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Robert Warren Holland

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QUESTION-CONFLICT: On 26 Jun 2005 T.Mason received the following "correction" from Bill Sterling. "It has been long noted in Sullivan County history that Dr. Jacob Holland and his son Robert W. Holland were the first settlers in Sullivan County. There is nothing factual to prove or disprove this fact. As a note of interest, Jacob Holland is also listed as having been an early settler in Linn County, Missouri and Putnam County, Missouri.
I am however curious, about the time frame, dates, locations, of the settlement and births relating to the family. To sort out some of the confusion the following timelines are recorded in History.

Linn County was Organized January 6, 1837 from Chariton County.

Sullivan County, Organized February 14, 1845, from Linn County and named for James Sullivan, a Revolutionary War general. Originally defined by the legislature as Highland County on February 17, 1843, the name was changed upon actual organization.

The town of Milan, was platted in 1845, Scottsville in July of 1847.

Where the family settled and where the children were born is of great interest to me. We have indication that Dr. Jacob Holland was only in the area for 3 or 4 years, and have pinned down the location of his home using a meets and bounds book from the 1830's-40's. It does not show who the first settler was, yet shows several families in the area in 1840. (the year the surveyors visited the home of Jacob Holland). We are trying to verify the birth of children, to obtain a location of this family in 1836, which by County Records would have still been Chariton County, not Linn at any rate."

Jacob Lafayette Holland

Engineering and Mining Journal, Volume 97, Issues 1-13, Feb. 1914
Jacob L. Holland died at Pilot Hill, Eldorado County, Calif., Jan. 24, aged 77 years. He was a pioneer in Nevada, Placer and other northern mining counties of California and traveled extensively In the mining districts of Alaska and South America.

Elizabeth Lydia Holland

Preacher Cem. located about 3 miles north of little red schoolhouse north of Lecleade.

William Isaam Hatcher

Attended school in Panola and Fannin counties.

1910 Census Bryant County, Oklahoma, Twp. 7, Series: T624
Roll: 1244 Page: 124
William I Hatcher 58 1851 Texas GA MS, farmer
Rebecca A., 59, MO TN TN
Elizabeth M., dau., 32, TX TX MO, teacher, public school
Sucy S., dau., 32, TX TX MO
Grace A., dau., 14, OK TX MO