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Major lines: Allen, Beck, Borden, Buck, Burden, Carpenter, Carper, Cobb, Cook, Cornell, Cowan, Daffron, Davis, Downing, Faubion, Fauntleroy, Fenter, Fishback, Foulks, Gray, Harris, Heimbach, Henn, Holland, Holtzclaw, Jackson, Jameson, Johnson, Jones, King, Lewis, Mason, Massengill, McAnnally, Moore, Morgan, Overstreet, Price, Peck, Rice, Richardson, Rogers, Samuel, Smith, Taylor, Thomas, Wade, Warren, Weeks, Webb, Wodell, Yeiser.


Selected Families and Individuals


Thomas Cornell

Genealogies of Rhode Island Families. Page 1177.
Thomas Cornell was born in 1653. He inherited considerable land from his father, added to it, and was one of the large land owners of Portsmouth, where he spent his life. He died Oct. 14, 1714, aged sixty-one years. He married Susan Lawton, and they had three chidren: Thomas, born in 1674, died April 18, 1728; George; and Elizabeth, born in 1690, died July 19, 1750, the wife of Samuel Cranston.

Henrie Clement Briggs

SOURCE: St. James, Clerkenwell, Essex, England Parish records enties

5 December 1595 - Elizabeth Briggs, widow
22 February 1572/73 George Briggs
23 May 1600 - Thomas, son of Richard Briggs
3 September 1593 - Margaret, daighter of Will'm Brigges
27 August 1593 - Will'm Briggs householder
16 May 1620 - Henry Birggs' son, William
3 December 1620 - Joyce, daughter of Henry Briggs
14 August 1625 - Henry Briggs

25 October 1600 - Rebecca daughter of Henry Briggs
8 April 1618 - John and Joyce children of Henry Briggs

27 February 1616/17 - Henry Briggs and Hellen Taylor
21 November 1621 - Henry Briggs and Joan Wilkinson

Mary Ellen Hinckes

Elizabeth Spencer is also listed as Henry's wife. It is difficult to determine which is the mother of the children.

Samuel Cornell

Will proved.

Richard Borden Jr.

RESEARCHER: Bruce HARRISON 674 Van Loo Road, Canon City, CO, 81212 on PRF #24 indicates Richard was born in 1752 and operated his father's sawmill.

Andrew Borden

Died young from the kick of a horse.

Ruth Bowen


Abraham Bowen Borden

Next door to son Andrew in 1860 census.

Abraham Bowen Borden

Next door to son Andrew in 1860 census.