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Selected Families and Individuals


Robert Freeman Holland

Died of Enphysema after years of smoking.

John Lucas Daly

Birth information from the "Autobiography of Edward Warren Holland," the second son of Isaac Holland and Amanda Daly. However, records from Claudia Walz in Missouri show all the children except Lawrence were born in Lexington, KY and that John Lucas Daly was born on April 25 or 22, 1809.
According to the memoirs of Laura Tucker Wright, her father and two partners came to California in 1849 during the gold rush. They panned gold until they had saved enough to go back for their families. The day before they were to leave, one of the partners played sick and stayed in camp. When the other two men came back, he and all their gold was gone. They followed him by stage, but lost him in St. Louis, MO and never saw him again. In 1856, Daly started for California again with all his family except Barton. See the Udell Journal in file box for story of their hardships on the trip to California. They were attacked by Indians in the desert near Needles, before they got to the Colorado River. They finally returned to Zuni, NM, where Adeline Daly married Indian trader Ezra T. Bucknam Nov. 1, 1858.
The Dalys moved to Albuquerque, NM for the winter. Irene Daly taught school and the whole family worked hard to get enough money to continue the trip. According to Henry, in the Spring of 1861 they started north to Colorado, apparently abandoning the southern route directly to California. Their daughter Adelia Ann married Corporal John A. Tucker under a tree in May 1861 where the city of Denver was built. Hostile Indians kept them from a route through Utah, so they traveled through Idaho. They wintered on the Snake River and came into the Baker Valley, Oregon, in Spring 1862.
The Dalys settled at Pocahontas. Daly and son Henry plowed the first furrow in the Eagle Valley and they hunted deer and elk for meat. Daughter Louisa Moursin (Morrison?), her husband and two sons eventually bought the Daly homestead so John and Irene could continue their trip to California. They homesteaded near what is now Tuolumne, CA. Daly freighted supplies over the Sonora Pass, probably to mines in Nevada. Daughter Adeline and Ezra Bucknam and their children came from Texas to live with them in 1869.

Arrenia Morrow

Per Henry Daly's letter written June 2, 1934 from Oakland CA to "Frankie" apparently a child of Amanda Melvina:
Father & Mother were married on July 16, 1829. Mother was not 15 years old and Father was 20 the April 25 before. Three of my children and myself were born in April. So was Father and Grandpa Morrow.

From Golden Roots of the Mother Lode, Fall 1992, prepared by Hart Ralph Tambs:
Madeleine was born in 1836 in Yreka, Putnam County, Missouri. In 1857, her parents John Lucas Daly and Irene Morrow Daly, joined a wagon train traveling to California by the southern route. The wagonmaster was John Udell. In his journal, Udell described the trip as "pleasant" but "cold, blustering and very uncomfortable on this
extensive prairie." A July entry, written when they were more than 1,000 miles from the Missouri River, states "Today Mr. John Daly killed a fine deer and we all enjoyed a feast of fresh venison in the evening."
On August 30, 1857, they were at the Colorado River near present-day Needles, CA when the approximately 400 people in the party were attacked by Indians in what is now called the Mojave Indian Massacre. About half the group, including the Dalys, survived by escaping singly into the desert. They managed to return to New Mexico, most of them on foot. There Madeleine married Ezra Bucknam and her parents continued their trip, first to Oregon and later to California, starting a ranch in Summersville, Tuolumne County.

The HISTORY OF THE DALY FAMILY AS I KNOW IT: by Henry S. Daly (written to Minnie Holland)
Now Minnie, anything you desire to know, let me know. I am a poor writer and speller because I never got to go to school only one term. I was too young to go to school when we left Mo. in 1858. And then the next 4 years was spent in New Mexico where there was no white schools. Then when we moved to Eastern Oregon, there was no school within 50 miles of us. It was wilderness. I never mentioned the date of mother's death. She died Dec 11, 1877. Your mother and Sister Adeline, father and myself were all present when the end came. Mrs. James Burns and John Bruner were also present. Father died at your mother's house Jan 12, 1887. I was in Carroll Co., MO at the time.

Barton W. Daly

Barton stayed behind in Missouri. After the Civil War, in which he fought for the North, the family found him working as a Pinkerton detective. At one time he lived in Watonga, Oklahoma.