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Francis Taliaferro

"...on Sept. 5. 1687, Francis and Elizabeth Taliaferro made a deed to John Battaille for 300 acres of land, reciting that Col. John, in his last will and testament, did bequeath the said land, 300 acres, to his two daughters.(Essex records.) "This, together with the reference to his will in Mrs. Butler's will, shows that the immigrant, Col. John, made a will, though not found among Court Records."(Stubbs, p. 15).101A note at the bottom of p. 15 of Stubbs, "In 1684 it is ordered that Elizabeth Catlett, having attained the age of 21 years by legacy from her mother shall receive one-fourth of money in hands of M. & J., London. (Essex Records)".102

Colonel John Catlett Jr.

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"Ref: p.279. The Terrills of Orange Co., Virginia- the Presidential Line by Margaret G. Osborn, 1998.

"Col. John Catlett was burgess (1693-1702), and justice of the peace (1692), coroner (1700), president of court, sheriff (1705) for Essex co. He patented lands extensively to Spotsylvania co. and elsewhere. He gave power of attorney to John Mumford (June 16, 1702) of London, to sell all my lands at Sittingbourne, in Kent co., Eng., and at Radwischeim, which he inherited from his father. His will, dated 1724, is given below: (Stubbs, pp. 17-18) "To son Thos., lands on south side of Cedar creek. "To dau. Margaret, dwelling plantation. "To dau.-in-law Alice Catlett, land and four negroes. "To son John, household furniture and some stock. "To granddau. Martha Taliaferro, some negroes, with son John as her trustee."To dau, Margaret, household and kitchen furniture and some land. "To son Thomas, all of my land purchased by me and Rowland Thornton, of Micajah, and Richd. Perry, being part of mortgage from Chas. Smith, Micajah Perry, Thos. Lane and Richd. Perry. "To son Thomas, upper part of said purchased land. "To son Thomas, 600 acres in Spotsylvania co. and 400 acres, part of same tract that I gave to my grandson Catlett Conway. "To son John, a negro, my silver tankard and silver spoons, silver seal and old damask table cloth and napkins. "To son Thomas, my clock. "Rest of personal estate, money, tobacco, cattle, hogs, horses, sheep and whatever else I have not given away, to be divided equally among my said five children, John, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth and Rebecca. Executors, sons John and Thos." (Stubbs, p. 19) The will was dated 18 November 1724, and witnessed by John Elliott, John Evars and John Catlett, and also; gave 1800 acres in freshes of Rappahannock river, in the county of Essex.(Stubbs, p. 19) "...was the only son of Col. John Catlett and his wife, Elizabeth Underwood, to leave male issue.

It is thought that this John married twice and that Lawrence, and perhaps Elizabeth, were by his first wife, who it is believed, was a daughter of Major Lawrence Smith, of Bacon's Rebellion. There are deeds recorded in Spotsylvania co. to Jno. Catlett, Jr., and Richd. Buckner, in 1722, from Augustine Smith, the son of Major Lawrence. "Jno certainly married Mary Gaines, daughter of Dan'l Gaines, who is believed to have married Miss Rowzie, half-sister of Col. Jno. Catlett the imgt., since Capt. Dan'l Gaines, in his will (Essex co.), Aug. 18.1682, mentions wife 'Margaret,' and 'orphans of Col. Jno. Catlett to be paid out of the negroes who belong to his estate,' and calls Jno. Catlett 'his kinsman,' and directs that 'children of Col. Jno. Catlett to remain with my wife until they come of age or until she marries.' "Again, in 1671, Mrs. Elizabeth Catlett, widow of Col. Jno., gave power of attorney to Mr. Dan'l Gaines, and also later made him 'overseer of her will' and to have main charge of the children (1673). After a suit in May court, 1673, between Rev. Amory Butler (who married the widow of Col. John Catlett) and Capt. Thos. Hawkins, who married the sister of Mrs. Jno. Catlett, Dan'l Gaines took charge of the Catlett children and Rev. Butler of the estate.(All from Essex records)." (Stubbs, p. 17) "Itemized Inventory of the Estate of JOHN CATLETT, deceased, returned to Court and recorded 17 August 1725 . . . [called 'COLONEL' in the probate by the Clerk] . . . items not evaluated . . . Includes the names of 20 slaves of whom 13 were males . . . includes the name of 'SUE' who was bequeathed to his granddaughter, MARTHA TALIAFERRO. The Inventory is signed by JOHN CATLETT and THOMAS CATLETT." (Avant, p. 172)
     NOTE: This appears to have come from 'Essex County, Virginia, Wills, Bonds, Inv. #4 (1722-1730) Part 1, pp. 103-104. "'Virginia Officers in 1699' - (Taken from the MS records of the Virginia Council December 9, 1698 - May 20, 1700 and now deposited in the Congressional Library) . . .' "'RALPH WORMLEY, Colonel and Commander in Chief . . . "'WILLIAM MOSELEY, Lieutenant-Colonel . . . "'JOHN CATLETT, MAJOR' " (Avant, pp. 172-173).
     NOTE: His source is 'Virginia Colonial Militia,' p. 106, by Crozier."In 1693, John Catlett and Thomas Edmondson were members of the House of Burgesses for Essex County.In 1696, John Catlett and William Moseley were members of the House of Burgesses. In 1700 and 1702, again John Catlett and Thomas Edmondson were members of the House of Burgesses.(Avant, p. 173). NOTE: Avant and Hamlin's source was 'Colonial Virginia Register,' pp. 89, 90, 93, and 94. "John Catlett appears on a Quit Rent List of 1704 (Landowners of Virginia), owner of 1,800 acres in Essex County."(Avant, p. 173)

Mrs. John Catlett

It is thought that this John married twice and that Lawrence, and perhaps Elizabeth, were children by his first wife, who it is believed, was a daughter of Major Lawrence Smith, of Bacon's Rebellion.

Sarah Catlett

"The Taliaferro Family" by John Bailey Calvert Nicklin: After the death of Robert Taliaferro II, in 1687, his widow, Sarah (nee Catlett) married twice. Samuel Sallis was her first choice; he died in 1704 and she then selected Samuel Short, who seems to have survived her for in 1724 his wife was Frances ... June 1, 1687.

Whereas Mr. Robert Taliaferro who married one of the daughters of Col. John Catlett and Elizabeth his wife both deceased - the said Elizabeth by her last Will & testament did give & bequeath unto the said Sarah her daughter the fourth part of what money Sterling she had at the time of her decease remaining in the hands of Mr. John Munford of London, Merchant. VIRGINIA COLONIAL ABSTRACTS, by Beverley Fleet, 1988, reproduced on Broderbund's CD #503 (VIRGINIA COLONIAL RECORDS), "Essex County Wills and Deeds, 1714-1717": P. 236. Bond. 10 June 1704. L500 Sterling. Sarah Sallis as admr of est of Saml Sallis. Signed Sarah Sallis, Francis Taliaferro, Jno Taliaferro. Wit: Edward Gouldman, Thomas Munday.