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Selected Families and Individuals


George H Borden

DEATH: Died at sea.

Richard Dimock Smith

Nickname: Don Ricardo

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BIRTH: (2) Age 51 years in 1860 (b. 1809), b. CT. (5a) 28 Sep 1809. (5a,b,c,10) Hartford, CT. (5b) 22 Sep 1808. (7) Bristol, RI. (8) Havana. (10) 21 Sep 1809.

MARRIAGE: (4) 4 Aug 1834, Bristol, Bristol Co., RI, at residence of bride's parents by Rev. John Starkweather; copy owned by Alice Gedge, Riverton, Utah

DEATH-BURIAL: (3) Will dtd 1869, prob. 6 Jul 1874, Bristol, Bristol Co., RI. Will first presented to the court 1 Jun 1874 by his wife. No mention of place or date of death. (10) 4 Nov 1873, on his estate, San Ricardo, Cuba. Burial: (10) Juniper Hill Cemetery, Bristol, RI. (12) Juniper Hill Cemetery is situated on 22 acres off Sherry Ave. It was part of DeWolf's farm before his heirs sold it to establish the cemetery in 1855.

- (1) Each year for several months, he took his family and entire household, including servants, to his plantation in Cuba.
- (1) Had sailing ships for China trade, Africa, and slave trade. Became wealthy as a result.
- (13a) 1827, Nov: Was part owner of the ship "Leonidas."
- (13a) 1830: Was part owner of the ship "Governor Fenner."
- (13a) 1830, Oct: Was owner of the ship "Isaac Borden."
- (13a) 1832: At age 23 he was master of the "General Jackson."
- (13a) 1833: Was part owner of the ship "Isaac Borden."
- (4) 1834: Was of Camarioca, Island of Cuba.
- (9b) 1834, 20 Aug: Of the Island of Cuba in the West Indies. Bought for $170.30 from the estate of Daniel Hopkins, a 106 ft. by 250 ft. lot and buildings on it in Hartford, bounded on the east by High St., south by Thomas Smith, west by Samuel Belcher, north by Roger W. Ames & Joseph Combs. Lot is now occupied by Samuel Gray.
- (9a) 1834, 2 Sep: Of the Island of Cuba in the West Indies. Sold for $1000 to Ann C. Gray a lot and buildings on High St., Hartford, bounded on the east by P Street, south by Thomas Smith, west by Samuel Belcher, north by Roger W. Ames & Joseph Combs, 105 ft. in front and 250 ft. deep. Land was purchased 20 Aug 1834.
- (13a) 1836: Was part owner of the ship "The Bodwitch."
- (11) c.1852: Built a 2-story, bracketed Italianate house at 105 State Street, Bristol, RI. The house had 3 bays & a hip roof."Interior detailing is reminiscent of Longfield, 1200 Hope Street, designed by Russell Warren in 1848." Described as a ship captain and partner of the DeWolfs. Since 1921 the house has been owned by the Knights of Columbus. "The high stone wall along High Street is all that remains of an earlier building project. In 1822 James DeWolf began construction of a large house here, which was never finished."
- (7) 1856, Sep: Occupation was planter.
- (6a) 1857, 17 Aug: Richard D. & Hannah B. Smith borrowed $2,000 from the Bristol Institution for Savings and sold to them (as collateral) "all that lot of land with the buildings thereon situate in said Bristol bounded Southerly on State Street, Easterly on the Homestead of Samuel W. Briggs, Westerly on the lot which the Methodist Society have lately erected a new church and Northerly on land of Byson Dymen." This note was paid 29 Oct 1861.
- (2) 1860: Census lists occupation as merchant, value of real estate 7,000, personal property 5,000.
- (6c) 1865, 18 Sep: Appointed his wife Hannah attorney in fact to collect dividends and income accrued upon any bank, rail road, insurance stock, or any notes or mortgages. He was of Cuba, she of Bristol, RI.
- (6d) 1865, 23 Sep: The bank of Bristol sold Hannah for $1,000 land bordering Hannah B. Smith's homestead lot.
- (5a) 1865, 26 Sep: Applied for passport in New York, NY, which was issued 27 Sep 1865. Listed residence as Bristol, RI. Thomas F. Brady declared he knew him. Described as 5 ft. 6 in., gray eyes, iron gray hair, light complexion.
(6e) 1866, 1 Jun: Sold land purchased 23 Sep 1865 to the Bank of Bristol for $75.92. (NOTE: To pay a debt?)
- (6b) 1866, 24 Sep: Borrowed $3,000 on the same lot of land as in 1857.
- (6f) 1869, 23 Jul: Received from Bullock $1 for their land in Bristol. Both Richard & Hannah of Cuba.
- (3) 1869 (month & day not stated): Richard D. SMITH, "spending the summer months occasionally in Rhode Island, but domiciled in Cuba and having my business there, and the greater portion of my estate being there, and having made my will there in conformity with the Laws of Cuba under which all my property in the Island of Cuba will pass at my decease, with the view of disposing of that portion of my estate which shall be in the United States at the time of my decease," wrote his will. He left $2,000 in trust to his daughter Leonora, to be paid to her at the time of her marriage or when she arrives at the age of 21 years. Any residue after payment of debts to his wife Hannah. At her death, any residue to be divided equally among all my children. Wife Hannah to be guardian of daughter Leonora during her minority. Wife executrix. Son John Henry to be executor if his wife should die. Signed R.D. SMITH. Wits. Comfort TIFFANY, Marlin BENNETT.
- (5b) 1870, 12 Jul: Applied for passport in Boston, MA, which was issued 14 Jul. Gave residence as Cardinas, Cuba. Josiah Caldwell swore that he knew him. Described as 5 ft. 7 1/2 in., blue eyes, dark brown hair.
- (5c) 1871, 15 Aug: Was issued a passport.
- (5d) 1872, 19 Jul: Was issued a passport.
- (1) Family story says he was a decendant of Capt John Smith of the Pocahontas story.

