH: Also shown as Died 30 May 1914

Amanda Ellen Roberson

SURNAME: Also shown as Robinson

Sarah Catlett

"The Taliaferro Family" by John Bailey Calvert Nicklin: After the death of Robert Taliaferro II, in 1687, his widow, Sarah (nee Catlett) married twice. Samuel Sallis was her first choice; he died in 1704 and she then selected Samuel Short, who seems to have survived her for in 1724 his wife was Frances ... June 1, 1687.

Whereas Mr. Robert Taliaferro who married one of the daughters of Col. John Catlett and Elizabeth his wife both deceased - the said Elizabeth by her last Will & testament did give & bequeath unto the said Sarah her daughter the fourth part of what money Sterling she had at the time of her decease remaining in the hands of Mr. John Munford of London, Merchant. VIRGINIA COLONIAL ABSTRACTS, by Beverley Fleet, 1988, reproduced on Broderbund's CD #503 (VIRGINIA COLONIAL RECORDS), "Essex County Wills and Deeds, 1714-1717": P. 236. Bond. 10 June 1704. L500 Sterling. Sarah Sallis as admr of est of Saml Sallis. Signed Sarah Sallis, Francis Taliaferro, Jno Taliaferro. Wit: Edward Gouldman, Thomas Munday.