Hannah Borden

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#11) Tombstone inscription, Juniper Hill Cemetery, Bristol, RI.
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#13) 1875 Census, District 2, Bristol, RI, 1 Jun 1875, State Street, p.130. Household of Hannah B. SMITH.

BIRTH: (1,4,7a,b,c,11,12) Bristol, RI. (1) Age 73 at death. (3) Age 48 in 1860. (4,12) Age 72 yrs, 4 mo., 20 days at death. (2,4,10,12) d/o Isaac BORDEN/Sarah WINSLOW. (7a,b,c,10,11) 26 Dec 1811. (13) Age 63 in 1875 (b. 1812). b. Bristol, RI of American parents. Copy owned by Alice Gedge, Riverton, Utah

MARRIAGE: to Richard Dimock SMITH: (2,5,12) (6) 4 Aug 1834, by Rev. John STARKWEATHER, at residence of the bride's parents. Recorded 4 Aug 1876. Witnesses Rebecca G. BRADFORD and Julana WINSLOW. (10)

DEATH-BURIAL: Death certificate; (1,4,11,12) Stamford, CT. (1,4,12) Died of apoplexy & paralysis. (2) At the home of Mrs. Walter C. BARCLAY. (4) At Butler Hospital. (1,4,11,12) 16 May 1884. (12) Congestion & oedemus of lungs secondary cause of death. She was sick in Stamford nearly seven months but was in poor health for 2 years previously.; copy owned by Alice Gedge, Riverton, Utah. Burial: (4,11) Bristol, RI. (11) Juniper Hill Cemetery.

(8) 1856, Sep: Daughter Leonora Irene was born in Bristol, RI. Usual
residence of mother given as Cuba.
(7i) 1861, 12 Nov: Charles H.R. DORINGH applied for a passport for himself, his mother-in-law Mrs. Hannah B. SMITH, and her daughters, in Bristol, RI. Passport issued 14 Nov 1861. Described as 5 ft. 3 in., Hazel eyes, dark hair, light complexion.
(7a) 1868, 21 Nov: Applied for passport, which was issued 27 Nov. Gave residence as RI. Described as 5 ft. 7 in. tall, blue eyes, brown hair, dark complexion, oval face, small mouth. Josiah CALDWELL made declaration he knew her. Application made is Boston, MA.
(9a) 1869, 28 Jun: Purchased property in Stamford, CT from Walter C.
BARCLAY, et ux, by warranty. (NOTE: Warranty is a binding promise where the seller gives the buyer certain assurances as to the condition of the property.)
(7b) 1869, 15 Nov: Applied for passport, which was issued 19 Nov. Gave residence as Bristol, RI, to visit Cuba. Same description as above, except complexion light. A.J. CALDWELL made declaration he knew her personally. Application made in Boston, MA.
(7c) 1870, 22 Sep: Applied for passport, which was issued 5 Oct.
Application made in Bristol, RI. Described as 5 ft. 3 1/2 in., blue eyes, grey hair, light complexion, small mouth, rather oval face. Anna C. CHIPMAN declared she knew her. Passport to include Marianna LAWFORD, an instructress/governess, a servant Coneliu(?) Mulutto(?) (age 12), and 3 children - Leonora (age 14), Lina Doringh (age 13), Ultrina Smith (age 3).
(9b) 1871, 2 Aug: Granted a mechanics lein on property in Stamford, CT to James MURPHY. (NOTE: A mechanics lein secures priority of payment for work and materials on construction or repair of improvements to land.)
(7d) 1871, 4 Oct: Was issued passport.
(7e) 1872, 7 Nov: Was issued a passport.
(7f) 1873, 11 Aug: Was issued a passport.(5) 1873, 13 Aug: Her will states she resided "a portion of the time in the Island of Cuba, and the residue in the town of Bristol, in the state of Rhode Island." She left 1/2 the income from her estate to her husband, and 1/2 in trust for her children and grandchildren, unnamed.
(13) 1875, 1 Jun: Hannah B. SMITH, age 63, widow, head of family,
housekeeper, living on State Street, Bristol, RI. Also in household was daughter Leonora I. SMITH (18), son John H. SMITH (40), boarder Anna M. SMITH (26), boarder Ricardo SMITH (10), boarder Juane SMITH (9), boarder Uldtima SMITH (6), boarder Anita SMITH (5), servant Maria GULLEY (25).
(9c) 1876, 19 Feb: Sold property in Stamford, CT to Seraphina B. BARCLAY by quit claim deed.
(5) 1876, 4 May: Codicil to her will leaves portraits of Grandma and
Grandpa SMITH to son John H. SMITH; a blue Windsor chair and picture of the Madonna and child to daughter Sarah B. BARCLAY; some chairs, $4,000 and (?) to daughter Anita S.(?) CALDWELL; Some furniture belonging to Grandma SMITH to daughter Leonora I. SMITH; $2,000 to grandson Ricardo de R. SMITH; a house in Stamford(?) to daughter S. B. BARCLAY; names grandchildren Lina(?), Dick, and Fred(?) DORINGH, and Edith BARCLAY.
(7g) 1876, 15 May: Was issued a passport.
(7h) 1877, 17 Nov: Was issued a passport.
(4) 1884: Residence was Bristol, RI at time of death.

Julia E. Smith

#1) 1850 Census, Bristol, RI, household of Isaac Borden, LDS film #22,264, p.29. (S-BordI101)
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#4) Death certificate, Hartford, CT, Vol. 1857-1870, p.36. (S-SmitR105) FHL film 1313868; item 3

Birth: (1) Age 11 in 1850 (b. 1839), b. in Cuba. (3) Age 19 yrs, 9 mo. at death, b. Camercoca, Cuba.

Death: (2,3,4) 1 Dec 1858. (4) At 56 Buckley St., Hartford, Hartford Co., CT, of Congestion of the lungs. (NOTE: In 1856 Geer's Hartford City Directory, there is no listing for Buckley St. In the 1916 directory there is a Bulkeley Ave., but the 1843 directory shows Hartford had not extended its boundaries that far at that time.) Burial: (2,3) Bristol, RI.

- (1) 1850, 20 Aug: Living with grandfather Isaac Borden. Had attended school within the year.

Leonora Greene Smith

BIR-DEA-BUR: Vital Records of RI; Pt. 2; Vol. 8; p. 491; FHL Book #974.5 V2a

Harriet Borden

BIR-MAR: Hattie Borden Weld, Historical and Genealogical Record of Richard
and Joan Borden, p.251, FHL film #512

DEA-BUR: Bristol, RI Index to deaths; FHL film #912788